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I finally upgraded my iPad from the 2 to the 4. The case I had with the iPad 2 was the Apple smart-cover, but it's kind of not doing it for me anymore. That's do mainly to the increased weight of the iPad 4, from the 2, which after testing it a little, will by now means stay connected to my iPad 4. So I feel it's time to get a better case, I'm not looking for anything bulky like a dodo case of anything, just something to put it in buy will also look elegant and kind of stand out.

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I ended up getting a Kensington Folio case for my iPad 4th gen. I believe a product listing will say its for an iPad 2 or 3rd gen iPad but it fits my 4th gen iPad perfectly. Looks very professional and supports auto power on / off when you open and close the case.

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Do you want something that actually hooks to the iPad or something to just store it in so you can take the iPad out and use it without anything hanging off it? I don't like having stuff attached to my phones or tablets so I just got a sleeve to store my iPad. It is from Rickshaw Bagworks and it is really nice and quite padded. You order them custom, though they do have some premade ones in certain colours already.
Here's the link: 

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First off, let me correct something I said, as I meant "otter box" not "dodo case", which is a case I am interested in. I'm deterring from the Otterbox style of cases that turn your iPad into a fortress. I don't want or need that. When I play games for instance, I normally take my iPad out of cases and hold it by itself. It's when I travel that I use a case and was looking for something, not bulky or clunky, but something that adds protection but also looks professional. I actually was wondering what that case Patrick had on the VLR podcast was. I'm not sure if it's the right one for me, but when I got a small glimpse of it, it looked like what I was looking for.

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There should be an ipad cover that looks like this silver thing if there isn't already

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I'd get it, and I don't even like Halo, or have an ipad.

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Combining a smart cover with a incipio feather case is all you ever need (seeing you don't want a dodo)

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