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It is okay to like New Girl

New Girl was a show I had no business watching.

I don't want to lump Glee or any other bad television with New Girl.

Though, somehow Zooey Deschanel and her sexiness without trying lured me in. It was like the fish that you really want to catch. That's Zooey. She's the sexiest fish out of the pools of celebrities.

I felt that she drew me in slowly. First it was her hilarious performance in the only movie I have seen her in. Elf. That was when I was just blown away by her beauty and acting.

She can act.

On New Girl she plays a zany and fun girl that does whatever she wants. Could real women glean from Zooey's character of Jessica Day? Who the fuck knows. I just really love how this character of hers is realistic. I have met a couple crazy women who were cute because they were themselves and sexy because they weren't afraid to be. She is written well. She delivers the lines with hilarity, heart and more importantly as a convincing actress.

Not to mention...on the show she lives with three dudes. Any women that lives with three dudes probably would freak out due to the masculine odors that are emitted. HHEHEHHEHEHEHHE! All the bros on the show are funny as shit. You have Nick Miller, Schmidt, Winston. My god they're all unique. Every single one of them. I wondered who I was more like. Schmidt is completely off the wall and full of himself. He has a douche bag jar he has to fill if he douches out. Yet, Schmidt is damn funny and seems like he redeems himself with his charm. Nick is more the over analyzing guy who is cool but freaks out because he can't take care of plants. He has an obsession with his ex girlfriend. I forgot her name. Oh yeah! Caroline is that chick's name. Then you have Winston a bully in elementary school, Winston is also cool but a little jumpy with commitment. His now current girlfriend in the damn show asked him to call her. He refused. He is also funny. There's an episode where Winston learns how to play chime bells and is so good he takes lead chime beller. Winston was supposed to help urban youth and instead becomes the center of attention. Then you have Jess she is geeky, fun, sporadic, spontaneous, beautiful, playful and all together silly. She's a good listener and really thinks with her heart. She becomes vulnerable for it but what person doesn't? I really like how Jess confronted a girl Nick was dating and asked her why don't you like me? Jess, decides she doesn't really give a shit and tells the chick her honest opinion. Jess says something like I like wearing polka dots. So she's stating her opinion with out backing down. She's pretty powerful without being overtly in your face. She's very sweet and in a lot of ways innocent. Well maybe not but the show is a gem. My friend's girlfriend told me to watch this show. I was resistant. Damn resistant. Had to be. I mean I thought I had to be. Until I watched it and laughed my ass off. What a show! What a funny comedy that I didn't expect.

You know what they say Zooey Deschanel can win you over with her beautiful eyes.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reading Frank Sinatra had a cold

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold is some of the finest writing I have ever read.

The sheer detail is a little beyond extraordinary.

As I type-type-type a way I am listening to the smooth voiced Sinatra. Sure he is dead but his legendary status continues. Yes, through his beautiful voice and not through his actions.

The author wrote for Esquire. What is his name?

Gay Talese

As a journalist it is important to read this brilliant piece of Journalism.

Frank Sinatra has a cold. Is some of the most vivid, vivacious and otherwise clearly written story in a magazine.

Great, now I need to tell you a small synopsis.

Not even a synopsis but kind of ground work of what Frank Sinatra has a cold is about.

It is clear that Talese seemed to have gone everywhere that Frank Sinatra went. From bars to exclusive clubs and beyond. To smoky and crowded filled private clubs to house couches.

We the readers are put on to a journey as if we are right next to the Il Padrone. Il Padrone references Sinatra in the article.-according to Esquire's Gay Talese

He is one of the most famous voices of all time. He is timeless.

Therefore, Talese had to have spent years gathering the research. If not years than months. Explicit detail is what Talese teases us with. He doesn't even tease he just lays everything down for the reader.

Frank Sinatra has a cold starts with one night when Talese sees him in a bar. Two beautiful and majestic blonde women grace his presence. But it is this New Journalism as they call it, this very succinct prose, this descriptive verbiage that make this read memorable. As a writer for Esquire I am sure Talese was told to write stylistically. And this was in April of 1966- according to Esquire's Gay Talese

This is just an incredible writing because we can smell the smoke. We can see Nancy Sinatra. We can hear his music as he preformed it on CBS. We can see his memories and share with Sinatra. You can learn a whole wonderful history about Il Padrone by reading this. Visualizing any of these details is visually stimulating. There's a great part where Talese talks about who was at this private club. A fat woman. Prize fighters and many more very highfalutin people. High class caliber people. People that are movie stars and are very bourgeoisie. Sinatra's inner circle as Talese mentioned was insane. I could only guess that the beautiful actress Ava Gardner, with her glossy black hair would have been included. Hell I don't really know about anyone of that time. Maybe Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and a couple others. Don Rickles is also mentioned in the story. Sinatra has amazing quotes. If his voice isn't magnetic and all together masterful his quotes sure are. He talks with conviction even whilst being quoted. Oh and to give a name to the place. It was called Jilly's Saloon-according to Esquire's Gay Talese

When he's mad he's damn mad. Or when he likes confrontation he's out for confrontation. For example when at a club Sinatra is eyeing this kid in a suede sweater. I don't remember the color. I just remember that this kid looks like he doesn't belong in this private club. That he shouldn't have stepped foot in there with Sinatra watch-dogging the joint. So then Sinatra makes it apparent and says something like what kinda boots ya got there. The kid doesn't say anything and now Sinatra asks what the hell the boots are made outta of.

Maybe not that but where are they made at? Yeah that's it.

Hiliarity ensues. Deep hilarity ensues. After a little bit of silence Sinatra accosts the man for dressing the way he does. (Paraphrased from Esquire's Gay Talese)

.I don't like the way you're dressed," Sinatra said.

"Hate to shake you up," Ellison said, "but I dress to suit myself."Now there was some rumbling in the room, and somebody said, "Com'on, Harlan, let's get out of here," and Leo Durocher made his pool shot and said, "Yeah, com'on."But Ellison stood his ground.Sinatra said, "What do you do?""I'm a plumber," Ellison said."No, no, he's not," another young man quickly yelled from across the table. "He wrote The Oscar.""Oh, yeah," Sinatra said, "well I've seen it, and it's a piece of crap.""That's strange," Ellison said, "because they haven't even released it yet.""Well, I've seen it," Sinatra repeated, "and it's a piece of crap."-according to Esquire's Gay TaleseI can just imagine being in the room. Not a fly on the wall. Actually being there and watching the legendary well dressed Sinatra say what he said. Boy! I just picture the power in his voice. The writer wasn't scared. But if that was me I would have left to. You don't piss off a legend. You don't piss off Sinatra.These were just small pieces in the story I loved. I mean there is so much more to comb over. There isn't enough time. That's my overall take of the story. The ending is very powerful and to me an embodiment of what Sinatra represented and was. You have to do yourself a favor and read the damn story. Talese is an incredible writer. He displays it with Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.

Please follow the below link if you want to learn what Frank Sinatra was. How he lived and more importantly how timeless his music was. This wasn't just about his music but who was Sinatra as a person?

Who was the genuine Sinatra?

I implore you to read this brilliantly, stupendously, written Esquire profile piece.

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I truly liked the show up until the episode where one of the guys turned away a relationship to stay with his friends. Not that the episode had anything to do with it, I just had no business watching it. The shows alignments rarely met mine, and I just thought Zoey was a great actor.

Oh, well. Now I am sad.

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Sitcom-style shows go fine with food. I call them *Food Shows*. New Girl is a fine Food Show. Lightens the mood. Easy to digest. And quite often, it's pretty funny.

I don't know how a light comedy like New Girl could be perceived as something anybody has no business watching. They're pretty much aimed at *Everybody*.

Had an idea for a nice weekly show. News from the Animal Kingdom.I'd watch that.

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I've been known to enjoy some New Girl.

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sure, it's not bad. It's handled by Peyton Reed who also directed her in Yes Man, but also famous for directing the best episodes of UCB.

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Is it OK to like anything?

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Hey, Glee was good for like 2 seasons

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My girlfriend began watching it, I thought it would be shit but I kept listening and looking over until my full attention was on New girl, and I like it. It's a decent sitcom and I think Schmity (to lazy to look up correct spelling) is the best character, he's usually the one that gets me to blow air of my nose.

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Also I thought People On The Internet liked New Girl.

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Meeting a new girl is always good.

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This is spam isn't it?

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I love how you didn't even try with this copy and paste job.

Also represent Mindy Project, mother fuckers!

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My girlfriend got me into New Girl. It's fun because the characters are likable and the actors have good chemistry. The comedy isn't forced either. Zooey D does the same typecast cute indie hipster chick thing she always does, though in a more charming way than something like 500 days of summer, where I thought she was just plain infuriating.

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Presuming this was copypasted from your own blog:

If you have to ask if it's okay to like something, you're in it for the wrong reasons. Even if it's the biggest pile of ass this side of the Great Ass Pile in Connecticut, if you like it, then you like it, so like it.

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Please don't just copy/paste stuff from your personal blog onto the forums, and definitely not in this odd way that you copied two of your posts and put them under one title - leaving in the byline and comment links that were in between them.

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