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Hello y'all, my name is Alexis. Been following GB for the past couple of years.

I'm currently a college student studying computer science and computer graphics. I'm also a leader in my school's game development club.

My favorite game is Titanfall 2, I've been getting back into it and playing on the weekends. Also a big fan of the Resident Evil series.

See you all around!

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Just your super ordinary dark link right here.

I'm considering starting a youtube channel and love me some video games and some manga or anime.

Also that show about them zombies. You know. That walking dead show. yeah.. that's pretty good too.

I reckon it would be interesting to see that series adapted into an anime that follows the comics exactly as is. Might be pretty cool too.

Maybe when quirky Kirky finishes the comic series.

Otherwise i'm a couch potato with too much free time and not enough money.

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Hi I'm Jason. Systems/Network admin by day, family man by night. Coming up on 8 years married, and father to a wonderful 3 year old boy.

I like to play a little bit of everything, CRPGs and older-style FPSs are probably my favorite genres overall. Pillars of Eternity has been consuming a lot of my free time lately, and I've really enjoyed playing through John Romero's new Sigil maps.

In addition to video games, I've been playing bass guitar for about 20 years, I've gotten into backyard astronomy over the past few years, and I enjoy playing board games. Currently trudging my way through a 4 player Gloomhaven campaign which has been a lot of fun.

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Hi, I'm Ken. I'm a freelance web/software dev from the south west of the UK who used to be a full-time games journalist and now just review stuff on a freelance basis whenever I get a chance or am not feeling utterly burnt out. Big fan of GB for a number of years.

Spent about a year setting up my lounge using a complex system of levers and pulleys (AKA a metric fuckton of cables and splitters) so that I could play and stream any of the current/retro consoles I have without having to move any of them from their living place or mess about with unplugging/replugging things...then haven't bothered to stream anything. I should probably get on that at some point but...y'know...30 Rock isn't going to rewatch itself.