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Depends on what my work schedule is and if I want to play Playstation or watch some TV later on...

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When I wake up I get on the computer. Although I'm not really counting WoW-time because if I did that would be almost all day but it's a lot still.

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From when I wake up until I go to sleep, unless I have something better to do. It's pretty boring.

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Always be computing.

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Your choices are way too broad.

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I don't know it's possible to be on a computer for a whole 24 hours but, eh, i`m not here to judge.

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too much

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Quite a bit, even when I'm playing games, I'm usually on my laptop next to me. 
But yeah, your poll choices kind of suck.

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This is how not to do poll options.

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If I'm not sleeping or at work, I'm on the computer.  But since sleep and work comprises of about 15 hours a day...

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Unless i'm watching the Tour De France on me tv i will usually be on my laptop even when I'm playing the playstation or other things.. I get bored while being entertained so meh.. laptop usually never is off

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Way too much. Several hours a day, easily.

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All day errday.

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11-20 in a wheelchair so this and games are my life, the rest is sleep (which I don't do much of)

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When I'm not sleeping.

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Your poll needs more options. 2 hours is the same as 10, huh?

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Way too much time.

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Depends what I'm doing, working, exercising, socialising etc. At most about 10 hours.

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Too much

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About 6-7 hours each day.

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As Sweep would say... Never not on computer.

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One to five hours. Mostly in middle of the night if I'm awake.

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Pretty much always, even when I sleep I have a laptop in the bedroom hooked up to a 40" Bravia cuz.. uh.. well I get bored when I sleep.

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3-4 hours tops

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Pretty much all day every day. I work on computers, watch TV on computers, play games on computers.

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If you asked me two months ago, I could say 10+ hours. Now I'm working 60 hour weeks... barely ever.