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Posted by Aegon (7236 posts) 3 years, 5 months ago

Poll: If you could hear all the sincere laughter and crying in the world at once, which would be louder? (173 votes)

Laughter 33%
Crying 52%
. 16%
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Voted for crying, especially because of all of the newborns born at regular intervals.

That period option's gonna haunt this poll.

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What about all the laughing so hard you're crying? Or being so upset you're cry-laughing. How do we factor those?

Also I'm going to say laughing. Alot (most people) laugh multiple times a day, i know i do. I very rarely cry, in fact it's been years since i last cried.

So yeah, its clearly laughing.

EDIT- shit, i didnt think about babies. Stupid babies ruining it for everyone else!

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I have no idea, but I think I would find both equally disturbing sounds.

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Hopefully its something like this...btw got to love that crystal blue persuasion.

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#7 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

Crying. There are more parts of the world living in a hellish wasteland then there are good ones.

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#8 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Obviously crying. Only crazies fake cry, while we all fake laugh.

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#9 Posted by MikeJFlick (452 posts) -

Crying, since there is far more people suffering with day to day life.

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#11 Posted by LoveSpuds (122 posts) -

Guess I am lucky, I get to laugh quite a few times a day at work and cannot remember the last time I cried. I would think this is the same for everyone?

Perhaps I laugh to easily? I genuinely laugh whenever I am watching Vinny or Jeff for a start :)

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I'd just take mushrooms.

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People laugh a lot, even in the most terrible places. I don't often hear people cry loudly other than in funerals, and even then it's only for a few moments. People try to celebrate the dead's life if possible. And for every newborn crying, at least one person (parent) would be laughing, right?

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I think the worlds farting would be louder than both put together. That and the incessant screaming at sporting events

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#15 Posted by DonutFever (4033 posts) -

It's crying. Period.

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Crying. There are more parts of the world living in a hellish wasteland then there are good ones.

My first thought too.

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People don't really make that much sound when they cry. I mean, it's pretty rare for people to be bawling as loud as most people laugh.

People are probably angry most often though. Anger is the easiest emotion to feel.

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I forgot about babies, I might need to change my answer. Generally though, laughter is louder than crying.

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It's crying. Period.

Make up your mind, is it crying or period?

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when I cry I don't cry out loud like a baby, c'mon? I mean.. c'mon?

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Oh, I misread the question; I thought you were asking which would I rather hear. You must have a lot on your mind to make this thread.

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I'm almost certain it's laughter. When I cry or see someone else cry, they don't really make noise. The only people who I think actually bawl are drama queens and children. Also people laugh way more often then they cry, I laugh hundreds of times in between crys. The baby thing is a decent argument, but babies account for a tiny tiny fraction of the worlds population.

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the lols

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So I did some research and it seems that a baby crying is ~120 dB, while laughter is ~60 dB. I changed my mind; I think crying would win in loudness alone.

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#25 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -

The stipulation of 'sincere' laughter should also be imposed on crying. Since I'd argue that babies crying is a completely different thing from an adult crying as it's unrelated to sadness and more of an instinctual method of communication. Whereas laughter is always a result of happiness, even in babies.

So if you accept that, laughter would definitely be louder.

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Crying because this world is a terrible unforgiving place still for most of us. But you have to have sadness and crying for laughter to mean anything or have any resonance. #nonduality #ying-yang.

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#27 Posted by Dark (484 posts) -

Look at the worlds population and where it lies in the world ...

Crying would win by a large margin.

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I have never heard someone sincerely cry louder than they sincerely laugh.


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The sound of a thousand single tears streaming down our stoic faces vs. the millions of 'lols' that were never more than an outward breath through our noses.

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#30 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

Crying. There are more parts of the world living in a hellish wasteland then there are good ones.

Yeah, but i dont think they're crying all the time.

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This shit is nearly as incoherent as the spam bot threads.