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just curious to see what kind of people we have in the community.  I'm rising senior at Duke University, looking to go to business school and then potentially advertising.

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Professional student. 29 hours til I graduate with a BS in Management and Psychology(two degrees)

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Sit on my ass

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Studying Criminal Law in The Netherlands. Looking to get my masters in 2 or 3 months.

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I'm a gentleman of leisure. Yes, I do this professionally and I don't see myself retiring from it any time soon. 

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Analytical chemist for a biofuels startup.

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I just graduated high school so I got a ways to go before I have a full career. 
I'm an ocean lifeguard in the summer though.

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High school's over. Waiting for college to start. Will be going for a degree in architecture, and will be working side by side to make a portfolio so I can get into the games industry as a concept artist! :)

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Failing chemistry student. 

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Translator/teacher/journalist/editor. Master of none.

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Graphic Designer/Photographer/Video Producer/Web Developer/Writer/Musician

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Law Student in the UK
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Nothing. I'm too scared to get a job, and I haven't signed up to go to college.

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More than full time professional student.

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Public Relations/Media Consultant 

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Go to school.

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I am a dog handler for a doggie day care.

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Financial Auditor

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Inside sales for an American IT company

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I work in a library.

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Software Engineer

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School but in the summers I work for my dad's company and for the mayor

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I'm on disability and going to school.
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Purchaser for an Aircraft parts supplier.

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Network administrator.

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student in hs

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Brewer for a major beer company.

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Own a saltwater aquarium store, web design (for my stores website), Product Manager at a local Furniture Manufacturer.

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I am a station manager and chief operator for a local radio station here in Kentucky.

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about to graduate high school then find a job

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Manager at a small Biotech start up

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Work for a company that makes portable air samplers. I do most of the assembly and all of the filter weighing for our clients.
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I work at a local restaurant.   

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I work at a bowling center. Have been for about four years now.

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 For Money: Test Designer Dog Leashes. 
For the betterment of myself: College. 
For sanity and something I will never get paid for: Writing.    

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Professional Prostitute Culler.

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Journalist who has bizarrely been going down the rabbit hole of television in the past few months.

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College student who is home for the summer working at Bojangles.

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Games programming.

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Systems Engineer.  Actually managing logistics at the family bussiness. 
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@MostlyHeadless said:
" Graphic Designer/Photographer/Video Producer/Web Developer/Writer/Musician "
So when do you find time to play games?  I don't have one single job and I still have a stack of unplayed Xbox games ;-)
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Student. So basically do no work and masturbate for a living.

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Drown in my own sweat and tears before job interviews. Terrible pay, I tellz yah.