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Since Jeff and Dan are now anime experts(TM) I wanted to share an anime that directly relates to gaming. It is called Hi Score Girl. I had the chance to watch it and while it is a romantic comedy (with high school kids) at heart, it is much more. It amazes with the integrity it displays in showing the coin-op machines and consoles of its era. Netflix has optioned it and will stream it this December. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-08-11/netflix-to-stream-hi-score-girl-anime-in-december/.135383

I really enjoyed a lot of the nostalgia, though I suppose more than a few will be off-put by its very cliche anime nature. If you can wade through that, a lot of vintage gaming love is exposed, and I think that is something.

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The CG in this show is very bad.... This might be off putting to Jeff and Dan the most. If you watched the most recent Berserk series than you will recognize how bad the faces and animation are. The story is good but felt like "Ready Player One the Anime" at times. I would still recommend it but with a lot of caveats.