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Poll: How would you feel if you had to use your real name at GB? (526 votes)

I'd be totally against it. (cancel subscription, deactivate account) 9%
I'd be totally against it. (deactivate account) 8%
I'd be against it but give in. 10%
Neutral - okay fine. 41%
I'd be for it - do it. 24%
I already us my real name! Do you like my name?! (comment below) 8%

In this scenario, premium membership would be separate from an account you'd need to post.

I'd be okay with it and would have no problem.

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#51 Posted by FrodoBaggins (1601 posts) -

No thanks.

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#52 Posted by johncallahan (889 posts) -

Already use my real name. I like my name.

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#53 Posted by dudeglove (13405 posts) -

they kinda already know my name anyway

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#54 Posted by Zevvion (5965 posts) -

I wouldn't like it because people do google searches on you. Depending on the person doing it, you don't want them to see certain things. Being way into videogames is unfortunately not always seen in the best of lights and there are certain people who I would prefer not see that. While I am open about anything, the extend to which I take myself in certain hobbies is something I would like to remain anonymous in for that reason.

Additionally, I used to be on the GameSpot forums 8ish years back while I was at work. It's not cool if they can 'check' what you did.

Also, the notion that having to use your real name would make people more respectful towards each other has already been proven false. Far and away the absolute worst threats and other things you see on the internet are on Facebook, people using their actual names and for all the people they know to see it on top of that.

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#55 Edited by MezZa (3007 posts) -

I'd be fine with it. Part of my last name is in my username already, so it's whatever. I don't post anything here I wouldn't show to anyone else anyway. When I was younger I was more concerned with internet people knowing who I am, but now it just doesn't matter as much.

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#56 Posted by gunflame88 (340 posts) -

I treasure my privacy, I would be strongly against it.

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#57 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

I'd be Dave Fred instead of Fredchuckdave

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#58 Posted by personandstuff (610 posts) -

Damn millennials using real names. In my day, we strung together some vaguely witty bullshit that we would eventually realize was painfully unfunny.

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#59 Edited by someoneproud (242 posts) -

NOPE. I intend on keeping all possible personal data to myself and those close to me. I'm sure folk could find it if they dig but I'll not be party to it. Hate that shit.

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#60 Edited by Brendan (9164 posts) -


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#61 Posted by rethla (3716 posts) -

Well Rethla is as much my real name/identity as any other since i have been using it for 25 years and its more unique than Gabriel but i dont mind either. Im not a fan of forcing people to use "real names" however even if i personally dont care about it.

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#62 Posted by frytup (998 posts) -

Unless your friend circle is heavily social media based or you're trying to build a career off your internet presence, I have no idea why anyone would put their real identity out there.

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#63 Posted by BladeOfCreation (952 posts) -

Nope. I am certainly not hard to find, but I don't post on any forum that requires a real name of access to a Facebook account. Like Tech N9ne says, call me anything but my motherfuckin' government.

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#64 Posted by theacidskull (1090 posts) -

I have a pretty uncommon name so I doubt anyone would even remember it. My college department fucks it up all the time so I'd imagine someone who has less incentive to care about it will forget it even quicker.

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#65 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7140 posts) -

As we have realized that the advice "they" gave for passwords for teh last 10 years was bad advice (i.e. constant change with hard to remember rules that make people make weak passwords to remember them); I think Doxing ourselves with real names all over the internet can be just as bad.

On the other hand, if GB did this I would stay. But, I would stay by making a 100% new account and then carefully making sure to add fewer links to other social media. Not to hide anything, but to make my best attempt at a "fire break" for data. Likely an unsuccessful fire break; but as with most security measure you are really just slowing down people with bad intent by adding doubt.

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#66 Posted by mithhunter55 (1088 posts) -

The question is how would they implement it? Remember when Google did that? Now on every comment section of a YouTube video we have some Barack Obama or Adolf Hitler account making a lame joke. Sure you could prohibit those names but my point is that it can be easily faked.

For it to even have a chance of working, they would need some sort of verification process. Like requiring users to give some form of ID. Putting all the logistics aside, I would be very hesitant to give that out online.

It was a disaster, now I have a split youtube account for no reason. And neither of them is my real name. I guess I hit the wrong button at the time.

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#67 Edited by Ravelle (3160 posts) -

I would be fine with it, I do it with facebook and twitter and it's not like I have the most unique name on the world, there's plenty of people with my name. My name is hardly my personal data.

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#68 Edited by Inresurrection (395 posts) -

@frytup: Because on a personal level, nobody cares who you are on the internet. I never pay attention to peoples' real names and I would be pretty surprised if people paid any attention to mine, when I use it. If you're actually that worried about big data and targeted ads, I will say you should feel lucky that that's the shit you are worrying about in life.

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#69 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (660 posts) -

I wouldn't care that much. I think the people who would be jerks on the internet are still going to be jerks on the internet for reasons already stated here. While I have plenty of issues with big data/targeted ads/the modern internet in general, I don't think using your real name on a gaming forum would be that significant in most circumstances.

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#70 Posted by cikame (2295 posts) -

I'm not paranoid about people finding out what my name is, and i don't go well out of my way to hide it in profiles and things, but usernames are an awesome, sometimes hilarious and creative way to identify or express yourself, and a reminder that the internet never was a totally friendly place to be, in reality it's probably less safe now than it's ever been, be secure, don't advertise yourself, it's why pretty much all forums hide your e-mail address.
I like being anonymous on the internet.

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#71 Posted by plop1920 (562 posts) -

Nope nope nope. I'm 100% against giving any real life information out on the internet, especially with today's political climate.

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#72 Posted by AlexW00d (7568 posts) -

I already do cause it literally doesn't matter.

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#73 Posted by VierasTalo (1421 posts) -

You can find my name out by just googling the username here and going to Twitter or any other service with a space for my real name. I don't shy away from using it. That being said, Facebook has proved that using your real name doesn't prevent anything in so far as stupid shit goes, so I don't see why such a change should ever be implemented.

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#74 Edited by stordoff (1337 posts) -

I already use my real name (first initial plus family name), so it wouldn't effect me personally, but I'd be STRONGLY against it:

  • Choosing a handle, and the pseudo-anonymity it provides, is, in a weird way, part of the shared culture of the Internet. It's expressive, lets you decouple your opinions from your real-life identity, and removes all preconceptions except those you deliberately chose to express (e.g. a guy from the US or a girl from Germany can appear exactly the same).
  • Giant Bomb and its users don't have a right to know anything about me except what I choose to tell them (or reveal in other places).
  • If you make a joke that relies on context (e.g. fuck ryan davis), or want to comment on something that the general GB audience knows is dumb but could be misinterpreted (e.g. Gal*Gun), you might not want that trivially linkable to your real identity; there'd be a chilling effect. Can you imagine the first teacher who comments on a Gal*Gun video (even disparaging it), and then his students Google his name and find the post? There's a non-zero chance he'd be vilified over nothing.
  • There's no point - some people have shown themselves more than willing to make hateful/harmful/offensive comments online even when it can be tied to their real identity, and the mods do a good job of getting rid of that stuff anyway.
  • You _can't_ implement it - you either need to just allow plausible names (and watch the legions of Kojimas converse with all the Obama clones) or request ID (which there is ZERO chance I'm sending to CBSi).
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#75 Posted by PerryVandell (2221 posts) -

Who would do such a thing?