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I'm sitting here with a sudden craving for mashed potatoes and I'm contemplating how to make them snazzy.

Normally I add chicken broth, worcestershire sauce or black pepper to punch up the flavor.

What's your way to prepare the greatest starches of all starches!?

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I love me some backed potatoes, I usually just throw them on the microwave for a few minutes, scoop some of the pulp out, mix it with cream cheese, ham/sausage/chili , mozzarella cheese and some dry onion soup mix (this makes it so the texture is really creamy and also gives a nice flavor to it), put it back into the potato, sprinkle a bit of ground Parmesan cheese on top and then put it on the oven for 10-15 minutes, it's really good.

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I leave some potato skins on the potatoes. Toss in a clove or two of garlic. Finely cut chives. Salt, pepper, butter and milk to taste. Whip with a hand blender. Crumble some bacon into it and fold it into the potatoes.

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With floury potatoes, I like to dice them chunky and then roast them in the oven with light seasoning (unpeeled in this case) or dump them into chicken soup.

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My girlfriend loves potatoes while I generally find they tired as hell. Trying some of these might help break out my tater funk. Thanks guys.

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Never thought of putting worcestershire sauce in some mashed potatoes but that sounds pretty good. For mashed potatoes I usually just throw in some sour cream, garlic salt or minced garlic, sometimes cheese, and salt+pepper. Also I can't look at this thread I'm too hungry.

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Seriously, guys. Immediately after posting this, I went got an me some emmeffin' mashed potatoes and it was glorious. I need to make some this week, maybe try out your fanciness.


Man, you people can make some fancy taters.

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Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.

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Sometimes I will shred some smoked gouda cheese into the potatoes before I mash them. Then throw in some butter. Adds some depth to the flavor.

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@djou: oooooh, that actually sounds amazing.

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Cream Cheese is a very good choice. Do that instead of milk

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Irish champ: cream, cabbage and bacon

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Get some good potatoes, peel them, chop them up, boil them in salted water. Whilst this is going on heat up 150g butter, 100ml cream, 100ml milk in a saucepan gently. Drain potatoes and then return to hot, empty pan and cook off excess water. Mash them up a bit and then slowly start to add wet mixture whilst beating the potatoes good and proper. Finally just keep the mash on the heat and keep moving it around for 4 minutes until it is glossy and shiny, add salt and pepper to taste. Eat.

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Slice em up, throw em in boiling water for a while. Eat bitterly with a glass of whiskey and lament the decisions you've made in life.

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@thethirdrlm: Yeah its tasty, but doesn't keep the best, If it have leftovers the cheese will congeal and you'll need to warm it up with a bit of milk to get it to the right consistency again. If you want to be indulgent throw a bit of bacon in there as well. The smoked gouda and bacon are a killer combo.

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I leaves the skins on, add Victoria Taylor's chipotle flakes, and add cubed cheddar right before serving.

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It takes forever to cook a baked potato in a conventional oven. Sometimes, I'll just throw one in there, even if I don't want one. By the time it's done, who knows?

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I am hungry for potatoes now.

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@james_ex_machina: Okay, the skin thing. We might be about to start a Bone-In/Boneless debate here. I am staunchly anti-skin. Everything else you said, though, sounds delicious.

@djou: That's always touchy when I make mine. They thicken up in the fridge and then its just a slab of artery concrete!

@blupotato: That's ALL of my meals every day. Heaping side of self-loathing.

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@rollingzeppelin: I SAW THESE!! There's a Dutch Market near my office and I foolishly passed them up. THIS MUST BE RECTIFIED!!

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@thethirdrlm: Ha ha aww yeah! So how'd it go, try any of these?

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Pour gravy on it. Mashed potatoes are just a tool for eating gravy.

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Family recipe, baked potato & while that's cooking take some ground hamburger, bacon & sour cream. Brown up the hamburger & crumble it up in the pan so it's small (pea sized), cook up bacon & break it in small pieces. Throw hamburger, bacon & spices (garlic salt, salt/pepper, onion or whatever you like just small to not overpower the thing) in a bowl & mix with the sour cream. After that's made put that in the baked potato (just hollow out the thing to look like a bread bowl).

Usually I just get the normal microwave baked potato, bacon & cheese. Know some places have gone crazy with putting bbq pork/beef in the baked potato with cheese but haven't tried them to know how well that works versus just having a standard baked potato with cheese & the bbq on the side.

Also good, sweet potato baked with cinnamon sugar butter & throw some marshmellows on top. Broil for a few minutes to brown the stuff on top & enjoy.

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Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes

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Dis thread sounds mighty tasy