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I will make this short and sweet. Does anyone else feel like they are trying a bit too hard to be the Queen of this generation?

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I haven't been able to bring myself to buy it. Heard a couple of songs from it, and they sounded rough. Ever since they became more synomous with Twilight, their music has taken a bit of a turn.

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Eh, maybe? I like Queen a lot, and Survival and United States of Eurasia, arguably Muse's most Queen-like songs, are probably my favorites. Outside of the occasional song like that though I guess I don't really hear it.

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I liked Muse's first album and that was it. Trying too hard to be Queen exactly. Odd, considering The Black Parade is basically MCR trying to be queen and made a decent pop album whilst they were at it.

Muse kept the theatrics and added that Bellamy pretension, but seem to have forgotten how to make some good pop music.

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After listening to it a bunch i think it's ok, not their best but some of the songs have good things going on in them. I just really hated anything with Chris singing and it felt a little too crammed, i wished it felt more relaxed like at the end of The Resistance where they just spent so long doing a huge orchestrated piece.

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It's not great. I love their older stuff but the last few albums just haven't been very interesting. The best parts of the last few albums were the instrumental tracks.

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For me, it almost seems as though they have kinda abandoned what drew me to them in the first place. Origin of Symmetry and Absolution were the first muse albums I had ever heard and was instantly hooked on their intelligent use of pianos/orchestra and Bellamy's shredding(ok, scratching).

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I seem to find most of the 2nd Law pretentious, but on that note.....MAN....Madness is one helluva infectious song.

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To me the band kept getting better with every new album until the 4th one and have been going downhill since then. The Resistance was still good but this last one isn't so great. Not bad either though.

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I like tracks off of both "The Resistance" and "The 2nd Law"...is that so wrong? I'm not sure where the Queen comparison comes from beyond the use of choir in some songs.

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I tried telling myself it was ok untill I got to unsustainable.

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I wish they would stop singing about fucking conspiracies in bad falsetto is all. We get it; aliens and shady governments. I used to love them around Absolution, but they lost it and now I sit here wishing they'd make more stuff like Hysteria.

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I never found Muse to be that good.

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Muse steadily got worse and worse after Absolution, which is a shame, because I freaking love Origins of Symmetry and Absolution.

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its not any good but its their best album

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I like it. Panic station is alright.

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I used to think they were ok, but recently everything I hear from them sounds the same. It's so repetitive and the guys voice is quite annoying.

Also, the new song where the guy was playing a tablet attached to a fake guitar and just tapping on it for like 2 minutes... that was dumb as hell.

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It's a little melodramatic for my taste.

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I only know "Unnatural Selection" (thanks, Rocksmith!), and I really like that song, but I can imagine that style getting really old, really fast. Is that song indicative of their sound as a whole?

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@shagge: Yeah, more or less. At least their more recent stuff. There's some variation, but you've got the gist.

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@quarters: Cheers. I'll give them a fair shot sometime and see how it goes.

As much as I love discovering new music, I really drag my feet when it comes to actually trying new bands for some reason, haha.