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Before I start, I just wanna acknowledge that I know many people suffer from alcoholism or the victims of an alcoholic person. I am not in any way supporting that type of addiction, or any destructive addiction of any kind.

With that out of the way. I wanted to talk to this community about alcohol.

Living in Wisconsin means you're surrounded by alcohol being the state with a high, if not the highest, alcohol consumption in the US. Alcohol is not just a substance here, it's a way of life and a huge part of the culture. Since moving here I have come to know drinks, and how to drink them. I have discovered Old Fashioned, whiskey type is my favorite, Brandy, and the various locally brewed beers.

Last year I discovered my love for Mead. I love just how versatile that drink is. You can drink it cold or room temp with your food or snacks, or warm it up for a nice sweet dessert drink, It also mixes very well with other drinks, like beer and apple cider, something I learned from @meierthered.

I also really like Absinthe. The real one. Not the fake kinds you find here in the US. Unfortunately it means I only order once a year at best since it costs a lot to import it from EU.

I would love to hear your input on the subject.

Do you drink? What's your favorite drink, or cocktail? What are some unique alcoholic beverages you tried that you won't find in normal liquor stores or houses?

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I generally don't like beer, but sometimes I have a Guinness. I enjoy rum, especially Captain Morgan or Bacardi, and I like vodka. I also like a white Russian, which is half and half, vodka, and kahlua.

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White Russian. King of all.

Christmas time? Use peppermint vodka and hazelnut Kahlua.

Also like me a good Spanish Coffee if I'm feeling extra fancy at some shindig.

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#4 Posted by DookieRope (303 posts) -

I like hoppy, dry, bitter, beers and herby, floral, liquors. So basically I drink IPAs and gin cocktails with a shot of fernet thrown in every once and awhile because I hate myself.

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#5 Posted by Zevvion (5965 posts) -

Social drinking really, really pisses me off because I have a bad experience with it. I don't drink often. Everyone around me drinks either often, or even a lot. It is considered normal in society. I don't have a problem with it, up to the point where people try to get you to drink because you are 'supposed to' when everyone else also does it. Contrary to what you're being told in school, friends don't encourage me to drink ever. They are also more responsible with their drinking. Yes, sometimes they drink a ton, but that's the goal at that point. It never happens 'out of nowhere' uncontrollably. It is the plan, the day after is a day off, they are not driving home, they have a place to crash nearby and so on.

It's actually family and acquaintances (from girlfriend's family too) that encourage you to drink. 'Come on! This is a family occasion! We're all drinking!' It's real stupid. I ended up calling them insecure children for not letting go of trying to get me to drink (we're talking literally the entire evening of me saying 'no, thank you' prior). To which they responded: 'hey, you're an adult, you can drink'. To which I said: 'Yes, I'm an adult. That means I can decide for myself if I want to drink or not. Just because I can, doesn't mean I should and as I've told you literally twenty times now, I do not want to drink right now'. To which my niece responded something along the lines of 'are you a real man or not', to which I said how about I beat the shit out of your boyfriend or anyone else here to show you there is only one man in this room. Her boyfriend actually took my side which was hilarious. I did end up fighting someone else. Dominance was established. I don't get asked to drink anymore.

My family are not fun but OK people usually, but with stuff like this I actively hate them.

Either way, when I drink, I really enjoy a cold Corona with either a lime or lemon wedge. If I want to get a buzz going, I usually really enjoy Malibu or proper rum with coconut flavor. I don't like to mix things though. Especially not with something caffeinated. I used to drink a lot of Malibu/Coke when I was younger, but the quota Malibu started gradually increasing over time, until there was only Malibu left.

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drinking some amstel light, which from what i hear is about the only semi decent light beer.

(i personally don't mind a michelob ultra or even a bud light lime but i'm aware they're far far far from being good)

9i also really like beer but know next to nothing about it

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#7 Posted by ripelivejam (13161 posts) -

also neither here nor there but i remember the few times i tried a sip of beer in my teens and thought "how could anyone like this stuff?"


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Outside of it nearly tearing my life apart (not me, never been drunk), I've only recently come to terms with booze. My girlfriend has been drunk once in two years, and I took it really well; it got me past all the other drunkenness I've dealt with in my life, because she didn't 'change' you know? And she hardly drinks anyway, so I realized oh... people can just drink now and then and be cool? That sounds okay...

For my tastes. anything alcoholic that isn't a cocktail tastes disguuuuuusting. Irish cream is the only one that I like, the few times I've had it, and it's real good.

Absinthe looks super cool. I love the colour and the bottle designs and the paraphernalia (absinthe spoon!) and all that stuff, and that it has this controversy about it, and when people say, "It has wormwood in it! It makes you go insane!" it cracks me up. The fear is real. I thought pernod was the crazy one these days based on the original recipe, and generic absinthe was kinda 'eh, it's not that bad.'

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#10 Posted by TobbRobb (6582 posts) -

It's funny, during the years when people do the most social drinking, I drank almost nothing. Because anything that was served was disgusting cheap beer, and I wasn't interested/too cheap to find anything good on my own.

Nowadays though I still drink rarely, but I really enjoy dark beer, whisky and to a lesser extent IPAs. I also like red wine, but I can't have much before stomach says no. Mixes, sweetened drinks or other stuff that's supposed to be easy to drink I just can't deal with, something about the contrast with alcohol bite and sweet just rubs me the wrong way. Champagne is the worst offender by far with that.

The only alcohol I currently own is a bottle of Singleton of Dufftown which is one of my favorites. The best I've ever had is this dark beer from dutch brewery De Molen. Since I have to import it, it's too expensive to get more than yearly/bi-yearly. But holy shit it's the best.

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I have been getting into Whisky lately. A drink i initially tasted some years back and absolutely hated until me and my brother visited a vine and spirits shop that we frequent whenever we want some quality products that isn't mass consumer garbage, so while we where there around November 2016 and had our wares at the counter, i ashed if he could recommend a Sherry for me which he did and its super great. Anyways after we payed him, he was like you wouldn't happen to be interested in a Whisky also? and i was like, nooo not really tasted it once and that was enough for me. Which he replied to with, well you didn't drink it right. And i couldn't really argue with that cause i knew nothing about Whisky at that point i just drank what i was served.

So he poured us a Glendronach 10 year old single malt. And gave us instructions on how to taste and drink it. Which actually blew my mind. Now i didnt pick up a Whisky while i was there, i already spent a shit ton of money on beer and a Sherry. But all that peaked my interest. So i went home and found a documentary called Scotch! The Story of Whisky with a Scottish host called David Hayman (which has the best voice by the way) its a really good and informative 3 part documentary about the amber liquid.

Shortly after, i went out got my self a Johnny Walker Red Label, then a Balentines Christmas special, for Christmas i got a Dalmore 12 year old single malt. And last week i just picked up a Glenmorangie Original 10 year old. Really dig the taste and the different nuances in each Whisky. And its super good when you combine it with 70-80% dark chocolate and a cup of coffee.

@mordukai Which Absinthe would that be? i have a Lehmanns bitter, and i have only drank from it once, and the taste is just so damn weird. I diluted it with water cause its 70% (ABV), also added sugar.

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#12 Posted by billmcneal (1220 posts) -

@zevvion: Hey man, if you don't want to drink you shouldn't have to. Just keep refusing if you don't want to do it. Nobody should be forced to drink to prove themselves or be a man. It makes no sense

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#13 Posted by Cagliostro88 (1238 posts) -

Lot of wine (my country has plenty of good quality), with few exceptions (like a Gewurztraminer) i prefer red or something sparkly like a Franciacorta. Rarely beer. If it's early in the evening i order a Spritz (Aperol, not Campari). For cocktails i usually go for vodka, during cold seasons maybe i'll drink a Black Russian or a Godmother, in the summer I prefer something more in the style of a Moscow Mule; all year round a simple vodka-lemon or a vodka-energy drink is more than fine. My spirit of choice to drink straight is tequila tho, but it's a pain in the ass to find bars with good ones here (i sometimes order from abroad a bottle of 7 Leguas reposado which i like very much and is simply impossible to find in my city). On occasions like end of a meal with friends i'll drink an amaro, if it's available i prefer Amaro del Capo.

One good thing i noticed about getting older is that the number of times I drink stupid amounts of shots of gasoline-barely-disguised-as-liquor with friends has decreased considerably. Cheers to that :D

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When I started drinking, I had a tradition where my first drink at a new bar would be a Guinness. Mainly due to how the quality differs wildly. It's also one of those drinks where I need a pint just to get acclimatised to it. I've only ever had one pint I'd never drink again and that was a Swedish Blonde I picked up in a bar I shouldn't have been in (My sis was having a gig round the corner at a similar sounding pub). It tasted like cigarettes and sadness.

A Christmas and Birthday haul got me back into beers. Birra Moretti is really nice. In terms of spirits, I'm a whiskey man. Scottish Leader or Aberlour, usually. That's the stuff I drink if I want to stretch a bottle out for weeks.

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I think my favorite drink is either an irish mule or a mojito. Never use a mix for the latter. I guess I really enjoy lime. I'm also a fan of maragaritas on the rocks.

At this place called Silver City Brewery they have a drink called The Curious Irishman and it's definitely the most memorable specialty cocktail I've had: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Grey Goose La Poire, lime juice, Créme de Mure, ginger beer. Served over ice.

They also have great beers, so if you see some in your area give it a try.

As for beer, my favorite type is a red ale by far. Moving from Washington to Long Island, I see a lot less craft beer varieties on the shelves which is a bummer. Shockingly, at Costco of all places I've found some good cider and beer.

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#16 Posted by Hunkulese (4225 posts) -

@zevvion: I love how you go from one stereotype to the other. Rawr! You don't think I'm a man, let's fight!

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#17 Posted by peacebrother (759 posts) -

My drinks right now are all neat single malt scotch and whiskey. In particular the Laphroaig Quarter Cask and the Highland Park 12.

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I mostly drink beer (sours and really well made lagers being current personal favorites), occasionally wine, and the infrequent Bourbon on the rocks, or a Bourbon-based cocktail. My favorite cocktail would have to be the Mint Julep. It's just about perfect.

Regarding absinthe, I believe the stuff being produced in the US now is pretty much in line with the European varieties, but it's probably still pretty hard to find, as most producers are going to be small, regional distilleries. I had European absinthe once that a friend brought back from Russia, but we didn't have the proper set up to drink it correctly at all, so we each just did a shot of it straight. That was a mistake.

As for less common booze I've had, I guess Malort would qualify. It's a Chicago thing, so of course my from-Chicago buddy made me drink some. It's... something.

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#19 Posted by SA_Drone (45 posts) -

While I'm a big fan of a good G&T or a whiskey sour, my main drink is a good old beer. Also, I'm a homebrewer.

I'm an American living in Germany, and while the average quality of German beer (on the whole) is much higher than the average quality of beer in the US (at least when it comes to mass-market), there's a huge problem with lack of beer diversity here. I'd kill to be able to have the sheer variety that the US enjoys now, which is part of why I took up homebrewing.

Apart from homebrewing being a really cool experience, it's also let me enjoy some beer styles that aren't as easy to come by here in Germany (I mean yeah, it's possible for me to get other stuff, it's just more expensive). I've been at it for around a year now and, excluding my initial less-than-successful beers, I've done: a Yorkshire bitter, an American pale ale (Sierra Nevada-ish), an American wheat (a crisp summer beer not dissimilar to a German Kristallweizen), and most recently a milk stout (which came out fantastic but took way longer to age in the bottles before it really developed its true flavor).

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My personal favorite is the Long Island ice tea. You can always tel how good a bartender is based off how they make it. My other two go to drinks are straight Whiskey and Heineken when I want a beer.

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@meierthered: Some sort of a Czech brand. Couldn't tell you which one cause I had to move it to another bottle since the cork expanded too much and wouldn't go back on the bottle. I also drink it with sugar and cold water.

At first I thought I should drink it like a regular cocktail until I researched it more and found out I was drinking it all wrong. Now I enjoy it a lot more.

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@nux: My first time with Long Island Ice Tea was back in 2000. I was in Vegas for the first time and I was sitting on the hotel bar with my aunt-in-law. She was having Sex on the Beach and I didn't know what to drink so she ordered me a Long Island Ice Tea. Boy that was tasty. I could barely feel the alcohol so I had 4 not knowing that cocktail is 99.999999% booze. Needless to say I got very drunk that night.

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#23 Posted by Dalai (7869 posts) -

Over the years, I've slowly gone from drinking almost exclusively liquor to drinking almost exclusively beer, and it's mainly because the craft beer scene that's grown the past several years. I don't mind having a Miller Lite or Yuengling on occasion, but I'm always checking out more local and regional beers and different styles, although I'm partial to stouts and ciders.

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#24 Posted by meteora3255 (678 posts) -

@sa_drone: are the beer purity laws still a thing over there?

For me personally I enjoy either really heavy, mildly hopped dark beers such as porters and stouts or pretty much anything barrel aged.

I also enjoy Bourbon on the rocks provide there isn't an overabundance of ice. Rowan's Creek is one of my personal favorites.

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#25 Posted by takayamasama (1546 posts) -

I don't drink a lot of them, can't stand any beer, but will go crazy for good margaritas.

Sometimes too crazy.

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#26 Posted by Nick (1039 posts) -

So I spent 3 years living in Argentina, and down there everyone drinks Fernet Branca with coke. It's my favourite drink, I'll sometimes drink it straight but with a bit of coke and ice is the best. It's expensive up here in Vancouver though almost $30 for a 500ml bottle.

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#27 Posted by Xaopling (17 posts) -

I usually go for beer, Ipa, bayer, pilsner, guinness, wheat beers. I also brew my own

I also enjoy whisky.

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Hey OP, I had the pleasure last summer of getting some absinthe while at a restaurant in Paris literally named after the drink, and the stuff I've gotten here in the States is not too far off from what I tasted in Europe. Maybe stores in Oregon get better stuff, but perhaps it would be worth trying again (or trying a different brand). I did notice that the Parisian absinthe was a clearer, almost translucent color than the usually greenish tint that US brands always seem to have.

It's probably just placebo since I know the urban legends surrounding womwood, but getting pleasantly-drunk on absinthe feels slightly different (emphasis on slightly) than getting drunk on regular alcoholic drinks. I would describe an absinthe buzz as slightly more lucid.

I also enjoy an Old Fashioned, but the vast majority of my drinking is either beer or bottom-shelf wine, for budgetary reasons.

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#29 Posted by isomeri (3119 posts) -

I'll drink pretty much anything, but will usually stick to wine, beer, gin and whiskey.

I learned to drink vodka effectively in Russia and now can go through a half liter in a night without much consequence. The desensitization is not nice, but it's a surprisingly effective social drink because you don't have to run to the bathroom constantly.

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#30 Posted by Limond (249 posts) -

I enjoy wines, usually reds. Beers I enjoy frequently, as long as it isn't extremely bitter. Spirits I don't mind when mixed, but I never go out of my way to get one, would never drink any of it just for sipping. Mead I really want to like, I just have never found any that I like. Cider is what I love. Every time I make long trips away from home I try and plan a stop at a cidery or two to get in a tasting. Cider is just so freaking good.

If you want some recommendations. My absolute favorite cidery is near Ithaca, NY. Bellwether Hard Cider They don't have anything I dislike. Favorites include Original, Liberty, and Cherry Street. Another fantastic NY cidery is ~30 minutes outside of Buffalo. Blackbird Cider Works. They have got an absolutely fantastic Christmas Seasonal cider. Red Barn tastes great. Premium and Estate drafts come in cans and I've seen them near where I live in central Maryland. The owner was pretty excited to learn he has got that far south. In Bellefonte and Gettsyburg Pennsylvania Good Intent Cider is a very small place that I only recently came across but had a great selection in small quantities. In Delplane, VA Cobbler Mountain Cider has a huge variety of ciders. Not every single one I liked but with the sheer amount there is something to love for everyone.

I highly recommend everyone going out and searching for local cideries near you. They are just so good.

Also as a quick note, if you ever find one that is too sweet. Squeeze a bit of lemon into it. An accidental discovery by my aunt when we were having lunch at Becker Farms and she squeezed some into her cherry cider instead of her water. It made it so much better. (Note within a note, Becker Farms food is amazing if you like crispy food.

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@zevvion: Don't drink if you don't want to drink, don't drink because of a social obligation, and definitely don't drink just because someone else wants you to. I do drink. A lot more than I should, probably. But I don't like drinking out of social obligation. It's ridiculous. Drink because you want to and you like it. If you don't want to or don't like it then don't. If people can't understand that then it's on them, not you.

If I don't want to drink I'll usually just carry around a glass with some Coke in it, and when anyone asks I'll say it's a rum and Coke. Never let anyone else mix you a drink in that situation though. It also helps to find people who'll cover for you. If I don't plan on drinking I tell someone, so they can just either tell people I'm not feeling like drinking, or help me in my Rum+Coke ruse. Of course that doesn't help if your family is how you've described them, but it may help in other social situations.

Personally I'll drink pretty much anything, except wine. Could never develop a taste for the stuff. I'm also not the biggest fan of beer, but it's at least palatable to me.

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#32 Posted by Palmlykta (279 posts) -
No Caption Provided

I'd die for this drink (probably will because of it :feelsgoodman:).

There's always time for a dry-ass Martini.

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#33 Posted by azulot (272 posts) -

@limond: just want to say thank you for all the cidery recommendations!

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#34 Posted by Limond (249 posts) -

@azulot: No problem! If you are any where near any of them I absolute recommend going to a tasting. If not most can deliver (depending on your state).

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#35 Posted by Humanity (18718 posts) -

I used to be a drink man but recently I've finally made the transition to drinking straight whiskey. Always saw people in movies nursing a nice crystal glass with two finger widths of some sort of scotch or bourbon. Try as I could for many years I simply could not get the taste down to the point where I almost found it completely revolting. No idea what changed, but suddenly it just clicked and while initially I would mix whiskey with Coke (and indeed some varieties seem to be made exclusively for mixing) these days I finally enjoy it straight.

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#36 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

I've never had an alcoholic drink before. I'm 24 years old.

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I mostly have a couple glasses of either whiskey or rum (mixed with diet coke). Sometimes I'll drink it straight if I don't want to mess around. Thankfully, I was able to get a good handle on alcohol early on. I've never been had problems with the abuse of it, so it's just for relaxing in the evening on occasion.

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@sa_drone: I was in Germany for a few years, and can agree to both of those things. My wife signed us up for a learning-annex style homebrewing class while I was there. I don't know how she found it, but it was a blast.

My favorite type of beer is weizen-style wheat beers. I'm drinking one I just found at a craft brewery.

Let me pull a Ryckert: Red Bull and tequila. Try it. It's great.

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#39 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1646 posts) -

Straight bourbon or with one piece of ice.

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#40 Posted by Dichemstys (3923 posts) -
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I like IPAs / Double IPAs and whiskey, bourbon, or scotch neat. Anything else taste bad to me.

I'll be honest though cannabis has pretty much replaced alcohol for me though. No hangover and you can get super high and still be relatively in control compared to alcohol

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#42 Posted by mlarrabee (3917 posts) -

Dislike beer and wine, can't stand browns with mixers. And I never had the 'learning curve' associated with brown liquors. Straight tequila, rum, bourbon, scotch, or whiskey, always neat. I'll take a Screwdriver, and I used to love a gin and tonic until food poisoning ruined them. If it's clear and it isn't tequila, it has to be over ice. If it's brown, don't you dare.

I'm slim, didn't drink as a teenager, and still don't drink much, so I'm pretty lightweight. I'll nurse a finger for forty-five minutes. I'd like to learn to enjoy beer, though; it sure would come in handy for lunch with friends...

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#43 Posted by nicolenomicon (852 posts) -

I can't drink now that I've started hormones, but when I did I pretty much only drank cider. Pear ones were probably my favourite. Kopparberg elderflower and lime was nice too.

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#44 Posted by 49th (3895 posts) -

I used to have a beer or two fairly often with meals or at social gatherings but for the past year or so I've barely drunk at all. At the start of the year I got pretty drunk off some shitty beer and stumbled home vomiting twice and feeling awful the next day which just made me reconsider what the point of basically poisoning my body is. I rarely enjoy being fully drunk the few times I have been, as I like being in control and even when I only have a couple of beers it just makes me feel sleepy.

On top of that I developed a stomach ulcer and was advised to not drink alcohol so I very rarely drink at all now.

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#45 Posted by SA_Drone (45 posts) -

@meteora3255: Sorta kinda. They're technically still on the books but there's not really much enforcement of it. It also only applies when you call your product "Beer". If you call it "Ale" or something else, you're good to do whatever you want.

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#46 Posted by supermonkey122 (1230 posts) -

Natty light's pretty good lol

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#47 Posted by Sahalarious (767 posts) -

Love me a good IPA, always hits the spot. Big into whisky though, bourbon, rye, scotch, irish, and even sometimes canadian. I think bourbon is my favorite overall but the peatier scotches are wonderful as well. For me though its always been alcohol for tv/movies, it makes me either too lazy or too incompetent to game. Marijuana and video games is something special though, something i eagerly anticipate once my military service is over next year

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#48 Posted by Chumm (347 posts) -

@mordukai said:

I also really like Absinthe. The real one. Not the fake kinds you find here in the US. Unfortunately it means I only order once a year at best since it costs a lot to import it from EU.

A note on absinthe: In the US there was a sort-of ban on most good absinthes because beverages had to be "thujone-free," but just like most "free" labels this just meant that the quantity couldn't exceed a certain amount. This was hard to test for and a sort of general ban occurred, but in 2007 this was relaxed into a more internationally accepted level that led to basically all proper absinthe being made available for sale in the US. The folks at The Wormwood Society, an absinthe enthusiast site, have a more detailed article about that. The legends about wormwood making you hallucinate are historical apocrypha that had to do with people consuming absurd quantities of alcohol by drinking glasses of absinthe like they drank wine, even though it is at least 5x as strong.

As for the European stuff being better, like anything the good stuff comes from the people who make the good stuff, regardless of where they are. Most of the fake absinthe that was really cheapo grain alcohol with green food coloring and anise flavor came from the Czech Republic, for example. St. George Spirits, the distillery that Drew talked about visiting on a Bombcast at some point, makes a fine American absinthe and there's good European stuff available at US stores as well. Proper absinthe will run around $70/bottle but it will last quite a while.

That's a lot of info about an obscure thing but it's a very misunderstood spirit and I'm a bartender so I couldn't help myself! Also a fun Wisconsin fact: Wisconsin consumes 1/3rd of the US supply of Korbel Brandy because of the popularity of the brandy old-fashioned, which has very little to do with a proper old-fashioned but is a lovely drink in its own right.

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#49 Edited by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

Sometimes I think that the U.S. having the highest drinking age in the entire world, plus ads and culture that constantly bombard you with how cool it is to drink while telling you not to, has created this weird obsession and fear of drinking. If you drink at a young enough age (16-18), realize that you can just have a few glasses and not need to go crazy, then you can handle it as part of your culture without having this weird bipolar reaction to it. Yes, alcohol is probably the most dangerous legal drug and everyone should be careful, but it's mostly a case of moderation instead of the two extremes of abstinence or heavy indulgence.


That out of the way... I like a bit of everything.

The U.S. has had an amazing microbrew explosion, and there are a great many varieties to choose from. There's a bit of a weird IPA bitterness competition, like you would see with people and trying to find the absolute hottest hot sauce, but some of the milder stuff is great. California and the West Coast actually has some pretty good wine in the mid-range, as well.

I had an absinthe phase, but you have to make sure you do it right. Absinthe spoon, sugar cubes, flame, etc. It's just not the same if you try to drink it straight. I've only had European varieties, so I can't say about the NA varieties.

As for mixed drinks, a dry vodka martini is a classic. White Russians are a good winter drink. Long islands are for punishing yourself, as are adios mother-fuckers. (Note: Please don't drink these unless you're with good friends and know what you're doing.) A hot toddy or Irish coffee are good pick me 'ups. These days I mostly prefer single malt Scotch, though that's a sipping on a couch drink for me.

I don't know what glühwein is called in English (spiced wine?), but it's a good winter day drink. Though I can't remember drinking it anywhere but at a festival.

I've also enjoyed quite a few apple ciders. They're mostly non-alcoholic in the States, correct?


As for something unique that you won't likely find the States, I would recommend ouzo, eau de vie, and kir. Ouzo does have an anice (liqourice) flavor, to be forewarned. Kir you should be able to make yourself with a good syrup. Oh, and I guess you could always try a radler. It's a 50/50 combination of bad beer and a clear soda. Many Americans hate the idea, but somehow have no problems with brass monkeys. It's a common German afternoon drink.

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@zevvion: Don't drink if you don't want to drink, don't drink because of a social obligation, and definitely don't drink just because someone else wants you to. I do drink. A lot more than I should, probably. But I don't like drinking out of social obligation. It's ridiculous. Drink because you want to and you like it. If you don't want to or don't like it then don't. If people can't understand that then it's on them, not you.

If I don't want to drink I'll usually just carry around a glass with some Coke in it, and when anyone asks I'll say it's a rum and Coke. Never let anyone else mix you a drink in that situation though. It also helps to find people who'll cover for you. If I don't plan on drinking I tell someone, so they can just either tell people I'm not feeling like drinking, or help me in my Rum+Coke ruse. Of course that doesn't help if your family is how you've described them, but it may help in other social situations.

Personally I'll drink pretty much anything, except wine. Could never develop a taste for the stuff. I'm also not the biggest fan of beer, but it's at least palatable to me.

No, I'm not going to pretend to be drinking because it's socially expected. As I said before, I don't get asked to drink anymore because I made myself very clear.