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#51 Posted by Splodge (2721 posts) -


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#52 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

Genius. I hate it in the best way possible, if that makes any sense.

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#53 Posted by Atlas (2738 posts) -

Wow, this is extremely hype. I'm all for it.

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#54 Posted by notnert427 (2157 posts) -

You beautiful monster. This the best/worst.

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#55 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2691 posts) -

This is amazing

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#56 Posted by isomeri (3105 posts) -

@hamst3r Doing good work there. I'll be saddened if this is not the final song that plays before the first E3 broadcast this year.

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#57 Posted by cmblasko (2883 posts) -

This is so good.

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#58 Posted by avantegardener (2355 posts) -

Amazing rendition, Great work!

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#59 Posted by BoOzak (2476 posts) -

Good stuff, looking forward to the inevitable pairing of this remix with random trailers or GB videos.

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#60 Posted by Warihay (574 posts) -

This is amazing

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#61 Posted by Hamst3r (5473 posts) -

Thanks, duders! :D

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#62 Posted by TheKramer89 (553 posts) -

@glots said:

This is the kind of thing that I wish I could see/hear the crew's live reaction to during the email section or so. Beyond amazing!

Dude, if there's any way to make that happen, that'd be amazing...

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#63 Posted by bobafoot17 (13 posts) -

This needs to be the intro to E3 this year

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#64 Edited by moondoggo (4 posts) -

Hey so this is amazing, and from the moment I heard it I wanted to cut a trailer behind it. So I did

EDIT: just wanted to use this space to say that Dave Lang is underrated

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#65 Posted by csl316 (14910 posts) -
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#66 Edited by Capum15 (6003 posts) -

@hamst3r: Holy crap, that's incredible.

@moondoggo: And that is a fantastic trailer.

Awesome works.

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#67 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5981 posts) -

Incredible, truly. The years & layers that have gone to making this joke work... god bless!

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#69 Posted by wadtomaton (608 posts) -

Hats off good sir, hats off...

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#70 Posted by TheHT (15762 posts) -

Oh my god. Bravo.

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#71 Posted by PistolPackinPoet (304 posts) -

Wow wow wow. Getting the Weeknd vibes with the song.

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#72 Posted by xymox (2431 posts) -

Okay... This is incredible.

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#73 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4325 posts) -

They need to play this at some point during E3

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#74 Posted by wintermute (437 posts) -

That was amazing

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#76 Posted by fattony12000 (8508 posts) -

fully living this

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#77 Posted by BisonHero (11545 posts) -

It's still early, but if Hamst3r ever wants to do the moody trailer remix of Synthetic Life or whatever that NRG song is, I'm sure the community would be more than receptive.

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#78 Posted by DrM2theJ (201 posts) -

Very dramatic, 12/10