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Hey there! I hope I posted this in the right place... I need some help on my project, and when you have homework trouble, you'd ask the community ^^

Who would you say play a part in being influential people for digital media? What I mean by digital media is the industry, the things that came of it, so like Facebook, Twitter... but also technology? So how hardware and software allow professionals do their jobs to create media and possibly any other variations that I might have not said, video games are a form of digital media, Miyamoto could be one of many successful professionals of digital media.

A lot of people said Steve Jobs, based on that he was a successful entrepreneur of the early pc boom along with Bill Gates and what they did with the early programming languages and built upon to get where we are today. I thought of adding Mark Zuckerberg onto the list for the social networking boom and opening the gates for many professionals to have a platform to advertise. So please help! Who are the influential people of digital media and why?

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  • Bob Franksten/Dan Bricklin (inventors of spreadsheet software)
  • Stephen Wolfram (founder of the Wolfram Alpha search engine)
  • Bram Cohen (inventor of BitTorrent)
  • Bre Pettis, Adam Mayer, Zack Smith (Co-founders of Makerbot)
  • Larry Page, Sergey Brin (Co-founders of Google)
  • Michael Robertson (Pioneer of the online audio industry, founder of MP3.com)

Many of these people were interviewed on TWiT.tv's show Triangulation

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Thank you for the reply! I posted on another forum but no replies on there :( GB community +1

I looked into the people you mentioned, I understand the inventor of BitTorrent, spreadsheet software, the co-founders of Google and the pioneer of online audio industry because I understand it myself. But what are your reasons for the Makerbot co-founders and the Wolfram Alpha search engine? I partially understand why I think the Makerbot would be influential because it did something ambitious like bringing 3D printing to the home (kind of like what Steve Jobs wanted with an Apple Mac, can't remember exactly which one). The Wolfram Alpha because it's a search engine that calculates, not pull results based on relation? Not hating on your choices, because we all have our opinions of who we feel are influential, but I'd like to hear your reason why :)