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First off I live in the woods. In a shitty apartment complex made by hippies in the 70s. no joke. There is no ventilation to speak of and no AC. I cannot open the front door or any windows. Its spider/fly/bee season so fuck that. not gonna happen.

At this point it seems like my only option is to buy more fans. Though with a few fans aiming at me at all times I cant really hear the tv... Its just really hot. And most stores tend to be sold out of fans this time of year. Snow and heat are the two things people around here cant seem to handle. They always come as a shock and are disastrous to the populous.

I don't know what to do.

Right now I have a box fan in my room, the exhaust fan in the bathroom and the vent above the stove on at all times plus a tiny fan that seems to do nothing at my desk.

This shit makes me want to move somewhere hot where everyone has AC then it would be cold inside. But right here right now its 10pm, a cool 75 degrees outside and about 90 in my apartment.

The worst part is that I have Party all the time by Eddie Murphy stuck in my head.

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Buy screens and cover your windows, dude. Lets the air in and keeps the bugs out. I think you can buy a simple one that can be placed over the doorway as well.

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Fan's won't do much to cool you down if you're just cycling the same air, you need to create a method to take the heat out of the air before re-circulating.

One possible solution would be to stack a bunch of ice or ice packs on the intake side of your fan, that way the Ice can help to cool the air as it passes through the fan. You would however next to make sure that all of the intake airflow is coming purely through the ice filter, this could probably be solved by using some kind of shroud made out of cardboard or something.

You could also go hit up a camping store and find your ass a mosquito net, then hang that over the door frame so you could leave it open while you are home.

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I don't think exhaust fans are going to help until it gets cooler outside than it is inside (note if there is wind, it will seem cooler outside than what it really is). I wouldn't run those 24/7 as it is just going to kill the life of the motors.

The only thing you can do is attempt to get an AC unit that will fit in the window and seal up any gaps.

Also this:

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Get an air conditioner and seal up the window around it.

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Best way to stay cool is nothing. (Literally) most heat is generated by house hold stuff, so see if you can limit things off, such as drying clothes as night, or possibly limiting screen time somehow.

Also, placing a large chunk of ice in front of your fan supposedly acts as a AC. Couldn't hurt to try :p

I've done it in the past and it seemed to help.

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@tycobb: I don't really care about the life of the motors, its a rented apartment.

Get an air conditioner and seal up the window around it.

I don't think we are allowed to have AC window units.

@mcghee said:

Buy screens and cover your windows, dude. Lets the air in and keeps the bugs out. I think you can buy a simple one that can be placed over the doorway as well.

Thats what I'm thinking. the screen outside my bedroom window seems intact but I have plastic film covering the window cause its single pane and there are mold issues but its summer so its not that big of a problem right now the kicker is that my girlfriend is afraid of spiders and wont allow me to remove the film and open the window. Last week a spider went under her desk and she still refuses to use the desk.

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I live in the mission district in san francisco, so kind of the entire opposite of where you live, but nowhere here as AC, since its almost never needed. But when it is, it sucks.

I recently got a Vornado brand fan (or air circulator)as a they call it. Its just a super strong, quiet, powerful fan that I guess shoots a beam of laser air at the wall and it spreads out and covers the whole room because air moves and stuff. they got mad diagrams and shit.

Anyway it works pretty well (I got like this one maybe http://www.amazon.com/Vornado-530B-Compact-Whole-Circulator/dp/B000E5S4MW ). Its still just moving air so it won't cool the air. so if its like 110F you just have 110F air moving. But one of those or a similar type fan is cool. Also I can tie this recommendation back in to giant bomb -- I hadn't heard of these till former giant bomb and whiskey media designer Dave Snider tweeted about it. And I got one and I agree w/ dave. its solid.

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Buy one of those stand-up fans, take an ice tray and set it on the motor casing on the back. The ice will cool the air as it's pulled into the fan and pushed out. You'll have to figure out how to secure it yourself, I used duct tape. When my AC was broken for a week, this worked well.

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Get a window AC unit.

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oh yeah theres that or also the more permanant version that you make with a standup fan, some copper tubing, and ice chest, and a siphon tube. I mean the ingredients are basically put those together the way you would thing but you can google how to make one of those things,

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Open your fridge and freezer and leave them open. That works, right?

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When you're thirsty or want to give a blow job, lick your lips slowly to generate spit or water, then slowly swallow. You can swish the water in your mouth, but there might not be enough water swish, thus dissolving occurs. So, it's best to swallow to get it over with. XD Someone in college told me this, and I thought it might work for you.

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I use a Patton air circulator. My dad brought one home from the fire department about 10 years ago and I have been using it ever since. Its loud as shit because its not exactly meant for home use but it works amazingly well. The third setting will make your pets fly away.

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@mcghee said:

Buy screens and cover your windows, dude. Lets the air in and keeps the bugs out. I think you can buy a simple one that can be placed over the doorway as well.

For real. If all that's stopping your place from being cool is bugs flying in if you open the windows, put screens on your windows.