Hi Score Girl (recommended anime)

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I searched for a topic on this and couldn't find it. I wanted to recommend an anime called Hi Score Girl, which I just got done binge watching on Netflix.

The genre is high school romantic comedy. It's set during the early 1990s and the plot is about a guy who is kind of obsessively into video games, fighting games in particular, and how this involves him with two different girls. However, the hook is that all the game references are real world games and it's basically a love letter to this era of Japanese gaming.

For what it's worth, while I feel the main character doesn't necessarily earn the affections of the two girls and it's arguably a male focused show, there is not any kind of creepy sexualization or fan service for those who are put off by that stuff. One thing that is weird is that one of the girls doesn't talk at all, but it's never implied that she can't speak - you just never witness her speaking; I'm pretty sure it's intended as an allegory to silent protagonists in games.

In any case, while there is a certain draw to the character drama, I appreciated the show more for its celebration of gaming in Japan from this era.

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Hi Score Girl is very sweet, definitely one of my favorite animes of last year. Don't let the bad CG turn you off, it's a solid romcom. Shouln't be slept on, especially not by the people who like both games and anime.

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Just started watching Devilman Crybaby, but this will probably be the next Netflix anime that I watch.