Introduce YOURSELF!

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Hello, I'm 21 years old

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I think this thread needs some sort of revamp. Who in their right mind is going to read any of this and associate with the user name? "Oh, there goes X, I read on page 32 of the intro thread he likes Mario Kart: Double Dash."

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Shout out to @reaperspuppy who started this thread but vanished ~5 years ago.

I'm a 33 year old Navy Veteran with 4 kids. I game on Xbox and PC. I prefer PUBG to Fortnite, Roleplaying in GTA Online, and Bowsette > Boosette. I have written WOW fanfic.

I have and always will eat my cereal with milk.

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Hey everybody, I'm a bitter angry loner. Does anyone share my interest... Wait, second thought - I don't care...

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Hello, I'm BLACKNEND. I'm a game and console collector. I also make gaming videos for YouTube. I've been doing videos for almost 12 years now. I also have my game collections posted on my page if you want to check them out. They will continue to grow too.

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I am Silly_String. If you are expecting a sensible bio then please re-read my name. That is all.

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Hey all!
I've been watching and listening to GB for what I guess is a good chunk of time now, in 2010. I've never used the forums though, so I just wanted to say hey. Hey!
I enjoy killing virtual zombies, robbing virtual banks, and eating hamburgers.

Also, does the GB merch store ever stock shirts in Tall? You'd think they would since some of the GB crew is pretty tall. I'm 6'6'', so I'm basically asking if there's a shirt Ben Pack can comfortably wear.

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Hi there! I'm Esteban, a young scriptwriter working for a video games studio based in Madrid. I'm in the middle of a new video game and just wanna share my ideas about it with all the community. Hope you enjoy it!

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Greetings and Salutations!

I go by Daniel, Dan, Cass, Cassie, etc.

Been going to Giant Bomb for many years now for its wiki content but never dabbled in the community until now. I kinda dig the vibe and I want to check it out more. I’m a gaming enthusiast who, while currently devoid of any gaming systems, has played and continues to follow all systems in the current generation of gaming. The industry fascinates me in how such a young enterprise in the form of said industry can evolve to what it has today, and how it’s even pioneering how one company acts with direct competition.

It’s always fun to talk games and gaming, I’m always open to chat!

See you on the forums and in the chats!

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What's up y'all?

I'm from Philly, and my name is Melvin, but go by Melo, Melv, or just Mel or even Hey You!

I'm 37, console gamer all my life, grew up loving all the systems. I have a brother and sis and we all saved our moneys to buy each console when they came out. So our household was Switzerland during the Console wars.

I'm a huge comic book collector(is there a comic book topic here?), I’m always looking to complete multiple wish lists, it’s a never ending war! Currently I’m trying to get early Zatanna appearances, including her first appearance.

I have been listening to the GiantBomb and Beastcasts for a while and finally decided to get premium! So looking forward diving in to all the premium vids and content!

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I'm Luke and I'm 27 and I'm from Portland, OR.

I probably have the weakest skeleton in here and video games are my biggest weakness and strength. But mostly weakness.

I work (barely) in the industry doing QA and I love to make talk-y videos about video games because it's easier for me to talk than it is to write.

I have a really cool cat named Chowder but she screams a lot.

I've been a GB viewer/consumer for years. I'm a recent premium subscriber and I'm pretty much a first time forum user right here! Weird, right?

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Howdy there. I'm Tom from Branson, MO.

Favorite video game is a toss up between Fallout: New Vegas and Half-life 2. Please don't make me decide.

I'm a network administrator (in training) and part-time pizza delivery boy. Currently working on my bachelor's in network technology.

I've been watching Giant Bomb content from afar for years; decided to finally take the plunge and make an account. I usually frequent sputnikmusic for my forum addiction but the community there is sadly not what it once was... Regardless I look forward to meeting some new buddies on here :-]

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Hello, I'm British and I take my privacy very seriously. I like drugs and games and some other things I guess. Not animals though... fuck those guys...

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Hey, my name is Courtney. My friend has shown me a ton of GB stuff for years, but I watched Mario Party Party last week and I wanted to watch Mario Party Party 2 last night so bad I started a trial. Then I was thinking about how sick I am of being subjected to literally anything on Twitter and thought why not stick around here

most of what i'm into is pretty obvious but mainly i just play yakuza games and pop'n music (LVL 44)

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I’m new and I already failed to put this in the right spot,lol. So I wanted to say Hi, I’m in facebook jail and wanted to use this opportunity to join the forums, My name is Tony but I go by ConkySamsquanch. I’ve been a long time listener to GB and Gamespot.

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I've never actually visited the forums until now, though Giant Bomb has been part of my gaming life for several years. I figured I should probably take a step into joining the community, since from what I've seen, it's a good place to be.

There's not a whole to say about myself though unfortunately, I'm also terrible at introductions so I'll apologise for keeping it brief, but I look forward to seeing you all around the forum at some point. :)

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Hi, I've been watching Giant Bomb for a couple years, but just recently decided to check out the forums after deleting all of my social media accounts and leaving some more active but highly toxic forums. I'm going back to traditional message boards and chat rooms and haven't regretted it for a second.

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I am an Over the road truck driver from Pennsylvania....born in 1960....Great wife and daughter/son in law. ( Got Farcry 5 for $15 on the last Uplay sale and that is what I was currently loving until my second kidnapping last night...(Its the worst part of the game).

I like fixing things. I like building PC's, I like my John Deere Backhoe, I like my Pixelbook and Pixel 2 XL , I like skiing, I like to travel, I like coffee, I like a lot of other stuff, I like games and movies with happy endings....etc.

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I've lurked Giant Bomb for a long time, but I just recently decided to see what the community is like.

I'm simply a nerd that enjoys gaming and tinkering. When I was young, I was one of those kids taking apart their game consoles and finding ways to run homebrew on them. Now, I don't touch game consoles anymore, mainly because I prefer to wait until I can emulate it. That way I can play those games the way I want to play them.

I'm primarily a GNU/Linux user, developer, and gamer. Debian is my distribution of choice.

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I enjoy playing Point and click, HOG games, strategy, and reading books. I rarely play console games and I am looking to upgrade my old computer.

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Hey there, dooders.

Been a fan of the site for like 5 or 6 years now. Been a member for the last almost 2 years.

Forums are cool. Games, Music, and movies are cool. I'm 33, married (no kids though, so I still have free time), and don't have a lot friends to geek out on games with so I figured I'd finally jump on the forums because GB seems like a rad community of doodsters. I mostly play single-player games: FPS, RPG's, Action/Adventure, Horror, Point-and-Click Adventure, Retro Platformers, Hack-n-Slash, and Couch Co-Op games when I can get my wife to play. I also play music (Guitar mostly) and enjoy growing and listening to my record collection. Here's a few of my stats:

Top 5 games I played in the last year (In no particular order:


The Messenger


God of War

Assassin's Creed Origins

Current Consoles:

PC (rockin' a 1080, 16GB of RAM, SSD's for loading screen quickness, and an HTC Vive)



Currently Playing:


FFIX (SWITCH) - stoked to finally get this on a handheld system

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Hi, I've been a fan of GB for years but never use the forums. I'm mainly posting so that I can start a thread to give away a giantbomb tshirt to UK fans (I live in the UK) so head to that thread, which should be up soon, if you're in the market for a womens size small vinnco navy t-shirt :) If you see this much later and you're in the market for it try contact me anyway, maybe I had no takers!

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I'm Linda. I'm a big fan of films

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I'm Tod and my wife is pregnant

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Hey, I'm totally new to this-- I run a blog called so am in front of my computer all day and want to "expand my horizons" to other online communities. Looking forward to hearing about all of you and chatting it up on some fun topics. If you want any tips or insights on social media or marketing, I'm your guy. Besides that I like short walks on the beach, hah.

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I'm Michael and I love playing video games.

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Hi there nice to digitally meet you!

My name is Patch. I cook, explore and game.


Loading Video...

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The name's Andrew. I recently joined Giantbomb to add a game my friend make to the wiki.

Currently working full-time as a software engineer. Looking into game development and will hopefully one day finish a game to be released.

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So here is a little about me.. I run my own gaming discussion board. I ran into this by word of mouth and liked the look and feel of it so decided to register and be part of it. I am currently in my final year studying at university. I have interests in gaming, computing and developing. If you would like to know more please feel free to ask!

Many thanks!

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I'm Mansae from South Korea, 22 years old. I like games and crafts. Nice to meet you all! :D

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Hey there, I’m Dan. Living in the Philadelphia area for the time being. I’m a postman, gaming enthusiast, musician, and occasional streamer of live music productions whenever events in chiptune and lofi call for it over here. Kinda quiet at the moment.

I’ve been listening to and reading Giant Bomb material for as far as I can remember and everyone’s personalities on the site have kinda informed a bit of who I am now as a person who plays games a bit more casually than I used to. (Not even by choice.)

Either way, I am a hoot and I’ll be your friend if you need one. Never hesitate fellow newbies!

Shoutouts to my FGC fam tho.

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I'm CheekiBreeki.

This is my introduction! Hello.

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Howdy hey everyone, my name's Russell, long time first time.

Let me tell you about how Final Fantasy Tactics is the best video game.