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#1 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -

You're inside of your local bank waiting in line. Some dumb broad is behind you screaming at her phone. 
When all of a sudden six men come in and yell "Get on the ground". 
What would you do? You have no weapons because, ya know it's a bank.

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#2 Posted by MikeGosot (3237 posts) -

I get on the ground and i don't try to be a hero. An then maybe get kind of disappointed with myself later.

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#3 Posted by DerekDanahy (884 posts) -

6 people would make me sit down and shut up. If it was one robber I'd try to take them down.

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#4 Posted by Jeust (11739 posts) -

Play safe.

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#5 Posted by oatz (1108 posts) -

Update my facebook status.

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#6 Posted by Brockly46 (652 posts) -

Get on the ground

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#7 Posted by BaneFireLord (3258 posts) -

Hit the damn deck.

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#8 Posted by Nightriff (7157 posts) -

Film it on my phone to upload too youtube, but realize i didn't push record so I didn't get any of it....

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#9 Posted by Spoonman671 (5800 posts) -


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#10 Posted by xolare (1355 posts) -

Shit in my hand and eat it

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#11 Posted by ShaunK (1620 posts) -

Yeah 6 is kind of a lot. I would just listen to them then. And try not to be the guy they make en example of.

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#12 Edited by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

Drop my knickers and squirt some of my love webs into their guns, then I'd do a twirl and the guns would spin around me and knock them all out. Then I'd slap the dirty bugger next to me gobbling down handfuls of his own shit.

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#13 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

Two words. Fetal ball.

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#14 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6611 posts) -
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#15 Posted by SamFo (1663 posts) -

id steal the dumb broads phone

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#16 Posted by Soapy86 (2740 posts) -

I would take them all out with a few lightning fast karate chops.

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#17 Posted by clumsyninja1 (851 posts) -

In most banks the money is under insurance...so bend over a do what you are told

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#18 Posted by Karn (714 posts) -

@Twitchey said:

You have no weapons because, ya know it's a bank.

But I always bring weapons to a bank.

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#19 Posted by Shadow (5332 posts) -

Jack shit. If I start something against 6 armed guys, no way in hell am I taking them all out. The best that could possibly happen is that I wouldn't die (unlikely) and I would stall them long enough for it to turn into a hostage situation, which is way, way worse for everyone involved.

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#20 Edited by CrimsonAvenger (374 posts) -

Call Commissioner Gordon to put on the bat-signal.

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#21 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

I have been in a store that gat robed and I didn’t even notice it.

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#22 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

6 guys? Fuck all.

Thing is that even if you managed to ninja someone and get their gun (and assuming you knew how to use it), you're still outnumbered and every attempt by you and them to shoot each other risks the death of innocent people.

I feel like I would only try something in that situation if it was painfully obvious they were going to execute you anyway.

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#23 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

i would do nothing about it. i would get on the ground.

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#24 Posted by mandude (2827 posts) -

I'd try work every possible angle I can think of, quickloading whenever I happen to fail. I'm sure I'd take them all out eventually.

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#25 Posted by Xeiphyer (5837 posts) -

Its not like there is anything else you can do, or should do. 
There are silent alarms in the bank, so you don't need to bother trying to call 911, and you can't exactly stop the robbers.
But who robs banks anymore? The security is completely insane, and they'll never get into the vault. Not to mention that banks don't have that much money in them anymore, since most money is electronic.
So I guess my answer to what I would do is: Get down on the floor, and laugh on the inside at 6 dudes going to jail shortly.

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#26 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Fuck the broad.

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#27 Posted by AndrewBeardsley (387 posts) -

@Spoonman671 said:


but actually

i get on the ground. i would rather be alive then be a dead idiot.

also why would you be a hero? the bank's money is insured

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#28 Posted by jorbear (2570 posts) -

I would get rich or die tryin'.

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#29 Posted by Psykhophear (1182 posts) -

@oatz said:

Update my facebook status.

Haha, I doubt anyone would have the mentality to do that in that circumstance.

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#30 Posted by Commisar123 (1955 posts) -


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#31 Posted by Xtrememuffinman (951 posts) -

Punch them in the face. I could totally pull it off.

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#32 Posted by Burzmali (456 posts) -

@DerekDanahy said:

6 people would make me sit down and shut up. If it was one robber I'd try to take them down.

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#33 Posted by Brendan (9082 posts) -

The banks money is insured, so what exactly would you accomplish by trying to be a hero? Against six armed and amped up criminals, I would small and quiet.

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#34 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

get on the ground immediately. unless they start lining me up for execution or i've got an unbelievably good opportunity i'm not gonna do anything other than what they say. same thing for any number of armed robbers, really.

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#35 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2429 posts) -

@Burzmali said:

@DerekDanahy said:

6 people would make me sit down and shut up. If it was one robber I'd try to take them down.

Well here's two people who would go to an early grave in a hostage situation.

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#36 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Even if it's just one dude I would do what he says. I don't want to die trying to stop someone who will most likely get caught that very same day anyway.

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#37 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Chill out as best I could in a robbery. Which is not very much, mind you, but ideally enough not to get shot.

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#38 Posted by Errordotocx (125 posts) -

I'd let the guy next to me know that I can use the DirecTV app on my phone to record my favorite TV shows. Ya know, just in case it turns into a hostage situation.

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#39 Posted by Godak (167 posts) -

@Tim_the_Corsair said:

I feel like I would only try something in that situation if it was painfully obvious they were going to execute you anyway.


Trying to be a hero against six men who display no intention to physically harm, but come in armed? That's just asking for violent retaliation. Even if you try something, they could still hurt other innocents. In that situation, they hold all the cards.

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#40 Edited by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

Wonder why there are 6 more guys robbing the bank?

Lol, I would probably just do what they say, unless they're going to kill me anyways. I don't want to be that dude they make an example out of, you know, the guy who they beat up and shoot in the movies sometimes.

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#41 Posted by jacksukeru (6582 posts) -

I would do something stupid and get shot, I've never been good with authority.

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#42 Posted by theguy (824 posts) -

Damn, I thought this was gonna be a thread about how I would carry out a bank robbery. :(

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#43 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2521 posts) -

Ask if I could join in :D

Then drop to the ground when they hit me in the face for asking an idiotic question.

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#44 Edited by TheDudeOfGaming (6116 posts) -

Bank robberies are too risky. It takes a while to get to the vault, opening the vault, getting the money, getting out. All the while you have to worry about the hostages and alarms. Jewelry stores on the other hand. There's this Serbian/Montenegrin criminal group dubbed Pink Panthers, they robbed over 150 locations worldwide. Some robberies took less than 35 seconds. And the best part?

They never actually harmed anyone. In, take everything, out.

Loading Video...

Interpol actually had a special branch with the sole purpose of catching these guys.

Edit: I completely misunderstood the thread title. Fuck.

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#45 Posted by PinkSoda (97 posts) -

@oatz said:

Update my facebook status.

This, and tweet about it!

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#46 Posted by Dingofighter (1875 posts) -

Galactic punt?

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#47 Posted by Sanity (2151 posts) -

Nothing, its 6 guys, even if you had a gun your still dead. Thats what FDIC is for anyways.

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#48 Posted by dudeglove (12728 posts) -

run around nekkid

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#49 Posted by BlinkyTM (1057 posts) -

@dudeglove said:

run around nekkid

What if one of the robbers likes what he sees and decides to take you into the back room there. That would be slightly awkward lol!

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#50 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1773 posts) -

My money's safe. Get on the ground, don't make a peep.