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I really don't like the most recent update. It's always a pain to have to learn how to navigate something all over again. I'll backup everyone else in this thread saying that it runs pretty poorly on Windows. It crashes frequently enough to be annoying and there is an annoying delay on actions if you let it stay open for an extended period of time. It's almost like the performance actively degrades over time.

If I knew of a good alternative I would be all over it.

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#52 Posted by expensiveham (364 posts) -

Yeah it is very bloated and kind of shit. The new layout is a bit better though. I mainly use Foobar but still use iTunes when syncing stuff.

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#53 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

can this be a hate for apple? i don't really have any apple products. i don't like them too much. i used apple computer when i was at school. it was alright but didn't really like it compared to windows. i'm still running windows XP.

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#54 Posted by JJWeatherman (14929 posts) -

I don't have any attachment to it, but the Mac version seems fine. I use it occasionally when I want to listen to one of the handful of albums I keep on my laptop.

Yeah, it's fine. People demand so much these days.

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Itunes takes too long to update. That's about the one and only thing that I have trouble with.

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#56 Posted by ThePickle (4357 posts) -

On a Mac (which I guess is better) and have no issues since they've rehauled it. I used to have major lag since I have a pretty large music library, but I can go from A to 2 in a second.

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#57 Posted by 49th (3551 posts) -

I like iTunes. I have a lot of music on it from years of use, all my track/artist names are capitalised, I have ratings for everything and album artwork for all of it. I don't think I would change at this point even if I wanted to.

I do think the new layout is not as good but I can still play specific music, playlists and sync my iPod. What is the problem? It does what I need it to (except support FLAC which is dumb).

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I'm on Windows 7, I'm very picky and short tempered, and yet I find iTunes 11 flawless.

You figure it out! :D