Im Premium, now what?

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I'm in the midst of my free trial being a premium member, got my little badge and everything.

I subscribed because I was really curious how dude was going to play through Mass Effect as I've been working through the series myself.

Question for you all- what's the first thing you did since becoming premium? Was there a specific reason or videocast that you wanted to watch that pushed you over the edge to subscribe?

Also, any tips and tricks premium members should know?

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I subscribed before when they were playing Life is Strange. They played it 2 or 3 times for everyone and couple eps behind the pay wall. I think they did it with Contradiction as well? Checkout that one too, as well as FMV games like Phantasmagoria.

They should make the first few eps of all let’s plays free. I think they would get a lot of ppl hooked and sign up.

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Check out Giant Bomb Infinite!

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Even if it's always nice to see a new premium member asking for suggestions, I really wish mods would just finally pin one of those "What to watch when you're a premium" threads.

Anyway, Random PC Game: Outcast was the first thing I watched when I finally became premium. Good times, that I wish I could experience again.

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I'm just going to make the recommendation I make whenever a thread like this pops up : Phantasmagoria and pretty much every other "Vinny plays bad old FMV games" playthrough this site has ever done.

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This is The Run! (Hard Corps is my personal favorite)

PlayDates are great too (Until Dawn, Life is Strange etc.)

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There are a lot of fantastic old videos.

But also, no really go watch Vinny play Dark Souls. I originally subscribed for Spookin With Scoops (like two months before he left the site) but I can see how that's not everyone's favorite feature. Best of its kind anywhere, though.

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Oh boy... I signed up for Metal Gear Scanlon; but with the GBE playdates (TLC and Until Dawn are a must watch), XCOM, Mario Sunshine (frankly anything produced by GBEast), some Breaking Brads and the original run of Murder Island that subscription has been totally worth it.

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keep in mind you can download premium videos. So you can download a bunch of them and have them backlogged even if you decide not to continue your subscription.

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I specifically signed up for UPF, but cancelled my sub recently because I don't have the time to watch any of it.

I think I'm going to re-subscribe and make time! Plus, I consume enough GB content to justify a few pounds a month.

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The Quicklookcrew website does a better job when it comes to video searching, reccomend that site even works with premium videos.

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Metal Gear Scanlon. Best series ever.

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@betaband: Yep. Drew’s reactions during Metal Gear Scanlon are amazing.

I became a member to support the site, but this series was my favorte.

Frankly, I’d suggest skipping MGSV. It’s far too gameplay and open world focused. That one section drags as a Giant Bomb video.

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Metal Gear Scanlon brought me into this amazing premium dungeon =) - I had only played MGS V - and realised that i will never play the prior games in the series, and I was on the same knowledgebase as Drew - so it was kind of an "outer body" experience - as if I was sitting in that room with Dan. So many hours of massive entertainment.

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Watched Fortune Street TNT on loop.

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never in my life have i doubled over laughing as hard as I did during Project B.E.A.S.T., truly the funniest series on the internet.

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Not sure how people new to the site respond to this video because it's not gaming related and features two people who don't work here anymore, but I think the most unique Premium video is when former producer Drew Scanlon (aka blinkingwhiteguy.gif) talked about his trip to North Korea in pictures:

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Watch Brad's "Breaking Brad" Volgar the Viking. Let's just say Brad gets vulgar real quick. It's also like 10 hours of video with much of the cast before half the actors moved to the east coast.

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Just about any video/series with Vinny and/or Drew (Vinny Plays Dark Souls, Flight Club, Metal Gear Scanlon, Playdates, etc). There is a few Brad stuff too worth checking, like the Mile High Club, and Breaking Brad for Doom 2.

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The Contradiction playthrough is a real highlight. Especially because that game is obscure enough that most people will not have heard about it all.

Excuisite Corps (Xcom1 with Xpac) is pretty good, though perhaps somewhat frustrating in not grasping major mechanics all the way through the series.

Murder Island (PUBG) is something special too. They really do get better at the game, while remaining very poor in other areas.

This Is The Run, where they attempt to finish Contra with 3 lives (and some other games later on) is also pretty good. Though I'm not sure if you can load it in a way that doesn't spoil which run is The Run.

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Beast in the East

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Persona 4 Endurance run is a must

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The Persona 4 Endurance run pretty much defined Premium Content and is still some of the best and funniest stuff on the site.

If you want to get in on something new then Mass Alex is enjoyable so far!

I also really like the playdate stuff with Austin, especially the Life Is Strange and Contradiction series.

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2 UPF's that stick out in my mind; Dog's Life and Lego Island.
UPF hasn't had as many stand-out episodes after the departure of Vinny/Drew. Still some good moments, but the dynamic has changed.
Vinnyvania is a fun watch. I can't remember if Alex's Megaman series is locked behind premium, but definitely a fun watch too.

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Metal Gear Scanlon made me get premium so check it out if you are interested in that series.

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This followed by watching all the premium content in order of publishing. This is what I miss the most, having cancelled my subscription.

@gtb08 said:


never in my life have i doubled over laughing as hard as I did during Project B.E.A.S.T., truly the funniest series on the internet.

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if I were starting today I would check out GB Infinite, TANG, vintage UPFs, Thursday Night Throwdowns, and Ranking of Fighters. In that order.

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Pretty sure I've been a member since day 1, as I've been following the GBomb crew since their Gamespot days. That old ass video of Alex playing that truck racing game? I downloaded it when it was first released, took forever on my 56k line...

If I'm ever looking for a laugh, I just go to qlcrew, filter to Dave Snyder, Vinny, and Drew and watch something.

I enjoy the old Random PC game series that had Dave Snyder, Vinny, and guest (Usually Drew or Brad). Daggerfall always cracks me up.

Giant Bomb Unplugged: Pathfinder. The crew play the Pathfinder starter set. It's essentially old 90's D&D.

Drew returns from North Korea. Pictures and audio only, but super interesting.

13 Deadly Sims. Abbey creates all the Giant Bomb crew, puts them in a... community center, and MURDERS THEM

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Happy to see some Contradiction love in here! Of all the content on GB, somehow that's what pushed me over the premium edge. I need to thank Vinny for sharing those FMV games I hate to play but my wife loves to watch.

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I subscribed for backflips and bioforge back in the day. And then for metal gear scanlon. The finale of xcom was great even if I didn’t watch every entry to that series

Welcome to the club duder

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I've been premium since pretty much the beginning 10 years ago but the reason I subscribe and pay for it is I want to help support them continue to make the content they do. They do the $30 year of premium sale a few times a year so I would recommend looking out for that and taking advantage of it if you can the next time it comes up. Fantastic deal.

Will every single thing they produce be something that appeals to me? No. But the type of content in the way they make it is only possible because of premium. I want to be a part of helping that happen. That to me is more important of a reason to be premium and subscribe than a particular video. Since I like their personalities and how they go about creating their content, I know I will like a majority of what is out there and so I am very much okay with that.

By the way... Mass Alex is amazing and if you *did* need a serious to push you over the edge, its just starting and SO GREAT! But there's so, so many good videos and series they have done under the premium banner, that it is worth it over and over again.

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has nobody invited this duder to the party yet?

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VinnyVania was the one that finally pushed me over the edge, but I have a particular fondness for NES Castlevania games. Metal Gear Scanlon is also pretty good, as the overabundance of Dan is cancelled out by the awesomness of Drew. I agree on skipping MGSV, though.