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Poll: How was Star Trek: Discovery? (67 votes)

Good! Really good! 15%
It was okay. 39%
It was bad. 13%
I've only seen a few of the episodes, but not all. 4%
I haven't watched it yet, but plan to. 4%
I am not sure if I want to watch it. 9%
I have zero interest in this. Let's just see the poll numbers. 15%

I never signed up to watch it with CBS All Access (which I'd have to do since I don't live outside of the U.S.) but now that's it's out on Blu-Ray, is it worth getting? I have always (though in my younger years, much less fervently) liked Star Trek. I grew up with my parents watching TNG at least. They had reruns of TNG on BBC so I watched many of those episodes from 2009 - 2012, but it wasn't until 2012/2013 where I sat down and binge-watched the entirety of all of Star Trek, starting with TNG since I knew that one most, then TOS, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise (I had seen all the movies, but eh [First Contact is great though to me]).

I loved watching all of them, but when Discovery was coming and was only accessible by CBS All Access I was super disappointed. Now that it's out on Blu-Ray, I can finally see it if I want to purchase it. What did everyone else think of it? I know most people say the first season in most ST's aren't great so we have to give it time, and I should say that my opinion sometimes differs from others, like liking Neelix as a character, or choosing favorite series over another since I like them all about equally. So, getting obvious out of the way in how opinions differ, I'm still curious what all of you thought of it nonetheless.

I think what would largely turn me off is, and it was the big issue before it came out, is if they change too many things in its continuity. I get that some of the show creators said that they don't care too much about it, but as a fan, I do if they go too far since it makes their universe far less believable if you will. How is the whole positive outlook of the future, or the way the show might deal with current real-world issues masked in a Star Trek story? I would hope there is at least a little of that, and not just some typical drama that has nothing to say. That said, that hasn't stopped me from watching other shows like that. How is the setting/atmosphere and characters?

If it turns out that it's not worth checking out, well... there is The Orville. I like that show; it's actually a good show in my opinion.

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Discovery and the Orville and very different shows. I can't even imagine how to compare them apart from they have spaceships. The first season is fine, your mileage may vary on what flavour of Star Trek and what Era within that you like. I was never a huge fan of the 23rd Century stuff. I think it makes a few mistakes, but Season 2 looks like a vast improvement.

It tackles some issues and has a general 23rd Century "Cowboy Diplomacy" as Spock would say. It's a bit fast and loose with some technology, but that's what happens when a show starts in the 60's is continued in the 2018's

The biggest complaint I see is that they "changed the Klingons", my response is the Klingons always changed and they are a whole race with many facets, it would be silly if they were all the same. In TOS the Klingons were vaguely the Russians, in TNG they were awesome space Vikings, in DISCO they are something else again.

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Opinions are mixed but I fall on the side of thinking it ranged from just poor to abysmal. Not even talking about the plot which is ridiculous in its own right considering it’s a prequel, the acting and writing was just bad, just BAD. Very few genuinely likable characters.

Some people started to turn around on it near the end of season 1 but man I thought it got progressively dumber in a way only a TV show can.

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It was fine. Most Star Trek shows have had weak first seasons, so I'm hopeful it'll get better from here. The first season had a lot of ups and downs, but my biggest problem with it was how it felt like it rushed past most of the most interesting situations or themes, like having something actually traditionally trekky that could've worked as an entire episode of its own getting solved through some deus ex machina out of nowhere within a few minutes, while some overly telegraphed twists and other dull things got drawn out over several episodes.

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I think there was a lot of good stuff in Discovery, but at the same time a lot of bad. I am not even talking about in terms of it being a Star Trek show, just in terms of storytelling and enjoyability (the last couple of episodes feel really rushed and unfinished in a major way). The show did surprise me a couple of times and I think some of the problems people were complaining about in the beginning got resolved pretty well. I find it really hard to recommend it though, I think for Star Trek fans (at least of the shows/the old school people) it sways too far away from what the old shows were, and for younger sci fi fans the show is gorgeous a lot of times and does offer some cool new takes, but is also bogged down by a lot of relics and traditions from the old shows that seem out of place in this dark, gritty new universe. I mean it's cool to watch Sarek interact in completely new ways than we have seen him do before, but for most people who don't know Star Trek they are probably like "who? Why should I care?". We care because we know Sarek but there is little justification in the show itself, and that is the case for a lot of the more "fan service" stuff.

I don't know, it's okay, I would watch it if you are interested but don't go out of your way. The show also really, really undermines itself with the final scene in my opnion. Really a case of "now here is what you all have been waiting for!" and now the entire season seems a little moot because it just seems like a foodnote in the story everyone was actually waiting for.

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@rigas: Sure, although there was a reason behind the Klingons' different look in DS9 and Enterprise. And yeah, I don't think Discovery or The Orville are similar, but if I want to get a modern Star Trek 'fix', The Orville is decent for that to me. On a side note, I'm also waiting for another season of Lost in Space, which has its issues, but I enjoyed watching as well.

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I enjoy the heck out of it. Probably my favourite show of 2017. It's not really made for hardcore fans, you can kinda tell it's an entry point show.

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I saw the first 4 eps earlier this year, and enjoyed what I saw. The technology the ship is working on makes little sense in relation to the entirety of the Star Trek universe (of which I am only vaguely familiar with), but I assume the end of the series will show us some reason that isn't the tech the rest of the Federation is using later on.

The whole "prequel looks nicer/fancier/cooler" thing has NEVER bothered me in any media franchise, because I just accept things like that as a product of their time.

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I absolutely loved it. Thinking of buying the blue ray just for the special features.

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Pretty good.

Took me about five episodes to warm up to.

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If you haven't tired of blue LEDs 10 years ago, the visual design is very Blue and Orange, which is a popular aesthetic especially for trailers, Blue lens flares... orange explosions. It just doesn't fit Star Trek, and it all started all with that JJ Abrams thing.

STD is quite diligently made, but marred by bad decisions and choices all around. The story is probably the best part but it serves mostly to defy expectations, rather than convey something about an utopian future, science or the human condition.

Instead of a vision ST:D has a social justice warrior agenda, the gay love story, the three female badasses, this doesn't feel like the future, it's really nightmarish, queer, dark and steamy.

The entire show feels like those unpopular Mirror Universe episodes, where everything is inverted, and there was some hope that this indeed will be the twist, but they already used and burned the Mirror Universe idea.

To be fair, It is suspenseful and very different to any Star Trek, but I'd never recommend spending money on it.