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I've had a Roku for a little awhile now and while I love the ability to easily stream GB videos on it I was wondering it if there was a way to get it to live stream the upcoming E3 broadcasts?

I would have sworn I remember it being a possibility back in the WM days but when Jeff did his 4 minute stream announcing their stuff being stolen (major bummer) and the lack of an official stream nothing popped up on my Roku GB app.

Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated, thanks!

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This is an old thread but I recently bought a few Roku's and I was looking for an answer to this exact same question. And I found it! As long as you have an iPhone or an iPad you can use this app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rocket-video-cast-for-roku/id357555848?mt=8 to send any web based videos "chrome-cast style" over to your Roku device. And it happens to work perfect with the live streams.