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With the coming eventual return of All Systems Goku, I've been thinking a lot about DBZ recently. I've also been going back and listening to the older episodes. Ever since I heard them talk about that AMV that uses WrestleMania promo audio, I can't stop thinking about how I wanted the full promo to receive the same treatment. And considering no one is probably going to do that for me...I did it myself. Also the original one I saw doesnt exactly follow the flow or story line of the original promo and uses the older non touched up footage from DBZ. But first so you can see where I'm coming from, here is the promo I pulled the audio from:

This might be the best promo video WWE has ever done...and some how they pulled it off with a Fred Drust track. I really can't imagine this promo to any other song and I never want to listen to Fred Durst at any other time BESIDES this promo. It's pretty damn good. And so here is my AMV edit with DBZ Kai footage, trying to follow the story line of the promo as best as I could, hope some people like it:

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Perfect pairing. The grand tradition of AMV is alive and well.

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AMV is always welcome. Bad AMV has its charm but a good one like this is even more welcome.

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Absolute baller

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@xanadu: I watched this like 3 times, lol.

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Oh my, this gave me goosebumps. Amazing job duder

...and just like that I'm rewatching their X-7 match ^____^

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" A match that both men need to win and neither man can afford to lose."

Great work.