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Ok, I really think I got  a virus or something. I went on N4g.com and clicked open this news article that took me to a site. Then, I suddenly got all these Java icons on the bottom right of my screen where it shows the time. Now, im hearing these advertisements on my computer, but nothing is open. My computer is completely cleared of all running programs and im on my desktop, and I hear advertisement audio going through my speakers. I cant figure out where its coming from. I did a virus scan, and nothigns come up. Although my comptuer is still getting attacked by stuff, it says that its blocking it. Now im hearing the three stooges on my computer. im very confused. Does anyone know whats going on? Also, im getting these script error messages, asking me wether or not I wanna keep running scripts on this page. I dont know what to do.

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@Raven_Sword:  That has happened to me before, its hard to explain, but bear with me : 
It's as if a certain Google Chrome tab was open while i had Chrome on, but that tab never appeared next to the other tabs. And after i closed chrome, it somehow (the tab) kept existing and the video/ad on that page kept playing.. While hitting the 'show desktop' button several times, i could see the video window flashing in the corner..  
it was really weird, not sure how it ended. 
Good luck i guess.
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One explanation is the audio script for an ad or video plays but the video does not. It has happened to me once or twice. In that case, it's harmless. Though, if that were the case Java shouldn't be involved. Just to be sure, you should run Malwarebytes quick scan, and a full scan using Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, which together detect and remove like 99.9% of all malware out there. 

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I remember having something like this happen me before from a dodgy download. Occasionally, my machine would simply start belting out the chorus to Linkin Park's song 'In the End'. It was unusual, but all I can recommend to you is opening Task Manager, going to Processes and listing all the stuff in the process section. Google them individually and see what each is. And if you happen upon the problem, end the process. If you make a mistake, try and ensure it's only Windows Explorer you close, in which case you can click File > Run, and enter "explorer.exe". I hope this is a fix, and if not, below are some programs that could help: 

  • MalwareBytes 
  • HijackThis 
  • AVG Free 
Just wondering, what anti-virus do you have? Are you protected and so on? Java is a truly godawful fucking program, because there seems to be a lot of exploits involving it. All of the programs listed above are free, and can be downloaded here, completely legitimately.
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I have Norton. I also think i have Malware scan. so maybe ill try that.
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@Fragstoff: aww
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@Raven_Sword said:
" @xMP44x: I have Norton. I also think i have Malware scan. so maybe ill try that. "
I loathe Norton. A lot of people do as well, because it's a resource hog and can bog down your performance. However, if you like it, to each their own. I heard a rumor that viruses can manipulate Norton to overlook them or something, but I'm no expert on this topic so at the moment, a rumor is all that I can give. Still, if it works for you it's all good.
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Can always open your task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and see if you have any windows actually up but not showing for whatever reason. 

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I had this problem, I don't know why I had this as my system is well protected, but in any case I found a file running called "complmgr.exe" this was in a folder called ".commgr" I deleted the folder and the file and the problem went away.
The folder was located in C:\ Documents and settings\ "my user name"\ .COMMgr\complmgr.exe
I had to uncheck hide protected operating system files and I had to select show hidden files and folders in the Folder Options  tab in Windows XP in order to see the folder and delete it.
Hope that helps someone.

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