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I am in the market to buy a 23-24 inch screen. Before I get into my story, I should explain what I want it for. I want to mainly use it as a second screen for my laptop or for when I want to watch something. Additionally, I would like to eventually use it on my (future)ps4 or wiiu.

In pursuit of this, my criteria was to get a computer monitor with: hdmi, speaker(and therefore audio out jack), that I can use to pull audio from the game console. The alternative would be a t.v. which has a panel that is good enough to be used for reading things. The T.v. also allows me to plug use cable t.v. and play older consoles, this is desirable but not a deal breaker(there are some wii games I wouldn't mind playing but there are other t.vs in the house).

So I went out and bought this Asus monitor, I know its a good one. But boxing day is coming, and there is a Haier brand led t.v that will be cheaper then what I spent. But Haier , is a no-name brand, and while some no-name brands are great, i have no idea if this one was any good. Does anyone know whats up with this company? i know I need to go see it myself(hopefully its on display) but longevity is also an issue.

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@super2j: I bought a off brand set several years ago, and I'm just now starting to contemplate upgrading to something new. Don't dismiss anything based on the name. I looked into it a little bit, and Haier sounds like they make decent budget sets.