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I really like the think geek backpack of holding. I use it as a diaper bag with my son. I would love a nice satchel or something for work, any recommendations?

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GoRucks. Great US made backpacks, super tough, very functional, and available in a number of different styles that fit anywhere from EDC to deployments. And they look fairly clean and civilized, so no worries about looking like a weirdo with your airsoft backpack like a lot of freshman seem to.

They are extremely expensive however, so unless you tend to be a little more adventurous and can bring yourself to spend the money, they will not be everyone's cup of tea. Personally I like having stuff that lasts as long as possible, so expensive stuff that I use as often as a good bag is well worth it. I'd probably spend more replacing cheaper bags with how much I abuse mine.

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oh man. bags.

this is a deep, deep, rabbit hole to tumble down into. and a personal obsession of mine. if you're looking to get a view of the landscape, carryology is great for window-shopping and highlighting lesser-known brands (but sometimes i wonder about their advertorial practices).

in terms of bags i own and will vouch for:

mission workshop rambler - this is my daily bag (i use for bike commuting, work, gym, shopping and light travel). not perfect and pretty damn expensive, but it's american-made with really high quality, waterproof materials and has held up it's end of the bargain.

topo designs travel bag - this is my carry-on. i needed something with back straps (i can't stand rollers), wanted to buy american, and liked the frame-less design. again not perfect, but a big fan.

chrome industries kadet - i have this bag but in truck-tarp material. i go to a lot of concerts (again, commuting via bike) so i wanted something smaller to get through security faster, but still waterproof and big enough to carry bike locks, a wallet, maybe a jacket and tablet. plus that seatbelt buckle is pretty fly!

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I always have some kind of bag with me whenever i'm out, i needed a smaller bag that could fit in my locker at work and i wanted something which looked neat too, enter the WW2 style messenger bag!
Been using one identical to this for nearly 10 years and i love it, chuck everything in the main bag, damaging items like keys in the front pouch. My friends used to make fun of my bag carrying ways, but whenever i'm out with them they're constantly asking if they can put stuff in it, so jokes on them.

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Photography is a hobby of mine and I'm way into Peak Design stuff. I backed their Everyday Backpack on Kickstarter which I really lke.

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I use this canvas messenger bag. It was meant as a starter bag until I could afford something nicer, but I wound up liking it enough that I just stuck with it.

I write indie novels, and most of the sales for those come from bullshitting in person, so it's nice having a bag like that where I could most of the books on hand along with my pens and other promotional items. The pockets aren't stiff, though, so I generally keep my business cards and paper-based promo stuff in cases. Not a perfect solution but it works.

I've also got a chihuahua who loves to run on me, so I've got a nice small duffel-sized bag for her. If you find yourself in need of a bag like this, don't go cheap. The collapsible ones often wound up folding with my chihuahua inside. Didn't do her any harm but I think this stiff sided and bottomed one is much more comfortable for her.

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my all time favorite is probably my Dakine Campus backpack. I've had it for like 10+ years, it's been all over the place with me and has held up remarkably well. Has all the pockets I need including a fun little cooler pocket. the laptop sleeve is kinda busted now but it's good enough. I replaced it with a more expensive Fjallraven Raven 28 backpack last year that is... fine but it's already a little worse for the wear after a year of daily use than my Dakine was after several. I recently went on vacation and took the Dakine as my carry-on instead.

I also really liked my USA-made Chrome Kremlin messenger bag back in the day, but it was really huge and I wasn't really using it anymore so I was able to sell it for a good bit of money when I was broke. The friend I sold it to apparently still takes it everywhere 10 years later.

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I use this Filson computer bag for my daily walk to and from home/train station/work. It's a little bulkier than I would like, but it is built like a tank and is only getting better with age and wear.

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What content did he mention this on? I also have this same problem, I haven't been a student in ten years almost and only travel a few times a year, but I still am obsessed with backpacks and duffel bags for no good reason. I'm always keeping an eye out for a backpack that is the right blend of not too hipstery, not too skateboardy, not too military-y and on the ergonomic side of things.

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I feel bad for saying it, but I recently switched to an Amazon Basics backpack from an Ogio that had a wonky zipper and so far I'm really liking it. It was really cheap (to the point where I'm sure I don't want to really know the conditions in which it was made), but it has a surprising amount of room inside of it and the two mesh pockets on the sides are far better for stuff like earbuds and newspapers than the side pockets were on my Ogio. Also, and it's a weird point to make, I'm glad it doesn't have any manufacturer logos on it. Here in SF it feels like everyone's backpack has to have their company logo splashed across the back, whereas this one just looks plain.

It'll probably only last a year before it falls apart, but we'll see!

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I have a very old plain sports backpack that I pack my lunch and work shoes in. It serves its purpose. I don't like messenger bags much.

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@opusofthemagnum:Looks good, I am more looking for leather messenger bags at the moment but if I need a pack I'll keep this in mind.

@mellotronrules: Carryology is not good for me.

@cikame: I like it, maybe I'll check out a surplus store this weekend.

@tesla: I'm gonna poke around Filson's website. Looks good.

@uhtaree: https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/putting-some-pie-in-the-cabinet/2300-12961/

@rorie: I have a company backpack, and while I agree on the logos, I want more of a messenger/briefcase look. I'll keep that in mind if I have a need for a cheap pack.

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@statiknights: fair enough, although that site has a little bit of everything on it. especially if you're looking for a leather messenger, they showcase a ton. but they do tend to highlight smaller-scale businesses so you won't find any savings from scale there (but the flipside being they have a lot of mom & pop operations, which can be neat).

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Topo Designs make some of the most durable bags I have ever owned. They are functional and they look great. One thing I appreciate is the oversized zippers which feel like they will never break.

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I got the special edition of inFamous 2 and it came with a bag similar to Cole's in game one. It's not a great bag actually, it's pretty small and inconvenient in its dimensions, but it does have a little Sly Cooper on it.

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I got this as a birthday gift about 10 years ago, and honestly it's a fantastic bag. It's not very big, which is my favorite part of it. It's a little longer than the length of a Macbook. Especially great for flying.

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@statiknights: I can't use a messenger bag for work at this point, I've known way too many people with back problems (for various reasons, not all bag related) to invite that kind of repetitive stress. But hey you do you! Chances are you aren't lugging around as much as I am.

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Currently lugging this one around. A Timbuk2 messanger bag. Diablo coloring and medium size drew me in, it works pretty well for tools and different odds and ends plus a couple decent sized zojurushi bottles.

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anyone have a suggestion for a "pickpocket proof" bag?

I'm going on a eurotrip and I'm constantly worried about get stolen from

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My needs are admittedly very specific, but I use a Kriega sling bag every day on my motorcycle. It's waterproof (key in the PNW), and is a great size for simply carrying the essentials like extra gloves, rain pants, my lunch, etc. The build quality is outstanding and it's probably my favorite piece of riding gear that I own, which is maybe weird considering it's just a bag, but hey, it's that good.

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@smushroomed: Look up Pacsafe bags. They might be a bit pricey, but they're built with anti-theft features.

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I use a Wenger for work and it is absolutely perfect for my needs. Laptop, external hard drive, charge cables, etc, glasses, food, water. It's rugged and comfortable to use.


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i have a small duffel bag for when i go to the gym, but i kind of hate carrying bags around. i usually just have pkw (phone keys wallet, and sometimes earphones).

@smushroomed said:

anyone have a suggestion for a "pickpocket proof" bag?

I'm going on a eurotrip and I'm constantly worried about get stolen from

You might not like this answer but the best bag for avoiding being pick-pocketed is to get a small/medium backpack and keep it on your front instead of your back. I lived in south america for 3 years and never had anyone steal something from my bag. I'm not too sure about europe but this is standard in south america, especially if you're taking public transit.

edit: oh and by the way i wouldn't bother with "anti-theft" backpacks, waste of money in my opinion. if you put a backpack on your back and someone really wants to steal from you, they just slice open the bag with a knife and boom they're in. honestly the best solution is to get a cheap backpack and keep it on your front.

some tips about being pick-pocketed: they are sneaky, they are silent, be aware of anyone close to you, if someone bumps into you put your hands on/in your pockets immediately, if you feel something wet on you put your hands on/in your pocket immediately, if you think a bird just shit on your head/neck put your hands on/in your pockets immediately, if you are in a crowded area keep your hands on/in/close to your pockets. after 3 years in Buenos Aires i was paranoid about large crowds when i moved back to Vancouver.