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Back during my childhood Pokemon was all the rage. I played the games, watched the TV show and like most of my friends collected the cards. One cards that I tried so desperately to acquire was the Charizard card. None of my friends had and it was the only thing I could ever talk about was trying to get that card. Then on my 7th birthday my father gave me the card you see below.

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I was ecstatic. I had my very own Charizard! I was the envy of everyone at school. Kids would bike to my house just to get a look at it. But then over the years it donned on me the actual value of the card. Most Ebay auctioneers show the card as worth less then $20 some odd dollars. And as an adult it upsets me knowing that my father spent around $300 for the card. Sure he made me have one of the best birthdays ever but it pisses me off that he was somewhat scammed by those TV sellers. So my question to you duders is. Should you ever buy stuff like this?

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I mean, probably not? But you did feel pretty cool, so maybe it was all worth it.

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That card says 1998. Ebay and the Internet wasn't really a thing, right?

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$300 is a lot of money for a Charizard. There was a comic shop in my area that would sell them for around $60-$75, and this was at the height of Pokemania (1999). But even at $300, a Charizard card buys one a lot of cool points.

At least until they started selling that one deck that just included a Charizard.

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I wouldn't call it scammed. They sold something to your dad and it was legit. It would be a scam if the card wasn't actually a Charizard card. I remember kids playing Pokemon in elementary school and hearing about Charizard being worth upwards of 300 bucks. My grandparents bought me one of those 50 state coin displays that was supposed to be worth "hundreds of dollars in the future" on tv. Now its not even worth the quarters that are in it. Even then I wouldn't call it a scam.

Edit: Oh and to answer the topic. I'd say no.

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I remember looking at all the shiny Pokemon cards in the glass cabinet at the toy shop. I wanted that Charizard so bad but it had a price tag of over $200 if I remember correctly. I didn't even bother asking for it, I knew it was too much to pay for a piece of cardboard. Mum felt sorry for me so she bought me one of those plastic card packs with about 10 cards in them, she got me the one with Charizard on the front. Mum was ranting and raving about how disgusting it was to sell shiny cardboard for hundreds of dollars, she wasn't angry, she was obviously just trying to make a point that it's too much money.

Then we got back in the car, I opened the pack, went through the cards and boom..there was Charizard. I just sat there staring at it like I was dreaming. Mum asked 'did you get anything nice?'
I nonchalantly replied 'Yeah, I got a charizard' as if I wasn't even bothered by it
Mum freaked out, 'WHAT?! SHOW ME!'

She suddenly became a pokemon fan and bought me plastic card covers and a huge folder to keep the cards in.

I felt like a god, I was one of the last boys to get pokemon cards in the year level. My first cards were given to me by some kid, the best one was a poliwhirl and I ignorantly traded it for a Staryu, eveyrbody laughed at me. Nek minnit I had a Charizard, Machamp, Gyarados, Nidoking, Venasaur, Poliwrath and quite a few more. Suck ma deeeeeeeeeeeek.

edit: Within a year or so from then I completed the collection of first 150 pokemon by merging my cards with my friend, not sure how the hell it happened now that I think about it, but the majority of our cards were doubles, so we nearly had 300 cards in total.