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Posted by jaypethian (45 posts) 2 months, 29 days ago

Poll: Is Dan growing a Kratos style god-of-war beard? (131 votes)

Yes 8%
Yes but.. subconsciously. 47%
Definitely Not 8%
BOY! 37%
Exhibit A: Dan of War
Exhibit A: Dan of War

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#1 Posted by Sahalarious (754 posts) -

Man can grow a decent beard, if only he'd stop shaving that patch under his lip though!

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#2 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8845 posts) -

I would support this feature.

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#3 Posted by nutter (1981 posts) -

Maybe? Seems like just a beard to me.

I’d say Kratos turf is hitting your clavicle, center mass, when looking straight ahead.

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#4 Posted by nutter (1981 posts) -

@sahalarious: Does he shave his soul patch, or does his beard just not fill in, there?

It’d be weird to only shave off a soul patch, but hey, Dan!

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#5 Posted by Sahalarious (754 posts) -

@nutter: i have dug deep into the history of Dan Ryckert and can confirm that he's shaving that bit, or it somehow stopped growing hair. I found a periscope where he goes to a taco bell to get alcohol and clearly hadn't groomed yet that day, he had hair there! of course i should just mind my own business, but his beard would be glorious were it not for that odd bit.

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#6 Posted by Rigas (808 posts) -

As a person whose soul patch area just never grows in right. I often just shave that little square under my lip while letting the rest of my beard grow wild. It's not uncommon.

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#7 Posted by Retris (418 posts) -

He's getting ready for a new feature, Dan of War.

Ironically, it's a Gears of War playthrough series.

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#8 Posted by BIGMEANCHIEF (5 posts) -

Imagine Dan Ryckert pulling the next greatest pregnancy reveal of all time from his prank follow up in 2015:

He comes into the office, decked out in animal fur pauldrons, leather skirt and boots, bare-chested, face painted with a red scar.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to reassess a few things this year, my girlfriend is actually due in the next couple of months."

"Dan. Dan, look at me. Are you being serious?"

"....It's a BOY"

Everyone's head explodes.