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#1 Posted by DarthTraitor (27 posts) -

I’m new. So definitely not often for me.

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#2 Posted by nutter (2146 posts) -

More than I should.

I gave up on social media (too toxic on all fronts, and I keep up with people I care to keep up with).

I get all my posting into the void of the Internet out of my system here.

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#3 Posted by 49th (3902 posts) -

I used to post a lot more but now it's maybe twice a week. I have a lot of posts but they are spread over 8 years which I feel fine about.

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#4 Posted by Justin258 (15661 posts) -

Way too much. If I've got a free minute or if I don't quite know what I want to do at the moment, I tend to spend it just scrolling through GB forums and occasionally posting. I've gotten away from this habit before, but slipped back into it at times.

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#5 Posted by Charongreed (110 posts) -

I didn't post at all for years, then a couple months ago my GPU burnt out and I went three months without being able to play any games at all. I posted for the first time, more as a need to express some of the videogame fandom that was building up and no where to go. From then on I think I do maybe one a week on average, some more and some not at all?

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#6 Edited by DarthTraitor (27 posts) -

@nutter: Yeah it’s nice having a certain anonymity when posting on sites like this; compared to social media where everyone and their mother claims to know everything about you, even your political beliefs, based on a few harmless memes you may have posted.

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#7 Posted by jsnyder82 (862 posts) -

I posted a lot more when I had my old account. I don't like to post as much anymore. A lot of the threads start out so innocent and then somehow devolve into arguing, and it gets tiring.

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#8 Posted by DarthTraitor (27 posts) -

@jsnyder82: That was a problem I saw very prevalent when posting on the Gamespot forums.

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#9 Posted by nutter (2146 posts) -

@darthtraitor: Eh, my Twitter account was under a fake name since I really just used to to keep up on bands.

Without looking for it, the turmoil, outrage, and politics are thrown down your throat.

My Facebook account was me, but so much of what everyone puts on there is stuff I either don’t care about or stuff I would get from talking to them anyhow.

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#10 Edited by DarthTraitor (27 posts) -

@nutter: Exactly. I find it to be useless banter and drivel regardless. Social media (Facebook in particular) seems to be one big propaganda ad after another. Not to mention the virtue signaling. Oh the virtue signaling. Best to stay silent or veer away from it altogether.

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#11 Edited by NTM (11827 posts) -

This is the only forum I post on and have been posting since GB's inception, so quite a lot. Also, I just checked on the top user's page, and I guess I cracked the 48th place of forum posts. I was going to say I was surprised I wasn't in it since I feel like I have a lot of posts. That said, I am not on here all the time, but when I am, I do like to gander at the threads and post. It's what I like to do most on here I'd say. Make threads, read posts, reply or just give my opinion. Discussing games is part of the fun of gaming to me. I generally stay out of personal topic threads or threads outside of gaming in general (though, I have gone into them of course). I also think the community here is, at least from what I've experienced, the most well spoken, and least toxic or at least there aren't many fanboy trolls here that want to start fights. It's also why the recent outcropping of threads about toxicity here is a bit surprising since I've had little issue here. Some have taken issue with the way I type (like pointing out my run-on sentences), but that's about it.

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#12 Posted by nutter (2146 posts) -

@darthtraitor: It’s hard to stay out of it, so I’d rather just kill the accounts. I have a LinkedIn account, because I got tired of telling folks who wanted to connect that I don’t have one, but that’s one boring platform.

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#13 Posted by DarthTraitor (27 posts) -

@nutter: That’s really the best thing you can do. I have a LinkedIn as well. Funny enough, I’ve never actually got a job through it.

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#14 Posted by sungahymn (1187 posts) -

Almost never. Most I do is give random thoughts on chat. Whole months pass between actual forum posts.

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#16 Posted by mozzle (307 posts) -

I had thousands of post on Gamespot over the course of a couple years. Left when Giant Bomb started. So I've been here since day one. For whatever reason, never really became part of the community here. Even though I consume just about everything.

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#17 Edited by nutter (2146 posts) -

@darthtraitor: Yeah, it’s mostly been my kids’ friends’ parents who ask to connect on LinkedIn, also the odd co-worker, former colleague, and person met at an industry conference or event

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#18 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (759 posts) -

I don't post very often, but usually check out new threads every day or so. I like the idea of being very active in the community, writing blogs, editing the wiki, etc... but I haven't been that involved for one reason or another. I'm not active on any social media or other forums at all.

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#19 Posted by csl316 (14968 posts) -

I used to post way more, nearly every video and a lot of forums. I was up there on the Top Posters lists but have slowed down considerably in the past few years.

Probably when Jeff shared his realization of "you don't need an opinion on everything," I had been thinking the same thing. But then again, I'm reading the forums and comments a lot less as well these days so maybe I'm just backing away from the internet in general.

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#20 Edited by zombie2011 (5598 posts) -

I started my account 10 years ago...

so 5537/3650 = 1.5 times a day

I would say it's slowed to a crawl recently maybe only a couple times a month at this point.

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#21 Posted by pnd (13 posts) -

I created this account about four years ago, so at least one post per year.

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#22 Posted by Dude_Dudenstein (37 posts) -

Honestly not often at all. I'll try to though, I like this community

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#23 Posted by FacelessVixen (2613 posts) -

Enough to have four digits.

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#24 Posted by deactivated-5b6374a416885 (23 posts) -

Not much. Not because I dislike my interactions with the community, but I simply don't feel the need to comment a lot. Honestly I just like to enjoy the content I consume and leave it at that.

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#25 Posted by StoneyBologna (24 posts) -

I lurk. But I would like to start becoming an ‘active GB member’, whatever that means w my crazy real life schedule...

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#26 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

Quite a bit the last couple of years.

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#27 Edited by Cerberus3Dog (1027 posts) -

Recently I've been stopping myself from posting if I find I don't have anything of substance to add, if my opinion has already been said, or if I feel uninformed about a subject. I've stopped commentating on "GB critique" posts because I no longer am a subscriber nor consume most of their content. I avoid controversial and toxic topics because I've rarely had success engaging in arguments over the internet. I do visit these forums daily though because I like a lot of the regular posters here and am interested in their opinions and what they're playing even if I don't engage in conversation with them myself.

So in the end I probably post maybe 10 times a month?

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#28 Posted by HarbinLights (194 posts) -

Seemingly too often. Trying to do so less.

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#29 Posted by Ezlo (58 posts) -

I haven't posted in six years and ten months.

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#30 Posted by tds418 (484 posts) -

@ezlo said:

I haven't posted in six years and ten months.

I anxiously await your next post in 2025!

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#31 Posted by Leadcat (333 posts) -

Only a few times a year. This is my second of today though.

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#32 Posted by pauljeremiah (225 posts) -

Not as much as I should. Have become more and more of a lurker over the past few years.

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#33 Posted by James_ex_machina (1067 posts) -

I was posting frequently back when the site had quests. The removal of the quests and the fact that I rarely sit at a computer/laptop at home now are the biggest factors in my lack of posts. The site has such a cool search system but I’m rarely motivated to use it. I’m still a diehard fan.

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#34 Edited by BaneFireLord (3568 posts) -

I've been hanging around her for about 9 years, so based on my post count just a little over once a day on average.

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#35 Posted by jaycrockett (860 posts) -

I never post on this forum.

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#36 Posted by ShaggE (9273 posts) -

I've posted five or six times since I joined, give or take ~8980 posts or so.

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#37 Posted by bybeach (6354 posts) -

Another here from near the beginning.

Not as much as I used to.

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#38 Posted by MocBucket62 (2489 posts) -

Once or twice a day usually.

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#39 Posted by Francium34 (329 posts) -

once every week or so, in terms of reply/comments

for original posts, much less often, I should try to do it more though, just for practice

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#40 Edited by Oodli (246 posts) -

Once a month or two on average? I'm more of a lurker and most of the time I feel I have nothing to add to a topic.

I would like to post more, but I'm always too lazy to formulate an actual post that is worth something.

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#41 Edited by The_Greg (543 posts) -

I've been active on the forum for less than a year, I post just about every day. Sometimes two or three times a day, some times not at all.

It depends on how bored I am at work.

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#42 Edited by Turambar (8251 posts) -

My total post history according to my profile is 700 pages long. The most recent 50 pages (7% of all my posts) were made in the last 3 out of 9 years I spent on GB. That's a pretty precipitous drop.

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#44 Posted by mellotronrules (2610 posts) -

probably every 1-2 days or so.

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#45 Posted by riostarwind (1359 posts) -

Not very often at all. I spend most of my time reading the forums and writing game reviews.

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#46 Posted by drdust (89 posts) -

Not often.

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#47 Edited by mekon (513 posts) -

I've been here prior to the Big Live Live Show Live in 2010 (my previous account got deleted when I created a paid account with a different name at that time, but that's all good) and my current post account says close to 490 posts. On that basis the average is a little over one a week, but they'll accumulate around the subjects I'm interested in. So maybe about twice a month really. Edit: I spend some time on chat too. Edit 2: Wanna see Jeff with a moustache? Here you go, you weird people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOyOQATcR7A

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#48 Posted by sjandltkdgo (3 posts) -

If I've got a free minute or if I don't quite know what I want to do at the moment,

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#49 Posted by glots (4336 posts) -

Couple of times a week, sometimes more, usually way less. I assume my post count includes comments on videos as well?

I tend to stay away from discussing topics that I imagine can turn into debates very often. I really just don’t like heated discussions, even if those involved aren’t hurling insults and being complete jerks.

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#50 Posted by soulcake (2789 posts) -

To much, i blame slow work days.