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#51 Posted by Splodge (2601 posts) -


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#52 Posted by Boonsong (1800 posts) -

Genius. I hate it in the best way possible, if that makes any sense.

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#53 Posted by Atlas (2688 posts) -

Wow, this is extremely hype. I'm all for it.

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#54 Posted by notnert427 (2065 posts) -

You beautiful monster. This the best/worst.

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#55 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2686 posts) -

This is amazing

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#56 Posted by isomeri (3039 posts) -

@hamst3r Doing good work there. I'll be saddened if this is not the final song that plays before the first E3 broadcast this year.

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#57 Posted by cmblasko (2722 posts) -

This is so good.

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Amazing rendition, Great work!

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Good stuff, looking forward to the inevitable pairing of this remix with random trailers or GB videos.

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This is amazing

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#61 Posted by Hamst3r (5419 posts) -

Thanks, duders! :D

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@glots said:

This is the kind of thing that I wish I could see/hear the crew's live reaction to during the email section or so. Beyond amazing!

Dude, if there's any way to make that happen, that'd be amazing...

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#63 Posted by bobafoot17 (12 posts) -

This needs to be the intro to E3 this year

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Hey so this is amazing, and from the moment I heard it I wanted to cut a trailer behind it. So I did

Loading Video...

EDIT: just wanted to use this space to say that Dave Lang is underrated

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@hamst3r: Holy crap, that's incredible.

@moondoggo: And that is a fantastic trailer.

Awesome works.

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#67 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5972 posts) -

Incredible, truly. The years & layers that have gone to making this joke work... god bless!

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#69 Posted by wadtomaton (599 posts) -

Hats off good sir, hats off...

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Oh my god. Bravo.

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#71 Posted by PistolPackinPoet (289 posts) -

Wow wow wow. Getting the Weeknd vibes with the song.

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#72 Posted by xymox (2409 posts) -

Okay... This is incredible.

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They need to play this at some point during E3