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Hello there.

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Hi there everybody! I just came from IGN after being banned for stupid reasons as well as other forum websites! I also was part of Game-Spot until a moderator there didn't like me and banned me, and I ditched Super-Cheats because nobody is active on that site! So I will start now being an active forum member and hopefully, no moderators ban me for stupid reasons like how I was for Game-Spot and IGN! No, I am not a trouble-maker; it's just that the moderators don't like me and ban me alot. Anyways, I hope that the people of this community and even the moderators aren't going to be a bunch of trolls and ban me for stupid reasons or treat me like crap.

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@gordanchoong: lol, I was from IGN too.

Hahaha! Then we must be good bros! I hate how they banned me for spamming! Yeah sure ... sure I spammed! Or is it because I mentioned GameSpot in my comments which pissed them off? Cause that's how the same went for the Sony president after he posted "I love PS" on Miiverse on his WiiU!

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Hi, I'm Nick.

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@gamerguy3 said:

@wulver: hey man did u like india i am from india what places did u visit i have seen almost all of india i go on vacation every year for twenty days

I liked India a lot. It was a great experience and I would like to come back and do all of Northern India this time around.

@gamerguy3 said:

@wulver: hey man did u like india i am from india what places did u visit i have seen almost all of india i go on vacation every year for twenty days

It's a great experience for both men and women, although women (more specifically white women) will undoubtedly get sexually harassed without a male friend to accompany them.

I am from Northern India.

Damn right!

Where do you live in the north?

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Hey like to play video games like Tekken, which a fav of mine. Name is Mark, and I can play video games for a great deal of hours.

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Sup, i'm harribo and though I've listened to some of GB's many podcasts I have only signed up just now as a result of the 2 month premium trial GB kindly offered all reddit gold members. So, other than of course supporting the site what does premium do?

I help admin TF2's biggest mapping community, TF2Maps.net and work a shitty part-time retail job.

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I live in maharashtra near nagpur, in chandrapur.

My town is famous for BLACK GOLD (COAL)

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Its not safe even for indian women i am sixteen and i go on vacation with my mom and sis and you cant imagine how angry i get. Itz hard for women.

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I love video games, Im on team Playstation, I am a youtuber having a hard time getting started. And I play lacrosse and football.

P.S.If you wanna help me with my youtube

Hey guys if you love video games, and like hearing news on videos games, come check out my youtube channel. You don't even need to sub, just give me a chance and watch a couple of my videos. And if you enjoy Subscribe!


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New premium guy here. I've watched a lot of the videos that GB puts on YouTube and I listen to the podcast all the time, just like the rest of us I'm sure. Anyhow you guys keep me laughing and my wife got me a premi sub for my birthday. Hope to get to know all of you in the forums and keep up the great work GB crew!

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Just joined the site.

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@zolroyce said:

Mind if I call you fecal instead? It's just so much more formal.

I dig it, as long as it's poop related.

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Hi. I've actually had an account here for awhile, but never really posted much nor watched Giant Bomb content. I'm still not sure I will do either of those a ton, but I have some friends that also have accounts here and have been a part of the community for awhile, so I kind of made an account to keep tabs on them. I like some things, I don't like other things, but I do like video games, and, tangentially, that is the main purpose of this site. So here I am.

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Hello. I'm new to the forums, but I've been using the site, watching videos and listening to the podcasts for at least 3 years now, maybe 4. I'm into video games, some anime, podcasts, and movies. Nothing too crazy.

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Hello,i am a girl who is obsessed with games.

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@whatsoever: Just wanna say "whatsoever" is fantastic username. Welcome to the site, and whatnot.

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Sup, I'm Brandon. My interests include video games, sports, pro wrestling, fitness, podcasts, and listing my interests. I've been listening to/reading Giant Bomb for about two years, and decided I may as well join it.

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Hi I'm Jo. I like Dark Souls and Persona (3/4) a lot. So... hey there!

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Yo. I am Captain Jeffrey Placeholder. I tend to hold people's places.

I love gaming, been gaming my whole life and I greatly despise console fanboys (The Games themselves take priority over some stupid company IMO). I have also been told that I am satan incarnate, but doesn't everyone love to drink the tears of the downtrodden and relish in the despair of children?

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I spent a little over 8 months watching Quicklooks and listening to the podcast. I decided the become premium member when I came into some extra cash.

I am a member of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserves and currently study economics and business at UNB. I use to be a console only guy but once I got gaming labtop (had to be laptop because I also bring it to class) I became strictly a PC guy. Anytime I'm not playing games, I'm watching wrestling, trying to get into UFC reading something, or binging on TV and movies on Netflix.

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Hi, I am a new user in this forum. I want to learn more and more. What do you think ? Is here i will get good learning anything ?

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@mechahendrix: So...do you get deployed or anything? Does anyone in that branch ever get deployed somewhere, maybe for UN tours? Legitimately curious.

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Hey my name is Leandro but everyone call me Leo

My favorite game is League of Legends

i am a Plat3 adc main if you want to add me my username is Demon Aura on NA

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@emofratparty: Nope. Reservists aren't members of the regular force. We cannot be sent over seas or across borders unless we specifically wish to join a mission, that goes for Air Force , Navy and Army. They can only order us to move to different parts of the country for limited periods of time (3-7 weeks). My job for instance, Naval Communicator, requires me to go to Victoria, BC for specific training in that trade for about 5 weeks and room and board is paid for. Reserves have lives outside of the military like jobs and school and for the most part of do training on free weekdays and weekends.

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@mechahendrix: Ah ok, sounds like a pretty traditional structure. And...hey, you get to travel? That's cool, right?

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Hi, I am a new user in this forum. I want to learn more and more. What do you think ? Is here i will get good learning anything ?

No, you will not learn anything new here. But maybe you will be entertained.

(Kidding, you will actually learn a lot)

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I'm Jon, a perpetual lurker. I might have posted here before, who knows. Unlike other people I have no idea what I'm doing despite being pretty close to finishing school. I'm a featured blogger on Game Informer's website - which means my stuff was chosen by the editors to show up in a home page side bar - so maybe writing about games is in my future? Anyways, I generally like Giant Bomb and outside of the small group of consistent bloggers on GI that community is kinda insufferable, so consider me a double agent. Can't really beat the bombcast and UPF.

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Duders and Duderettes, My name is Diego and have been gaming since I can hold a controller which come to think of it...I learned to smash buttons before walking lol and still an avid gamer. my main focus is to be a part of this awesome community and hopefully gained more and to expand more horizon. Love with old school hip-hop (mf doom,dj premier),Love culinary documentaries with hosts like anthony bourdain, gordon ramsay. there's more but at this point i'll just leave the door open neighbor! so we can sit down and have a beer or wine! cheers and be blessed.

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Hi everyone I'm just a man that loves playing video games and talking about them too.

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Good day to all. :)

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Hello, I'm Adam. I'm into psychology and genetics

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@silverain: Well that's an interesting way to view things.

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I am the hope of the Universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. I AM THE SUPER SAIYAN Perethorn.

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Hello everyone.

Just joined the website having listened to GiantBomb podcast for a fair while now. I'm from England so apologies if you don't understand some of my slang or jokes etc.

I'm more into the sports and racing simulator side of video games.

Hope you are all well, All the best.


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Hey all,

My name is Steve, screen name is A_Faceless_Name or AFN for short. I haven't been part of a dedicated game site forum in a while. But I have been at a few other forums from time to time. I felt a need to talk to gamers again, so here I am.

I am playing stuff on PS3, 4, Vita, Wii U, 3DS, some tablet stuff (Threes!). I kind of fell out of PC gaming once I started work on the computer and online all day. Never been an MS guy, I respect what they do, but outside of Shadow Complex and a few indies (and the upcoming Sunset Overdrive), their exclusive do not get me revved up. I have been gaming since the Atari 2600. My screen name on everything is A_Faceless_Name.

My name comes from a defunct Chicago punk band, the Broadways(members are in the Lawrence Arms now). I live in the shadow of Chicago, about 80 miles west.

Currently I am playing the Destiny alpha, Diablo 3, and Aliens:Infestation. I have read the site since almost day one. And have followed the gents from long before that. I have a soft spot for Papa Vinnie's soft, pleasant voice. And would love to hear him read children's' books. I also want to meet Small Businessman in the worst way.

It is a pleasure to meet you all,


Edit: Apparently I was here in 2010 as well. When I made this account it merged with my old one because of G-plus. Ok, good deal. Nice to meet you all over again.

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hello guys,

i'm a 42 years old dentist and i have two lovely sons...

hope to enjoy your community...

cheers!!!! :)

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Hey everyone!

Brand new to the forums, I love getting involved in the community. I have been into the PlayStation Community for years and I thought it was about time to come over to a different site with more variety and different people.

I play on all platforms, from Steam to Sony's PlayStation, even the 3DS! (I love Pokemon)

If you ever want someone to play a game with, my collection is massive and I am sure we can get together and play!

I do also run a YouTube channel, Twitch, and I will be blogging on this site!


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Hey Þorkell from Iceland and im interested in playing dead or alive 5 and dark souls 2 online with someone :D

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Hey I'm Thanous

Mostly play my vita if I'm playing games

Spend most of my free time making games

First impressions mean everything, and I suck at them so yeah

Hope I can become an established member of this community

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Hai, I'm Victorboris1 and my spirit animal is a potato.

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I've been a member since 2012 but decided to pop in the forums for the first time today. Haven't been an active member of a gaming forum since I was a moderator back at 1UP (RIP). Hoo boy, I'm just old now. You kids get off my lawn. *shakes fist*

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Hi I'm Ntinos !

I come from Greece (hence that weird name).
I'm 21 years old and i play video games since i was 7.

Now i play games on my PS3 and my laptop (at least what it is capable of handling).
I have no particular taste in types of video games... but i don't like sports and racing games..
Some of my favorite games are : MGS , Bioshock 1 (haven't played 2 or Infinite), GTA, every Naughty Dog game, Ratchet and Clank and the list goes on and on....

I'm happy to be part of this site !!

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Hi guys,im new!Can anybody show me around?I dont know much about the site since im new.Also im brazillian and my name is Felipe.