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Did a snapchat mix up of my face + my son's face and thought "My God, it's Brad".

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One, yeah, that does look kinda like Brad. Two, that thread title, man, that is a choice you made right there.

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Point One: Seconded

Point Two: Seconded

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Oh man. Content of the post doesn't even matter when the title is that good.

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Bad title

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Goooo on

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Sick dunk on Brad.

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Some distant relative of John McEnroe?


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Is this an all-timer thread title? I think this might be an all-timer thread title. On the far-flung day that, god forbid, GB closes up shop, I want this to be the most recently updated thread.

Also, toe to tip, that's a Brad dad.

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I almost spit out my food when I read the title. I'm not sure whether I should be relieved or disappointed that the content isn't what I expected.

But yeah, I guess that kinda looks like Brad. I can see it.

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I was expecting a question about how you refer to someone that has a baby with his parent. SmallFather.

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So we should probably get to work on doing some hot SEO for this thread title about having a baby with my son.

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Yeah, this is for sure thread title of the year material.

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This is the most upsetting thread title I've ever seen and you should feel ashamed of yourself for putting those words together in that order.

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Poor Brad

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I'm just gonna plant my comment here in this thread for posterity

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Contestant: "... what is the opposite of an Oedipus Complex, Alex"

Alex Trebek: "Incorrect, we are looking for Imchardos Proclivities."

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Things this year that made me uncomfortable

1. That scene in Hereditary

2. This thread title

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If I cited this thread's title in a rainbow six siege game, I would be banned

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@moderp said:

If I cited this thread's title in a rainbow six siege game, I would be banned

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I thought this was gonna be some pro incest post.................

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@frostyryan: what scene are we talking about because no scene in that flick made me uncomfortable. The whole movie was just nerve wracking to me.

Also to op, DUDE.

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This went from creepy to cool faster than David Bowie.

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Holy shit that title... Does look a bit like Brad tbf.

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At least buy your son dinner first.

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Plz OP do not go through with it.

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You can try to convince us all you want, we will never approve and you should feel bad for asking.

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I don’t see it at all.

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Title reminds me why I've wasted 10 years of my life on this website 13/10.

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Probably not the best way to word your thread title. 😂

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Please don't have a baby with your son.

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I'm NOT a wizard and that looks fucked up.

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what's with the picture of John McEnroe?

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How is this thread still open?

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This thread stays open until this man has a baby with his son or until Smash Mouth comes back out and plays “Walkin’ on the Sun”. Your move, Steve Harwell.

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@moderp said:

If I cited this thread's title in a rainbow six siege game, I would be banned


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I don't post often but I feel the need to post in this thread.

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The title of this thread sounds like one of those naughty anime.

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I too will post just to be included in this moment. If there was a way to review all the thread titles and make a tournament to find the best this is a heavy favorite!

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Take that, Oedipus!

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Oh myyy, what a title! I had no idea what to expect, lol...

If there was a way to review all the thread titles and make a tournament to find the best this is a heavy favorite!


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@harbinlights: You can just say anime. The naughty is redundant.

I only watch the naughtiest anime like Super Book.

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I can't believe even the Christian perversion has invaded anime. They've gone too far this time!