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It's Easter weekend and I've been roped into spending it with my nominally Catholic family. It's one of those times of year when we gather around, pretend we're perfect, say our prayers, and eat poorly cooked meat. I'm openly atheist, and openly a better cook than anybody else in my family. So, as you can imagine, these types of visits are a little rough for me - though not as rough as the overcooked turkey was last Thanksgiving. I had severe depression when I lived in this town, and it kind of comes back whenever I visit. So, I do what I can to keep myself content. Generally this means lots of drinking. This time I decided to express myself artistically. I used my general dejection for something constructive just like my old therapist told me to. So, here you guys go. The results of twenty six years of being the black sheep. Happy Easter.

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David Lynch would be proud
David Lynch would be proud

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@yummylee: I appreciate the honest praise, but I find Lynch's work wildishly amateur.

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THIS is the result of your royal efforts?

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Fucking. Masterpiece.

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@random45: Probably for most. I'm sure anybody would be happy to produce something half as developed as this, but I plan to grow and expand far beyond this. I expect you'll notice around Oscar season later this year.

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Are you sure you're celebrating Easter and not another "holiday" that takes place today?

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You're Prometheus, in this case. And I'm Bob.

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Happy April 20 Easter, everyone!
Happy April 20 Easter, everyone!

I like the sponge bob one too.

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hehe, was hoping it would be in stop motion slowly being crushed in various fashions. Still fun.

Yeah, you should come up with better excuses to leave these family get togethers. Like "I'm seeing someone and we made plans." or "I'll be out, planed a vacation on that holiday and my tickets are non-refundable."