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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.


Firefly (though I would rather see more of the first two than more of this)

The problem with the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. was that it was just too ahead of it's time. Scif fi with cowboy stuff, it got put on the Friday death slot on Fox and never made it. It's too bad too, that and The X-Files made up my favorite block of television in the early 90s.

Lord BOWLER! Given how many shows now take so long to get to the point, I'd have loved to have seen where this show would have gone.

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Oh and I'll answer for my gf: Fruits Basket

You son of a bitch, get that junk out of here. Also, nice cover!

Obviously Firefly. There is no other answer to this.

Runners up would be Pushing Daisies and Better Off Ted, because they are shows that never got much (like Firefly) and were both excellent in their respective ways (like Firefly). Anyone who says a show that's had more than two seasons is a jerk. Anyone who repeats the above quoted is the biggest jerk.

I forgot about Better of Ted. That would be up there too.

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Firefly is an obvious answer, although I enjoyed Terra Nova enough to be interested in a second season.

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Mitchell Hurwitz revived the greatest comedy show ever created, so I can't say Arrested Development anymore.

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Samurai Jack, no question. One of my favourite shows as a kid and its absolutely devastating that they never finished off the storyline.

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Deadwood. That show was just top notch quality. I am still glad it exists but I'm bitter at how it's unfinished.

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Twin Peaks.
The Hitchhiker.
The Equalizer.

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Although it's not exactly a revival, per say, I really want syfy to give BSG: Blood and Chrome a proper first season.

But yeah. Firefly.

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Scrubs, it was cancelled early, and anyone that saw the last season would agree that it wasn't Scrubs.

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@aurelito said:

Pushing Daisies. Writer's strike killed the show. When I saw Lee Parce on Twilight (WITH RIFFTRAX OF COURSE) I had to rewatch a few episodes.

Here is our winner.


Also, Dead Like Me. They tried to wrap it up with a direct-to-DVD movie and it was awful. It needed so much more time in the oven.

Stargate Universe needed another season as well, it was just getting to be amazing.

Sarah Connor Chronicles had me out of my chair yelling at the TV when it ended, but I'm ok with it now. Similar ending to Stargate Universe, honestly. Finishing on a world of possibilities ending seems oddly appropriate for both series. If they had to go out, that's probably the best way to do it.

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MST3K for me.

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FREAKS AND GEEKS. What a tragedy that it didn't get a second season. I hear the same thing about Firefly, but I haven't seen it so I can't attest. BUT GUYS. Freaks and Geeks is so goddamn good.

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Arrested Development!! Oh wait..

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Either Firefly or Deadwood. If it were possible to resurrect Dermot Morgan from the grave I would easily say Father Ted.

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Firefly, Terra Nova, really liked where the first season was going, too bad it got cancelled. And as someone else said Stargate Universe needs to continue. Oh and one of my favorites Andromeda. But yeah Andromeda aint all that known.

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The Wire. They could do something interesting in post season 5 world. Game stays the same but the players have changed type of the deal.

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Firefly and Sara Connor Chronicles.
Reaper! just, because it was a dumb amount of fun to watch.

Oh right, and Chuck!