How do I get the most out of a 4K TV with a launch(ish) PS4 and Xbox One?

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My old TV died a few months ago, so I decided to wait till Black Friday to get a new one. I wasn't planning on getting a 4K TV, but it's kind of like getting a smart TV these days. That's just the way TVs are.

I got a TCL 55" 4K Roku TV. Just set it up last night, looks gorgeous. My PS4 and my roommate's Xbox One are launch or launch-adjacent. What I mean is, they're both original models, none of the Pro, S, X, etc. hardware updates.

My question is for anyone who, like me, may have a 4K TV without the newest iterations of console hardware. Have you noticed a difference? Are there any TV or console settings you've had to tweak to get a better result? Has your upgrade to a 4K TV made you consider upgrading to an X or a Pro when you otherwise wouldn't?

Thank for any tips and feedback! It's the best time to be playing video games!

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Not much you can do with the old systems. I think the PS4 does have a type of HDR you can enable though. Pretty sure that's it though.

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The base PS4 has HDR compatibility. Enable that, if the TV you purchased is HDR-capable (I think all of the recent TCLs are). The results will vary by game, but it can make a substantial difference in some cases (God of War, for example). Other than that, there isn't much that you can do on the console side. If you have any interest in adjusting picture settings on the TV, I'd suggest going to and finding your model. They usually have some calibration settings that are at least a good place to start to improve the sometimes-terrible factory picture settings on TVs.

I upgraded to a 4K TV earlier this year, and I've been tempted to get a PS4 Pro, but have so far just stuck with the base model. There's little discernible difference in how games look on my current TV versus my previous 1080p TV, with the exception of HDR compatibility. I will probably wait to see how the rumors of the next version of the Playstation shake out before making an upgrade decision, especially since the Pro hasn't seen any substantive sales yet. If I still had my xbox, and didn't have a capable PC as an alternative to play most of those exclusives, I'd definitely upgrade that to an X.

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You can trade that Xbox One toward an Xbox One X. That thing is a great fit with a UHD television. Witcher 3 constantly looks like a damned painting. The base console won’t support anything. An Xbox One S will get you HDR Netflix and UHD Blurays, I believe

I have a launch PS4, and the HDR in Spiderman is great. I don’t much care about resolution at this point, but the PS4 will get you some amazing looking lighting out of a good HDR game. I have zero desire to get a pro due to base model HDR.

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Thanks, duders!

I'll check out that sweet HDR on PS4, then. God of War is a game I finished a couple months ago, so I'll check that out! I bet Horizon Zero Dawn will look really good, too!

We've been using my roommate's 48" TV for the past few months, so this one feels like a bigger upgrade either way. We also took this opportunity to move the living room around, so we sit closer to the TV now and it looks great. I wasn't expecting much in the way of the older console models, but I figured I'd ask you lovely, knowledgable people.

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Someone still using TV?