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Im pretty sure this is not a good thing, but others that experience this also find that their laptop doesnt charge properly;

Mines still charges fine though, and sometimes it doesn't make the high pitched squealing noise at all.

Think I should get a new one? And will this be covered by my 1 year guarantee?

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#2 Posted by MacEG (282 posts) -

Same exact thing happened to an external LaCie hard drive power supply I had. It eventually died a couple months later after my warranty ran out.

Not really any way to fix it. Call the laptop manufacturer and see if it's covered.

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#3 Posted by ItBeStefYo (1096 posts) -

@MacEG: I will, however if it is not covered will any charger do? Because the same dell ac charger costs 70 pounds new!

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#5 Posted by Revan_NL (394 posts) -

Had the same thing once, not long after that the damn thing almost overloaded. I'm afraid your charger is about to die

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#6 Posted by mtcantor (984 posts) -

This is not a good sign. I would prepare for the worst.

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#7 Posted by Lotan (250 posts) -

Dude, unplug that thing and get a new one before you set your house on fire.

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#8 Posted by SpaceRunaway (935 posts) -

Take it apart, let the mouse out.

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#9 Posted by Zelyre (1741 posts) -

Probably a squealing capacitor. Usually a sign of a cap that's on its way out.

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#10 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

It's gonna BLOW! ...

also Dell AC Adapters/Chargers suck I've fried 3 of those.

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#11 Posted by ShockD (2487 posts) -

My PSP charger has been making this type of noise for years now. Nothing bad so far.