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#101 Posted by AsperGamer (174 posts) -

@Claude said:

@AsperGamer said:

@Claude said:

In the end, they all make us wet or our dick hard.

Imagination is intelligence with an erection.

Sweet justice fill my soul as you see the words written by true saints of their nature.

I would like to claim that as my own, but perhaps I could start a meme by quoting Victor Hugo. It is a bloody good quote and I thank you for the opportunity to finally use it!

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#102 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

Sure they get annoying but people that get super pissed off about them are equally annoying.

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#103 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Just wondering, how many of you hate memes but own a "I'm a Wizard" or "China Don't Care" T-shirt?

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#104 Posted by BlindRapture (110 posts) -

Some people just want to prop their pinkies up and pretend that memes are beneath them. It's always odd how the GB community is the first to condemn them but it's also a community practically built around them.

Memes can be annoying when overused, but complaining about them can also be just as annoying.

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#105 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6117 posts) -

I find few to be funny, and they have to be used at the right time. With that said, I really don't mind them in Borderlands. The shit I find funny I laugh at, the rest I ignore.

@PollySMPS said:

Sick to death of "memes." I'm so sick to death of them I don't even bother associating with people that use them as a cornerstone of their "sense of humor." On sites that allow it, I tend to block/ignore people who overuse them so I don't have to read their regurgitated bullshit.

I also employ the same treatment toward people that endlessly quote The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Invader Zim, etc.

You don't know me! You AIN'T better than me! runs off to a corner and begins to weep

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#106 Posted by MeierTheRed (5333 posts) -

@TooWalrus said:

Memes. They suck, and I hate them all.

I would say thats pretty spot on.

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#107 Posted by Intro (1271 posts) -

I use to like them a lot about 3 years ago or so and now I rarely enjoy them.

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#108 Posted by NarcolepticBat (453 posts) -

I find it very hard to believe that you just started learning what memes are. I mean, you belong to a journalistic gaming website. You probably have a twitter or facebook and I'm assuming have friends. Memes are funny for the first little bit when you discover them but they're going out of style quickly as the general masses fuck them up like everything else.