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Good Morning,Good Afternoon,Good Evening,whenever you are reading this,my name is Exit Lane Drifter.

I love games,especially racing games.

I am a huge car nerd,like anime and cats.My favourite music:

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^Angerfist still making great hardcore.

I'm fantasticasm89 and I am a math student who enjoys all kinds of games and game journalism. I'm always looking for games I've missed and for games on Steam Sales.

Giant Bomb is awesome, <3 everything about it!

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Hello, I'm ChaseS19. I've actually been following GB since 2011 but never engaged with the forums until now.

About me:

My first video game was Myst.

I am a chef in Queens, NY where I also live, but I'm originally from Arkansas.

My top three video games are Riven, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Bloodborne.

I'm also a life long avid fan of Wonder Woman.

My favorite GB video is toss up Unprofessional Friday where Drew showed off Lego Island and the Halloween one where Jeff was dressed as a Penguin.

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Hi all, I am Ronish Baxter and I joined the forum today. Hoping to chat with you all and have a great day ahead.

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Hello I am late to the party.

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I've been a member for A Good While now, but never really done the posting. I'm Youri, 33, from The Netherlands.

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I am a developer by profession. I love to play games. I am passionate about coding and games.

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Thought I would pop in and say hi, I've been away from this place for a damn long time so felt I should introduce myself again lol. To answer the burning question on your lips, no I don't look like my avatar

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Here is a little something about me.

I had to re-read the opening sentence of this thread 3 times before I made it past the first exclamation point.

Now I'm just feeling kinda' let down when I had no expectations in the first place.

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@reaperspuppy: hey,i am zoe, 27. studing in NY. loving hip-hop, violin、 fashion and games. so glad to join you guys!

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yo waddup guys, im ted from new jersey and i love that halo

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I'm a developer. Working on a goblin game

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You can find me on twitter @Doomlaser

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Hi.I'm Alan.I like stuff.And things.But not stuffed things.They make me all sad face :- (

I'm Irish if that's of any interest.

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This threads called introduce yourself because obviously

Were going to be fucken! introducing ourselves!

Tell us a little bit about you & what you like to do

Tell us what you like & what you think

Doesn't matter if its about videogames or anything els!

Hi, I am Matt. I actually really like trolling and am writing a book on the subject. I like to occasionally take breaks from trolling to play video games. I'd probably say my favorite method of trolling is playing 'ignorant'. It is where you basically pretend like you have no idea what is going on and just react accordingly. As for how I troll... I am a defensive troll as opposed to an offensive troll. I will never create a topic with the intent of trolling but will gladly drop a deuce in someone else's topic without thinking twice.

I am 32... I really have no hobbies. I have been gaming since December 1990 when we got our NES and my household was an SNES and Genesis household. Got into PC gaming in 1998 with the rise of Half Life and never really gave myself fully to a console since. MMORPGs stole a good chunk of my life. From 2002 to about 2008 I was a 36 hour a day MMORPG player... mostly EQ and WOW. In 2011 or '10 I got an XBOX 360 with the sole purpose to play Skyrim because it was going to be cheaper than getting a new PC. I got all 1000 achievement points in two weeks of playing and abruptly stopped playing my 360 and never went back... haven't even seen the new content that has been released over the years.

Outside of gaming a good portion of my life is dedicated to lucid dreaming... I have been doing that since I was 17 to great success. Also I used to suffer from depression... used to being the operative word. I am a depression survivor and unbelievably fortunate to have defeated the disease.

A cool fact about me... I have been introducing myself in topics like these since the 90's but never once have ever read a post in an introduction topic outside the OP... I just post and leave, like a ghost.

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I'm just a run of the mill Canadian who likes Star Wars, Queen, and the prospect of one day joining the video game industry. Have been following Jeff and the gang since first discovering them on Gamespot in the early 2000s. Couldn't tell you why it has taken me this long to fully join the community, but glad that I finally have.

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Hi, I am David