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Do you guys try to make an organized schedule that allows you to go as little as possible, but spend most of the day there? Do you evenly spread it throughout the week so you only go for a couple hours a day, but 4 or even 5 days?  
This fall semester I set up my schedule as only Tuesday and Thursday, and I really like it for the most part. However for the spring semester I'm going to take biology or chemistry, both lab classes, which at my school means 2 days for classroom and 1 day for lab. I'll have to go at least 3 days, and if I can't organize my schedule well enough, then I'll have to go for 4 days. Man, I hate registration when you have to worry about transferring to a 4-year, because it's just that much more information to cross-reference.

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I like it in the morning then try to have most of the weekend free. Right now I have a three day weekend.

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@artofwar420:  Pretty much this. I like to keep my friday clear, and then get earlier classes. But I also like a bit of time between classes in case I want to work between classes.
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I hate early morning classes but anything after about 10am is fine for me. I like to be doing stuff every day because otherwise, I just get bored and feel like I'm wasting my time.

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I have one class a day except for tuesdays and an online class. I like it a lot and the winter term I'll have one more online class and Mondays off.

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My setup right now has me in class for 6 hours on Tuesday and Thursday, but all I have on MWF is an internship in the morning so the rest of my day is free.

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Earlier classes is best to get a good parking... my current schedule is Mon/Wed 8:00-10:30 and my Tue/Thur is 9:00-12:15 then 12:30-3:30.  Labs are huge time sinks...

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@xhavoc86: I'm glad I am getting good parking, because then around 11 you just see people driving around waiting for a student walking around to stalk them until they give a parking space. And yeah, labs... retarded. Really mess up my schedule.
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I like a MWF schedule with classes after 10 am. That way I don't have to go everyday but it is enough I don't forget about having classes...

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The rest of my classes are so specialized, I don't have much choice when I go. My schedule is pretty shitty. I have morning classes around 8:00 am and 9:00 mon-fri, and also night classes 7:00 pm - 9:45 pm mon-wed. I'd prefer it if my classes were linked closer together, so I could get it over with at a certain time. I also hate getting up early, because I usually procrastinate my work till late at night. 

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My earliest start is 10:00, three days a week, but somehow I'm still the most miserable person waking up at 9:30.  And to think I used to get up before 7:00 five days a week.  Two days it's 12:30. 
I don't mind my classes going late, like past 4:00 or 5:00, if it means I can sleep in.

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As few days as possible. I'm a commuter.

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Couple of hours a day for all 5 days a week. I'm cool with it. As long as class ends by 3 but starts at or after 9.

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I go 8.30-4.30 on Mon-Thurs and 8.30-1.30 on Friday. Mind you, I'm trying to finish in three years.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:
" I like a MWF schedule with classes after 10 am. That way I don't have to go everyday but it is enough I don't forget about having classes... "
Yeah I had that setup last semester and in hindsight I vastly prefer it to my current five day schedule.
I think boiling it down to less than 3 days would be a disaster for me though.