memories of watching "The Price Is Right" with Bob Barker

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Hi there! :) My name's Sean! :) I'm 27 years old, and I've got autism. Since my all time favorite years are from 2008 and before, and since my all time favorite dates are from Wednesday, December 31, 2008 and before (since 2008 was the year before I graduated from high school), and since I've been a huge game show fan since I was a kid, and since my all time favorite game shows are from 2006 and before (since Bob Barker retired from "The Price Is Right" in June of 2007, and Drew Carey took over for Bob in September of 2007), what memories do you have watching "The Price Is Right" with Bob Barker? :) Because even though Pat Sajak and Vanna White are still on "Wheel Of Fortune", and even though Alex Trebek is still on "Jeopardy!", in my opinion, game shows haven't been the same since Bob Barker retired from "The Price Is Right" and Drew took over for Bob in 2007! :( :/ But that's my opinion though! :) #ThePriceIsRight #BobBarker #ComeOnDown #BarkersBeauties #Plinko #ANewCar #ShowcaseShowdownBigWheel #Showcases #HappyGilmore #HelpControlThePetPopulationHaveYourPetsSpayedOrNeutered :)

Thanks! :)

Sean :)

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I watch the Price is Right every day now. It took some time to get used to the new host Drew Carey. I like Bob Barker and I really like Drew Carey now. I always like to see Plinko and Punch a Bunch. I also like watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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You knew it was a sick day or a teacher development day when you got to hear Bob Barker on the TV at 11AM. My grandmother used to tell a story of me as a kid, probably 2 or 3, where I would hear the theme song for the show and come running from wherever I was in the house yelling "ON DOWN" and park myself directly in front of the TV for the whole hour.

I also really enjoyed him in Happy Gilmore, and then the video him and Adam Sandler did a few years ago as a follow up to the fight they had in the movie. There's also a TV interview he did as a joke where he talks about his early life, including World War II where he says he was drafted but when the Germans heard he was coming onto the battlefield they all dropped their guns and gave up. He was a funny guy.

Bob Barker had a big part of my life, it's the only game show besides Fear Factor I enjoyed, and I just enjoyed Fear Factor because who doesn't wanna see people do weird shit for money? I like Drew Carey as a comedian and his TV show in the 90's was excellent. I've gotten used to him as the host of The Price is Right but it won't be the same without Bob.

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Yeah as Rod also did "Press Your Luck" with the late Peter Tomarken.

But as to Price is Right. Really Bob Barker is irreplacable as say what you will about him in his personal life. But nobody can hold a candle to him.

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In grade school, my principal got to be on the show. Went there for vacation and he got called down by Roddy himself. They brought in TVs so we could all watch.

He was called down before the second game, but unfortunately never made it past the front row. Said he got a years supply of stuff like shampoo as a consolation prize.