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kpop never slows down. heck, two new songs released literally as i typed this

seventeen - clap

sonamoo - i

plus you missed the song of the year, twice - likey, as well as the new loona/odd eye circle - sweet crazy love

also jbj - fantasy, and a.c.e. - callin

plus exid is coming back with a sure banger, ddd, kim sohee is debuting, samuel is coming back, chungha is coming back, gugudan is coming back, monsta x is coming back, there was a new epik high album, whatever this is... happened... lots of stuff out and coming out!

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I kind of like Jeon Soyeons Jelly song, its got a decent amount of rap style mixed with the super cutesy pink scenes. Im up on the Jelly.

I was reading back and noticed @onimonkii you went to a Seventeen gig, how did that turn out, manage to grab any videos or cool tidbits that happened during it?

I was slow so you guys have posted a lot of the songs I was going to add but I would like to call out TWICE with Likey as instantly rocketing to top 5 of my songs this year and Playbacks Want you to Say is also pretty catchy.

Laboum - Hwi Hwi : I am not quite sure why but we all mised pointing out this song from Laboum came out earlier this year. It is pretty generic with its verses but I am a sucker for silly choruses and buildups like it has with the whistling bit.

NRG - 20th Night : I have never heard of this group or can't recognize the faces involved but seems like its three or so guys which have made a fun slightly funky song and it is a pretty nice listen.

Marmello - Can't Stop : What sounds like the perfect song for an anime Opening credits song. It is interesting with a live rock band theme to it but I like the song and it seems pretty fun (I am a sucker for people playing instruments)

Stella Jang - Cheerleader : This MV has an animated design to it and its pretty fun to watch and seems like a nice cute theme with the lyrics. It is a pretty nice song to listen to with a rappy type feel to it.

Jimin (AOA) - Hallelujah : A very weird song where I assume because AOA is taking a break Jimin has worked herself into getting a single release by herself and... yea its not great. While I understand her appeal and know she does most of the choreography work for AOA Jimin has always been one of the weakest in that band for her vocal abilities and it really shows in this song. Still the chorus is somewhat fun I guess

EXID - DDD : As mentioned above here is the full MV for the song by EXID. It sure is something! EXID continue their general theme with their music by pushing sexiness a lot as well as having mid verse cuts to Le (who I really like). Sadly their 5th member still seems missing from this video and touring cycle but I hope she returns as quickly as possible. When I first listened to this song I was super unsure (especially for Hanis extremely high stressed sounding vocals) but I figure this song can be remixed very easily into some form of club banger.

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@optix12: jelly has grown on me as well, really hard... at first I was like, what am I listening to? but the way it picks up after the chorus is really great. there's a lot of subtlety to it's production.

and yeah! seventeen was awesome, it was at the verizon theater, which are pretty familiar to me at this point, out of the 5 kpop shows I've been to, only hyuna wasn't there. I didn't get any videos, my girlfriend did, I just got a photo from where we were sitting, I'm on mobile and have no idea how to add a photo, so I'll edit one in later or something. but yeah, really great show, having so many members meant there was very little stalling or downtime between songs like smaller groups had. it was also hoshi's first show of the tour, so everyone seemed extra hype based on other videos we watched from other dates.

if they ever come around near y'all I'd highly recommend it

edit: here's my one photo

No Caption Provided

and for comparison, our better seats from monsta x

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Thats awesome its super rare for Korean groups to come over here and the one time some did come to the UK I was in the US on holiday haha

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I'm just a casual listener of Kpop, but I follow groups like GFriend, other high profile groups. Just a heads up, Vlive.tv seems to be a good resource to follow their latest news and some fan-centric contents the artists sometimes do.

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so, what are your song of the year lists looking like this year?

mine is probably:

1.) subin - circle's dream
2.) red velvet - peek a boo
3.) seventeen - clap
4.) twice - likey
5.) odd eye circle - girl front
6.) sonamoo - i (knew it)
7.) jeon soyeon - jelly
8.) blackpink - as if it's your last
9.) hitchhiker x taeyong - around
10.) dreamcatcher - chase me

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@onimonkii: My Top 10 list is up now and can be found here. Quite different from yours (which is great, especially your number 1), but I tend to choose weird songs for my list a lot of the time. A pretty good year for KPOP, all things considered. Still bummed about losing groups like 2NE1 and (potentially) f(x) though.

Got a few songs left that haven't been posted to the thread yet. Figured I'd throw them up for everyone.

Sindorim - Muzie // A slick, mellow track with a killer synth line/beat, especially during the chorus.

Shall We Dance - Block B // Another super catchy Block B release. Really dig the weird sound of the chorus production.

Chococo - Gugudan // A pretty cute song. The chorus is either an earworm or incredibly annoying--you decide.

Atmosphere - Juncoco x Advanced // Fairly standard EDM track with some decent vocals. Lots of energy during the breakdown.

Ocean View - Yuseol // A merely okay pop song until the chorus, where there's a pretty solid bit of production.

Anarchy - Jvcki Wai // Droning trap production and heavily effected vocals. Incredible aesthetic on the video.

A Good Day to Whistle - Cha Bitna // Pretty acoustic track with excellent flow to the vocals. Very minimalist.

Lucided - Choyoon // Superbly ethereal release, with a weird nursery rhyme-ish singsong quality to the "chorus." A unique song.

Ending Credit - Uhm Jung Hwa // Restrained but grand feel, especially in the vocals. Killer production that thrums delightfully.

Dressmakers - Im Yong Song // More fantastic acoustic guitar work. A very dreamy song with a nice, deep vocal performance.

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@wemibelle: great list! i think i'm the only person who prefers palette to last night's story. it's such a strong song not even gd's awkward feature can bring it down lol. the writing was kind of on the wall for 2ne1 after years of near inactivity and delays, especially with yg's history of being awful at managing groups (like what's happening with blackpink, winner, ikon, and him wanting to debut another new group already...), at least minzy is keeping that 2ne1 style going in her solo work so far.

predictably i was much more shocked and saddened to lose jonghyun this year. i was lucky enough to get to see shinee in concert twice, and they were absolutely incredible both times. it's a huge loss, he was such an amazing performer that brought a unique intensity to his music. it's hard not to get extremely emotional listening to shinee now, their songs are all so good already, but that intensity just hits in a different way now

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@onimonkii: Palette's not bad, but the whole package for Last Night's Story is just too fantastic. Also, not surprised about 2NE1 but it's still the end of a pretty big group, one I had a good amount of affection for right when I first got into KPOP. Seeing the same basic pattern happening with f(x) now too, which is a huge bummer considering my love of that group. As for the death of Jonghyun, I wrote the Top 10 before it happened and didn't notice the news until after I finalized it or I would have mentioned it. Definitely another huge hit to KPOP, especially from one of the few boy groups I actually liked. Been a rough year all around sadly, both in JPOP and KPOP for things like this.

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I really loved Jonghyun's solo work. I will miss him.

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i regret putting my list out before loona's chuu debuted...

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Has F(x) not oficially disbanded yet? I assumed they did huh.

Also my top 10 should be posted tomorrow (its taken a while to cut mine down) but I also prefer last night story by IU over Palette even though most people I talk to prefer Palette ha.

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At first I was really pessimistic about Kpop in 2017, hearing so many groups going on hiatus or separating I was not a fan of the initial content output that was coming out either. With all that behind me I can easily say 2017 has kept up the pace of creating and producing a whole bunch of great songs and here is my top 10 list.

Before I delve into that just a brief list of 10 or so songs which were right on the edge of my 10 that could not quite make it in there: Jelly by Jeon Soyeon, Hobgoblin by CLC, Island by Winner, Don't Recall by KARD, Hwi Hwi by Laboum, Want you to say by Playback, Power by EXO, Aze-gag by Mamamoo, KKPP by Miso, Love me Love me by Winner.

10. Yes I am by Mamamoo

Loading Video...

Of course I had to have one Mamamoo song on my list. They are one of my favourite groups in Kpop today and this is a very solid song for the kind of songs that they produce. I felt like Mamamoos year was slightly not as great as last years and could only put this at 10 but they still maintain their cute fun, stellar vocal performances in their songs and im glad to see they are already continuing that in 2018.

9. 365 Fresh by Triple H

Loading Video...

What started the year off with multi gendered groups of KARD, Triple H quickly followed. Hyuna teaming up with Hui and E'Dawn from Pentagon created a trio that had a very nice vocal mix and a weird but fun music video. I do like Hyuna and this is a nice change of pace to her more adult risque side which many of her songs tend to be. I also like the funkier beat that this song has.

8. Red Flavor by Red Velvet

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What a fun cutesy summer banger. Red Velvet produces a top tier Red Velvet type song, I really like how simple the song first sounds but with lots of very little details. The main chorus dance is really fun and cute too, this was a really great song to brighten up summer of 2017.

7. Babe by Hyuna

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When I said previously I really like it when Hyuna shies away from her adult risque type songs? Babe was a lead single from her which did that, and it is a really nice fun song! I thought this was a good song from Hyuna with a catchy chorus and after chorussy bit.

6. Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet

Loading Video...

A later entrant than most of the other kpop songs that I considered for this list I was skeptical at first as to how good a song this was but it really grew on me. The super weird whimsical music video to the incredibly infectious vocals and back beat. Red Velvet really had a coming out year of sorts with some amazing music and were consistent with releases all throughout the year, they had an amazing 2017 and I look forward to more of their infectious songs in the coming years.

5. DNA by BTS

Loading Video...

From a group that has had an amazing 2017 to a group who had the best 2016. BTS are still killing it and while their musical output has largely been misses for me, I cannot deny that they have put out some incredibly catchy songs. Not to mention they seem to have taken the world by storm which I am very pleased with. DNA is still a great song to me with a good chorus and I love the silly fashion that they have chosen to wear. The breakdown 2nd verse by the rappers is also one of my favourites too.

4. We Like by Pristin

Loading Video...

What a major turnaround this band has done for me. I was not much of a fan of Pristins first song Wee Woo and generally mocked it but oh boy this song is such cute infectiousness. There was a long stretch of time where I would happily listen to this song eat least once a day, ideally finding a new video each time. I like (du-du-du-du-du) this song very much.

3. Last Night Story by IU

Loading Video...

A very late climber in my list at first I was not paying much attention to this song but everytime I listened to it I could not help get a giant smile on my face. Learning much more about this song from Wemibelle's writeup I understand why it has such an 80's feel to it. It is such a great cover that I think was IUs best work this year, the music video is really fun to watch too with a fun orange colour palette.

2. Really Really by WINNER

Loading Video...

I was introduced to Winner late on in the year when I became annoyed as to why a group was even beating Mamamoo in a best vocal group award. From then I have been very glad I found them out and found other songs from friends. Like Red Velvet, Winner have had an absolutely stellar year with Love me, Love me and Island (a big summer banger) also coming out. Really Really has an incredibly strong chorus/intro bit with the song and throughout the song just has top tier vocal performances. I also like the black and white tone they used for this song.

1. Likey by TWICE

Loading Video...

I know this might not be for everyone but when this song came out it instantly blew me away. Being a follower of what Twice puts out I was very dissapointed for a long time since TT as to what I thought was pretty dissapointing songs. Then they released Likey somewhat late to be a summer banger but I still include it and will include it as one of my summer banger songs. The strong horns, the usual Twice type intro and the girls seemingly just having fun through this song lend to the whole music video (especially with it being oversaturated and set in Vancouver). On the track all their vocal performances are done very well and the hook pre-chorus starting at 1:05 has been one of my favourites this entire year. I also like that the song focused on an instrumental breakdown with some lead dancing that seemed to be on point (the song even includes a dab!!!)

Im not sure why but Likey just completely lifts up my spirits every time I hear it and continues to do so.

Sorry this list was done so late I had a very hard time cutting down my intial list of 50 to even the 20 I have listed here but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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kpop -- following this so i'd know more about kpop

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@optix12: likey is such a perfect twice song, it's like everything you'd want from them, they all have lines and they're all something in their range. dna is also the first time bts really "hit" for me. i'd always think like damn this group is so huge and i don't really know why?? but then blood sweat & tears hit and i was like ok this is pretty good, and dna just cemented that like oh, this is a release from the biggest boy group in the world, this is why.

speaking of bts being huge, here's the steve aoki remix of mic drop

speaking of remixes, here's blackpink's remix of wonder girls' so hot

speaking of so hot, fresh off a million memes and cf deals, momoland is back with a new song that sounds like a t-ara b-side and hits twice as hard, bboom bboom

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@onimonkii: That Momoland song is a hell of a start to the year. Kudos to the production team on that track, especially on that unbearably catchy chorus.

While it's not quite a new f(x) track (in many ways), Amber and Luna are on a new release again, Lower. It's not bad but really could have used a vocal chorus, as it feels so empty without more from the girls, especially considering how on point they are for the verses. Their looks are fucking incredible too, despite the pitifully low budget of the video. Certainly seems like SM wants them to die...

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It's been very tough to choose my top 5 songs from 6 categories. First of all this is only K-pop/hiphop/rap/house... list and there aren't included any other song besides korean and japan songs recorded by korean group. (I've found many good songs from 2016 and below too but these are not included.)

So lets start. These are my categories of MOTY 2017: BestSolo artist - these artists were very hardworking whole year and I felt really close to what they have been presenting and singing. Best M/V - only in visuall matter (no choreo and music) which means does the videoclip have some kind of story, message or just good appear to my eyes? Best dance choreography - no need to explain. Best song - my favorite songs. This is the most important category for me. I've listen these songs so many times. It's like these songs represent my personality. Best group - same as the best artist, a group which I felt really close with their music and enjoyed every minute while listen to them. Best pop - this is the category only for main song which have m/v and have been presented in competitions or shows.

Here are my lists:


  1. G-Dragon
  2. Zico
  3. Taemin
  4. Taeyang
  5. Penomeco


  1. Zico – Anti ft. G. Soul
  2. BTS - Spring Day
  3. iKON – B-Day
  4. B.A.P – Honeymoon
  5. PENOMECO - Hunnit


  1. Seventeen - Don't wanna cry
  2. A.C.E - Callin‘
  3. Monsta X - Beautifull
  4. A.C.E - Cactus
  5. Seventeen - Highlight

BEST SONG (overall)

  1. Millic – Paradise ft. Fanxy Child
  2. G-Dragon – Bullshit
  3. G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014
  4. BTS – GO
  5. BIGFLO – Better Life


  1. B.A.P
  2. BTS
  4. iKON
  5. KARD


  1. BLOCK B - Shall we dance
  2. EXO - KoKoBop
  3. BTS - Spring day
  4. iKon - B-Day
  5. Stray Kids - Hellvator

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nice detail in your lists and adding categories too @kaigan_sake I take it you mostly listen to rap and hiphop?

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@optix12 It depends on what has been recently released and on my current mood. It's well balanced. For example I am now listening to Sunmi - Heroine , Wanna one - Burn it up, TY - Louder (which are more melodic songs), then I switch to Ravi's mixtape (I am building hype for his Monday's comeback which is rap/hiphop) and continue with M.I.B and Stray Kids mixtape. When I feel tired I play BTS - Crystal snow and Zion. T - Snow.

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I have a handful of 2018 releases to throw up while I have a minute. Starting to kick the year off full-steam.

Glow ft. Kim E-Z - Choi Jae Man // Very pretty and mellow song. The pairing of male + female vocals during the "chorus" is particularly stunning.

Shadow - Various // This has a low-rent feel to it for me, but I still enjoy the vocal work, particularly during the chorus.

Honey Tea - OOHYO // Another beautiful song from OOHYO in her typical style. Still entranced by her voice every time I hear it.

Fanci - Girlkind // A more downbeat pop song, which is interesting and distinctive. The chorus has good flow--even if the lyrics are a bit silly.

Rollercoaster - Chungha // Another solid Chungha release. Pretty video too, particularly the neon colors and muted saturation.

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red velvet is on fire, bad boy is just tooo gooood. damn

loona's new member go won's solo "one&only" had to grow on me, but it's great as well

the better group to come out of produce 101 season 2, jbj, put out their second song "my flower", and it's a really solid song, it just suffers a bit from being on that tropical house trend

i almost didn't want to post the new jonghyun song, "shinin'" it's so weirdly haunting and beautiful for what is ostensibly an upbeat pop song. just hearing him saying "always be with you" makes me feel emotional. i can't even bring myself to watch his other song...

in lighter news, not sure if anyone watches the uni+, but the boys green team put out a super super fucking catchy song, like dangerously catchy, it's called "you're mine", and of course it didn't win, but it's just... stuck with me. all the girls teams songs were bad, the guys teams were good in general, but the song that won was basically a remix of got7's hard carry, so that's disappointing

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just got tickets to see monsta x again in july!!

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important update: moon hyuna & ryu sera performed dolls together at sera's solo concert

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This thread has been dead for far, far too long! I have a veritable cornucopia of songs to share, all of which are from the last month or so of releases.

Baby Funk - Naul // A very, as you would expect, funky track. Nice bassy distortion in particular. Some smooth vocals too.

Ksana - Love x Stereo // Hypnotically mellow and easygoing. Vocals have a great lazy rhythm. Still a criminally underrated indie Korean group.

Can I See You Again - Miryo // Solo release from BEG's Miryo. Slick verses and a catchy (if simple) "chorus." Video is...weird.

One Shot, Two Shot - BoA // New BoA track that alternates between almost sultry to upbeat and catchy. Chorus is really fun to sing along to.

Wang Like Alexander - Hash Swan // Bizarrely named (seriously, what the hell?) but remarkably slick from top to bottom.

You Do - Minty // Very light and airy but with some punchy vocal work. Lots of fun, if a bit too quiet.

Notorious - Trax x Lip2shot // Pretty decent yet average track for the most part, but guest Sophiya's chorus is absolutely gorgeous.

Always With You - Aseul // Another fantastic release from Aseul, this time delightfully vaporwave both in the song and video. One of her best songs, imo.

Baby Don't Stop - NCT U // Everything about this screams seduction, from the thrumming production to the shiver-inducing whispering vocals. Very striking.

Closer - 7th Street // The vocals on this track are okay, but I'm mostly in love with the velvety-smooth guitar work, which is sadly underutilized.

Somewhere - The Klipp // Beautifully ethereal and relaxing in every way. The vocals are truly breathtaking and compliment each other perfectly.

Lazy Cat - Ego Function Error // Pretty standard pop-rock sound but the incredible bass work at points in the song really make this one stand out for me.

Solid Gold - Sam Rui // Stunning vocal work that is immediately striking. My only real issue is that it gets a bit too breathy at times.

The Grand Dreams - Minseo // Pretty standard slower/ballad-y KPOP track but I really enjoy Minseo's voice. Especially the chorus, which is very moving.

Starry Night - Mamamoo // A decidedly more traditional KPOP release from Mamamoo, but they still knock it out of the park. The production is fantastic too, especially during the chorus.

Stay With Me - Purple LP // Delightfully effortless production with a great rhythm. Vocals are pretty forgettable and mostly absent.

Insomnia - Heyne // Probably the most divisive voice in KPOP--you either love it or hate it. A pretty good song from her, although I'm shocked the video somehow makes her look EVEN YOUNGER THAN NORMAL.

Why Do Fuckbois Hang Out On The Net - Kid Milli // I'll admit it: the name is the primary reason I included this. I mean, just look at it! A mostly forgettable song but the production is nicely dirty.

Class - Solbi // The bassy production is SO GOOD on this track. I also really like the chorus, despite its incredibly simple execution and repetition.

Brighter Day - Lapin // Overwhelmingly tranquil and happiness-inducing. So sincere it almost hurts. A very pleasant song.

Bibidi Babadi Boo - Honey Popcorn // A fairly catchy and upbeat pop track from newcomers Honey Popcorn. Currently receiving a lot of shit in Korea due to the members being former Japanese AV stars, sadly.

Sunday Moon - Eleven // Relaxing soft-rock track with some lovely, dainty vocals. Video features a Tickle Me Elmo getting "drunk" and "throwing up," which couldn't have been sanctioned by PBS...

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Everyone in the wrestling thread sends their regards....

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@xanadu: is this implying knk is popular among the wrestling fans on gb?

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@frankxiv: hmmm....Well, There is a "streamer" we all like to watch who plays K-POP videos during commercials. He played this the other night during a break and we were all impressed with it's k-popness.

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i'd never heard of this group before, but this is a super solid release: IN2IT - SnapShot

also, my girlfriend and i managed to snag p1 tickets for wanna one in june!! super excited to get to see them before they disband at the end of the year

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It's again been quite some time since anyone has updated this thread, so I figured I'd dump a bunch of stuff from the last few months that I've enjoyed. It's taken over half the year, but I'm finally starting to feel okay about 2018 KPOP overall--for awhile there, I didn't think I could even manage a Top 10 by the end of the year.

Just As The Way That You Are - Jade // Beautifully ethereal track. Not a huge fan of the guest vocalist (Youngjin) though.

Homegirl - Sobae // A really strange yet sultry release. Entirely in English with really silly lyrics. Kinda love how dumb it is.

You - Ginjo // SM Station release with killer electronic production. Some nice vocals from ANGEL too.

Lady - EXID // Nice throwback hip-hop track. Great look to the video and a nicely retro sound.

Banana Allergy Monkey - Oh My Girl Banhana // One of the weirdest names for a song I've seen in a while from an Oh My Girl subgroup. Decently cute song though.

Blooming Day - EXO-CBX // Slick production and some smooth vocals. Nothing amazing but a fun track.

Honestly... - Eric Nam // Remarkably catchy release from Eric Nam. Not the biggest fan of the production but the vocals make up for it.

Cry - Yein // Incredibly downbeat song that has hypnotic production and vocals.

Sleepless - MIIII // A quiet little pop track that reminds fondly of 90s pop. Not a big song but one I like nonetheless.

It's Been A Long Time - Solar // Stupidly catchy, groovy song with a really enjoyable video. Where The Wind Rises is also fantastic, albeit much slower.

Why Am I Not Dead Yet - Dyon Joo // A heart-wrenchingly emotional song with a gorgeous low-fi production. Quite the gut punch.

Are You Crying? - Shin Seol Hee // Another slower, sadder song (lots of great ones this year). Quiet production and mesmerizing vocals, especially during the "chorus."

Three Million Years - Amber Liu // My favorite track from Amber's new free EP, Rogue Rouge. One of the most adorably cheesy things I've ever seen.

Long Journey's End - Peppertones // A new Peppertones release, which I had no clue was coming. Really fantastic production and a great energy.

Starlight - Bolbbalgan4 // Another breathtakingly beautiful track from Bol4. Her voice is still one of the best in KPOP, imo. Their other release, Travel, is a much more fun track and is also great.

Daily Brother - Walwari // A new, strangely compelling release from Walwari. Has a silly, almost circus-like production and really catchy vocals.

Something New - Taeyeon // Something new from Tayeon (heh). Stellar funky beat and smooth vocals make for a pretty fun song.

Baam - Momoland // Momoland has really been killing it lately, with two of my favorite songs this year. This high-energy track is stupidly catchy and playful.

Pose - Mrshll // Suave and confident with a playful (if a bit repetitive) beat.

Wag-zak - Lovelyz // A fun summer song from Lovelyz. Maybe a bit too plain but I like the beat during the chorus a lot.

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It has been a long time since I have visited this thread, life stuff came in the way but I am back for now to post all the bublegum you can handle!

Semina - Gugudan : Gugudan are up to their normal ways of creating cute infectious songs. This time they have a really great back beat to their song and have expanded from the whole "we are dressed the same as if a cutesy rookie band". This song is extremely fun and is well deserved to be a summer song (although maybe not a banger) Gugudan is one of those bands that I need to research more to see if they will fit into my wheelhouse of groups i really like.

Summer Dream - Elris : speaking of groups that are cutesy here is a link to Elris latest song which is fine for me, a little too cutesy though but has summer vibes to it.

Moonlight Offical by Marmello : I have become a massive Marmello mark, I really love how they play their own instruments in each song and create some very good songs in the process, they are all upbeat and are not so ballady (which makes sense considering you have a whole band to showcase).

Laugh by Skull and Haha : It wouldn't be an update by me if I did not highlight a Skull and Haha song. I really love this duo, they are up there with Mad clown and San E for me. The video for this is all animated and is a very relaxed beat for them. I really like this as a more chill song from the duo and will always enjoy what they produce.

Here is the Twice segment, skip if you want...

Regardless of how you feel with TWICE's ability to sing live, it would be a mistake to not highlight the amuont of good songs they have produced so far this year

What is Love by TWICE : a very cutesy great song which highlights silly but cute romantic scenes from western films including that godawful (the one i most love) romeo and juliet film. It is a very fun song with good visuals for the song

I want you back by TWICE : Yes I am not entirely sure why they decided to do this but they covered the Jackson 5 song of I want you back, arguably one of the best songs that Jackson 5 ever did and sonehow they did it well? The vocals are on point enough that this is a superb cover but for some reason I have almost an uncanny valley issue when i see the TWICE ladies try and sing in english in this video, it kind of seems like they are out of sync.... but they are not. its really weird for me.

Dance the Night Away by TWICE : Another actual single from TWICE aimed at the summer releases, this is fine by me but honestly nothing special. It has a really fun hooking chorus line but its not as special as their previous songs so far this year.

Sunny Summer by GFRIEND : Gfriend are doing their usual thing of being a top tier unit, dancing as they are the best and being the cutest they can be with a summer song. It is not entirely my type of song but it is still pretty darn good

Mmook Jji Bba by Saturday : That intro sax is extremely infectious and the ladies in this group keep it up with almost an orange caramel feel of their music. I really enjoy this because of that even though it can be considered very generic by others.

And another header for a bunch of links that are from the same group. It would be a shame if we did not mention the year of MAMAMOO

As I am a mamamoo mark I will link all of these songs but it seems like Mamamoo are trying to make a banner year where each lady of the group will get a solo mini ep as well as through the year release group singles. It is safe to say that they are doing very well for themselves so far.

Starry Night by Mamamoo : Using a main beat from a dance music producer the entire group make an extremely infectious song where each lady shines with their vocals. This is already a pretty good summer banger earlier in the year (march) even though it relies a lot on the backbeat. As always with Mamamoo as a team their vocals are absolutely top tier.

Easy by Wheein : my favourite lady from Mamamoo, a vocal performer and not a rapper came out with this song featuring Sik-K. It is honestly not my favourite type of song and brings in one or two from mamamoo to help (like Hwasa) but again, it doesn't entirely appeal to me.

Selfish by Moonbyul : The "secondary" rapper from the group is next with her solo song with Seulgi from Red Velvet helping out in a guest appearance. Moonbyul has had one of the better careers by being able to adapt and grow in her position to become one of the standout lady rappers and mark her own style of rapping in the kpop world. This song doesn't feature much of it but still is very cute, it reminds me a lot of a Kisum song and that is always great.

Its been a Long time by Solar : Another one of the vocal performers and the "visual" of the band Solar is a cutesy fun part of the mamamoo group but she can definitely sing as she showcases in this upbeat fun song.

Egotistic by Mamamoo : At this point it is pretty clear that you cannot beat the ladies when they are together. In this instant classic for a top tier summer banger of 2018 comes an absolutely infectious song with some acoustic guitars right from the start. All the parts of the group nail their parts and create a top tier song in kpop for 2018. I cannot stop listening to this song.

Another block of songs, finally by some males but it is all BTS. I have a bias to BTS as they are one of the only bands that I will happily listen to all of their songs, my gf pushes them on me and they are one of the first guy bands that I even listened to, but their Love yourself part 2 album tear is filled with some amazing songs. I think why I love Tear so much more than Her stems from the fact that the rap line was given SO much mroe control of this album. Almost all of the songs feature them in a prominent role and it doesn't flirt too much with the artsy ballady style of music. We all know of Fake Love so I will not link it but it is VERY good.

Love maze by BTS : This is a great backing sound to this song. The vocal performance of this song is also very good and matches the song very well. The chorus is also extremely good and is a very fun song to listen to for me.

Anpanman live : Anpanman is a superhero with an Anpan as a head, a bean filled pastry, a legitimate cartoon manga from Japan. It is incredibly silly that they totally decided to use this as a basis for a song, and the song is Great!! It is a superbly fun listen and again the rap themes are oozing out of this song, which again i love. I love doofy shit like this and this hooked me in immediately.

Outro to Tear : this song has SO much emotion and features the rap line almost entirely I absolutely love this song. From the backing beat to the vocals that expand in emotion during the chorus and has a fervor right from the start, It harkens back to a moody version of their original selves and I absolutely love this song.

So What by BTS : If there ever were a summer banger in 2018 it is this. I am honestly just waiting for the MV to accompany this song as it is SO GOOD. from the vocals to the super simple but infectious backbeat this song has everything it needs to be a summer banger. If Egotistic did not exist this would be my clear favourite for summer banger this year.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have attempted to keep up with Kpop, I just haven't had the time to actually post in here my thoughts.

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Been a while since anyone's posted so I'll add some here as there have been some really good stuff out lately.

In no particular order. Started with new songs I like a lot but then i just started linking them as i seen them looking around my music.

Ddu-du Ddu-du - Blackpink

I'm So Sick - Apink

Power Up - Red Velvet

Hann (Alone) - G-Idle

Remember Me - Oh My Girl

What - Dreamcatcher

Love Bomb - Fromis 9

Lil' Touch - Girls' Generation - Oh!GG

Into You - Yuri of Girls' Generation

Get It - Pristin V

Blue Moon - GyeongRee of Nine Muses

Love U - ChungHa

Heroine and Siren - Sunmi

Here We Are - Ashley of Ladies' Code

Between Us - Laboum

Save Me Save You - WJSN

Wow Thing Seulgi(Red Velvet), SinB(GFriend), SoYeon(G-Idle), ChungHa

Hi High and FavOriTe - LOONA

Love4eva - LOONA yyxy

Enchanted Propaganda- Jvcki Wai Never heard of her until this and listened to this album for like a week straight. I love her first EP Exposure.

Regular (Korean Ver.) and (English Ver.) - NCT 127 This is the only song I've heard that I might like the English version more.

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THanks @hexahedromancer for keeping this thread going. I feel like its not everyones fault as I have also been lacksadaisacal with the kpop this year. That being said You covered a whole bunch of songs that I have also been listening to that released very recently. I figured I would also post a few songs that you may have missed as well as a special little video of mine to share.

We Can Love Again - RJP - As you already knmow if you see any of my posts in this thread i love and am fascinated by the idea of korean reggae so this post is not an exception. It sounds like Skull the lyricist performs on this song with an animated video. It is a fine little happy song.

Woman - Boa - Boa has another single titled woman. Not as good as one shot two shot or the other from the previous album but this still has a very sultry i1st verse that subtlety builds to a pretty nice chorus. It is a pretty fun song.

Oh! My mistake - APRIL - Im not sure why i like this song but i kind of do. The very mellow beat and vocals are very infectious to me. I kind of like it a lot.

Bbibbi - IU - IU is back and as you can guess, IU is doing stellar work. IU is one of my favourite solo lady artists vocally as she has a great sound to herself and creats fun little songs that are awesome to listen to. Bbibbi is not an exception to this rule as it has a super simple beat to it as well as a great little narrative to what the song is about. IU continues to always impress and should be heavily featured in all kpop fans playlists.

I teased earlier that I had a special little video of mine and that is because I was extremely lucky to obtain tickets to BTS in london (and managed to get some very good tickets in the process) And I can say that A BTS show is super fun and amazing to go to. I know tickets are almost impossible to get but they are super fun live. Here is a video I recorded wheere im not singing to the lyrics, its Mic Drop by BTS

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That's awesome you went to a BTS show. I saw them at Kcon NY 2016 but kinda forgot they were there. I went for Ailee and Mamamoo. I didn't take any videos though. But yeah, kpop shows are really fun. Kinda wish i went this year to see Red Velvet. But they just announced their US tour so I'm hopefully gonna get to see them still.

La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE Group from Produce 48 debut.

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I just finished my writeup for my favourite Kpop songs of 2018 and that can be found here.

If you don't want to click through which will have badly written paragraphs and embeds for each song the top 10 is below:

10 - Love Bomb by Fromis_9
9 - Mantra by Drunken Tiger
8 - I Need You by EXID
7 - Idol by BTS
6 - One shot, Two shot by BoA
5 - Millions by Winner
4 - BBIBBI by IU
3 - What is Love by TWICE
2 - Tear by BTS
1 - Egotistic by Mamamoo

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i've just been busy with school and work and final fantasy xiv as usual

my top 10 is probably like:

10. i'm so sick - apink
9. go - nct dream
8. snapshot - in2it
7. la vie en rose - izone
6. right here - the boyz
5. rollercoaster - chungha
4. regular - nct 127
3. oh my mistake - april
2. love bomb - fromis_9
1. bad boy - red velvet

and in other red velvet news, i've got tickets to see them in february. basically 8 rows back from the stage. i'm so hype

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Why on this forum are discussing only anime?