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Oh, hot takes you say? Well then. I apologize in advance.

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 is a bunch of aggravating, self-indulgent wankery barely pretending to be a video game, and the fact that people held it up (at the time) as being both a satisfying conclusion to the series and a high point for storytelling in the medium of games is madness. Like, it's funny when Dan says that Metal Gear is the greatest story ever told because it's such a ridiculous, myopic, quintessentially *Dan* take. It's more depressing when you remember people were throwing around only slightly less hyperbolic statements about MGS 4 a decade ago. Oh, and Nuts and Bolts was robbed for GOTY 2008.
  • Baldur's Gate and its sequel are still the best games Bioware has ever made.
  • On that note, I'd much rather play Dragon Age II again than put any more time towards finishing DA: Inquisition.
  • Bethesda should no longer get a free pass for their games' mediocre writing and mechanics just because they're the only studio who makes those kinds of ridiculous open world sandboxes. Fallout: New Vegas is proof that someone else can make a significantly more interesting, better written take on that style of RPG at the cost of being slightly more constrained.
  • I think the inherent structure of the Metroidvania genre is not, in and of itself, an especially compelling trait.
  • Pokemon games should include a *hard* mode aimed at people over the age of 7.

I pretty much agree with most of these. On the subject of Bethesda, I've just accepted that their writing and storytelling is part of their disparate design. Nothing feels connected, it's just a sandbox of quests and systems, which is why I find FO4 to be their best work in the sense that I consider that its their most flexible sandbox that has decent gunplay to back it up.

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Breath of the Wild is the true 8.8 in the Zelda series.

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@theht: For a lack of wanting to post hot myself, I'd like to agree on a point here.

Hotline Miami 2 is a better game than its predecessor and certainly is not significantly more difficult.

The first game has just as many across-the-room killshot enemies and people just don't want to believe that. Playing them both back-to-back (HM2 and then HM1 shortly after), they're pretty similar in terms of difficulty, with the only difference being that Hotline Miami 2 is vastly more engaging with its level design and mechanics. And the story in HM2 is actually cohesive, fascinating and extremely informative about the state of that world without being overbearing or painfully expository, while retaining the confusion and mystery from the first game by way of non-sequential storytelling. HM1's story worked in isolation but having HM2 to expand and build on its themes and story elements retroactively makes HM1 a better game.

Also, big props to Dennaton games for calling the reaction to Hotline Miami 2 and literally including expys of both their fanbase and of Hotline Miami 1 in the game and then pitting them against each other in such a way that they brutally murder each other and then kill themselves off, thus spiritually ending the series. Applause. Hotline Miami 2 is up there with Journey as my favourite video game experiences.

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David Cage is the best thing that has ever happened to the video game industry.

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@dweep: Somebody gotta come in fuckin swingin to top this.

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FIFA is a much better card game than Heartstone.

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  • All the Uncharted games are, at best, mediocre
  • Same goes for TLOU
  • God of War is not that good, largely due to copying the dumbest parts of Naughty Dog's "gameplay"
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@tesla said:
  • <gameSeries3> is actually the best game in <gameSeries>
  • <movieYouLoved> is a steaming pile of garbage
  • <band> hasn't put out a good album since <bandAlbum1>
  • <hiddenGem> is actually fun
  • <criticalDarling> is not

<insert edgy comment from gb user here>

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Kids cartoons are for kids and not for grown ass men to get upset at.

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@dweep: I’m not trying to be facetious but do you actually mean that or are you just joking around?

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@bartok: I’ve never really been able to get behind the “by a certain age, you shouldn’t enjoy this anymore” argument. Enjoy what you enjoy!

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Well, here we go...

  • Breath of the Wild looks like the culmination of everything I hate about current gen gaming and I think it looks boring.
  • Dark Souls 3 feels like the best version of the series, but I consider Bloodborne to be the magnum opus of the "Souls" games.
  • Bioshock 2 is underrated and really improves a lot from 1. Infinite did not age well.
  • Rockstar games are extremely overhyped.
  • Morrowind is so old in its mechanics that I would consider it unplayable after playing Oblivion and Skyrim.
  • I don't get the appeal of the original Fallout games when other isometric RPGs are so much better, like Baldur's Gate.
  • Pillars of Eternity 1 is just ok.
  • The Assassin's Creed games get more flak than they deserve and it's been a fun ride seeing the progression in gameplay of the series from 1 to Origins.
  • Both KOTOR games are actually pretty boring and to be honest, I think they had better writers for SWTOR, which had more interesting stories to tell.
  • Classic Sega > Classic Nintendo. Sega games feel like an acid trip version of Nintendo games.
  • Online competitive gaming is a joke and people who get salty are just asking to be made fun of. There's nothing you can do about latency issues. That being said, I think the E-Sports scene is really cool to see how far it has come and is way more legitimate than anything you see in any online comp mode of a game. It just sucks that online has to be part of the path to being a pro now days.
  • Comic book movies in all honesty are way better than their comic book counterparts. It's no wonder that many of the movies are a combination of different comic book arcs rather than just focusing on one. On their own, they have some pretty cringe ideas.
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Fallout New Vegas is not a good game. Bought it for 2 platforms, gave it 5 shots, put more than 50 hours into the PC version , installed mods, yet it doesn't do anything for me.

The quests are forgettable, there are hardly any stand out moments or setpieces happening and the gameplay is rough at best. Arriving at New Vegas should be a huge moment for that game. Instead it's a wet fart. The only thing that's preventing it from being a total failure is the writing i feel.

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  • Dragon Age II was a good video game
  • Random Heroes mode is the best part of Overwatch
  • The first Zelda was the only fun one
  • Tool had a couple of good songs, I guess
  • RE4 is a lot of fun, but "one of the best horror games of all time"? *blows raspberry*
  • Jackbox should have stuck with the You Don't Know Jack series

And a flamin' hot take that occurred to me while putzing about with some N64 games recently... the first South Park game? It's actually not as bad as its reputation. It's not GOOD, and the limited sound samples can be torture, but I've played way worse. Related, less hot but still peppery take: That early era of South Park was so much better than "ripped from the headlines" South Park.

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There has never been a good 3D Mario game.

Also, Rockstar's writing has never been good. For a while I excused them for badly aping film and TV since that was the industry standard. Now Naughty Dog has delivered actually good imitations of that form, and so many other games are more regularly exploring how to tell stories distinct to the medium. Cynicism for cynicism's sake, endless chains of worthless quest givers, and "the world is dark" outcomes can't be saved by an amazing musical selection.

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@pompouspizza: To be fair, there is a vast difference between enjoying something aimed at a younger audience and people obsessing about a show not made for them and getting worked up about it not meeting their standards/desires.


- Metal Gear's story may be decent enough but the writing is so god-damn terrible and self-indulgent that it doesn't matter in the slightest.

- Matt Smith's run on Doctor Who was awful trite that mostly convinced me that a great deal of its fanbase have no taste or any understanding of what makes a performance good. Peter Capaldi, even if the episode quality careened about the place like a drunk sailor, was superior every step of the way.

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My personal hot take:

- There will never be a better hack and slash game than Ninja Gaiden Black. The swordplay in that game is literally perfect.

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  • The Assassin's Creed games are all good, with the weakest ones being Unity (large part due to the story being a bit weird in places), and Origins (story seemed a tad rushed at times and the gameplay changes are for the worse, imo). Edward is a better protagonist than Ezio.
  • Most Nintendo games are good, but not great.
  • The Vita is the best handheld and has plenty of great games
  • Persona 4 Golden isn't great, maybe not even good. It's alright, the added story stuff at the end with Marie just killed it.
  • The WiiU was a good console, and devs not doing cool/unique things with the gamepad (along w/ the touchpad on the DS4, and some Vita functions) is a huge shame.
  • AC/DC is 'ok'
  • Every Sonic game is bad, with the first few having some merit to it.
  • FF13 is one of the best Final Fantasy games, 13-2 isn't as good while fixing a couple of gameplay things (paradigm shifts not locking you into an animation the first time each battle and Party Leader dying isn't a game over)
  • Mass Effect 2 is bad
  • All Bethesda developed games, TES and Fallout, are mediocre at best, Obsidian at least has good writers
  • The MGS story is real good and actually makes sense, there's actually not much retconning
  • Revolver/Liquid Ocelot is NOT an actual good guy (this is mainly for Dan), MGS4 ended with Ocelot's plan failing as they kept a small portion of the Patriot AI alive
  • NieR > Automata (pretty/remastered NieR plz?)
  • RE6 is actually pretty good
  • Pokemon is just..boring now
  • Collectathon games (Spyro, Banjo, etc..) are mostly all garbage, with very very few exceptions.
  • SR2 > SR4 > SR3.
  • HotS is the only good MobA
  • WoW is bad
  • American comics, in general, are all terrible and everything that happens in them doesn't matter at all for their stories
  • Arkham City is the weakest of those games, Asylum was the strongest, and Origins had the best boss fights
  • TellTale games from TWD S1 and on are all bad
  • Until Dawn wasn't that good
  • David Cage games (not including Omikron and Indigo Prophecy) are superior to TellTale games and Until Dawn
  • GTA IV had great driving physics
  • Fortnite plays terribly and is bad
  • Bioshock Infinite's only good point was the gameplay, the story was a mess
  • Destiny 1 is still as bad as the day it launched, The Taken King 'fixed' nothing, anybody that keeps buying anything from that series deserves what they get
  • Smash Bros is a party game, not a fighting game
  • Bioware in general is kinda not great, they're ok
  • 'Competitive' modes in games are bad, and they actively make games unfun. The introduction of Comp in Overwatch partially killed my enjoyment of it
  • Dragon Ball is the good part of the franchise, DBZ starts decent then just goes downhill at a rapid pace. Vegeta is one of the best characters in the series as he's the only one with actual character development, and Goku is the worst thing to happen to Shonen series in general.
  • Jojo is one of, if not the, best Shonen series out there, every fight is fun and varied and it's never about just who's stronger and (for the most part) no character gets sidelined into uselessness.

This is all I can think of right now, so yea I just wanted to join in!

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Rap "music" is incredibly terrible, contributes nothing to society, and should be banned from all public spaces.

Blizzard has made precisely two good video games: Starcraft and Warcraft III. Every other video game they've made has been a cheap, inferior knock off.

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Metroid Fusion is the best Metroid game, and also the best game on the GBA.

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  • Dark Souls 3 is a tragedy of a game that never stuck in my mind as anything memorable.
  • There has been exactly one truly excellent, top-tier classical RPG that could approach the greats in the last 15 years: Fallout New Vegas. This, on the back of a bad engine with largely poor gameplay. Not a good look.
  • Nioh is an awful game with no clue what it really wants to be and has precisely a good fight -- Tachibana on a perfect run, specifically.
  • Science fiction and fantasy literature has never been in a better place, mostly on the back of JY Yang.
  • Divinity: Original Sin is the only game out of the batch of Kickstarter cRPG's to be genuinely great and spawn a sequel at largely the same, high quality.
  • Bethesda has not made a good game since Morrowind. All their games get passes despite being boring, laughably written, and filled with uninteresting "content" for the sake of it. Sidenote: Fallout 3 is the most disappointing game of my entire life.
  • People that can't enjoy schlock in any form take themselves, and the media they enjoy, too seriously.
  • Planescape: Torment has an incredible story buried underneath a mountain of prose as purple as Pillars of Eternity.
  • Abby is the most wonderful addition to Giant Bomb anyone could have ever hoped for: constant, great content and reveals a specific type of person for all the world to mock. What could be better?
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@dan_citi said:

Triforce of the Gods 2 is the best Zelda game that isn't called Okami.

Could insisting on calling A Link Between World Triforce of the Gods 2 be the hottest take of the whole thread? I vote yes!

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I don't think it's a hot take to just be correct. <3

  • The FPS genre peaked in the late 90s
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  • Aliens is the worst movie of the original trilogy. James Cameron is a populist hack and all he really wanted was a do-over on the production design Roger Corman squandered on Galaxy of Terror.
  • Christopher Nolan is a dour bore whose last good movie was The Prestige, and every single person that finds great mystery and wonder in the arghblargh he's been putting out since is a person I can reliably assume I won't have a good conversation with. The only good thing about The Dark Knight was Heath Ledger. Everything else was dumb. Every single thing.
  • The Mega Drive had the best sound chip of its generation and the only reason it sounded "worse" than the SNES was because it took actual skill to work with and the SNES sound chip had massive comical clown training wheels on.
  • Super Mario Bros 2 USA is a better, more well rounded game than SMB3, and the SMB3 Mario sprite looks like a shark-eyed serial murderer.
  • Mortal Kombat was always extremely lame, almost too lame for objectivity, and the projectile tennis that ensues in the competitive scene makes everyone look terrible.
  • Hideo Kojima has made a single truly good game his entire career, MGS V, and his ridiculous "hollywood" ambitions managed to screw that one up too. He coasts on the talents of his team and he himself appears to be the weakest link. He is like SWERY's ultra lame, wealthier cousin. He's the Gladstone Gander of Japanese game design auteurs.
  • The PS4 is dull as dishwater, singularly ugly as a piece of industrial design, and is scarily indicative of the console games industry treading water rather than forging ahead for a better future. As dumb and ridiculous as Microsoft's ventures have been at least they're doing "stuff". Sony is just hoping money will keep happening if they do the same thing and if the PS5 is just another one of these things it's the death knell of their games division.
  • The Witcher could have been a really good franchise if the main character wasn't The Worst Character Possible.
  • Civ 1 is a much better game than Civ 6.
  • Alpha Protocol is a better written, better playing stealth/espionage game than any of the Metal Gear games.
  • As amazing as their production design is, neither of the two recent Wolfenstein games play very well, which leads me to believe the folks at Machinegames that left Starbreeze didn't include whoever stayed behind to make Syndicate, a vastly better game from a gameplay point of view.
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Goodbye friendships!

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  • The PS1 Crash and Spyro games are all more fun to play than Super Mario 64.
  • MGSV's story wasn't amazing but was much better than the fanboys let on.
  • Super Mario World > Super Mario Bros. 3 by a long shot.
  • The Godfather: Part Two is better than the original, while The Godfather: Part Three was a fine film in its own right.
  • The Who is boring. Led Zeppelin is merely mediocre. Actually, a lot of classic rock acts fall into either of those categories for me, but I'll refrain from further comments on the issue.
  • ... Although Red Hot Chili Peppers is absolute trash.
  • Most Pixar films don't hold up.
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@mamba219: this may be the worst hot take I’ve seen yet. This thread is a nightmare.

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@mamba219: this may be the worst hot take I’ve seen yet. This thread is a nightmare.

Hot Take: I bet he's a big fan of the West Texas Rednecks...

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The Wallflowers cover of "Heroes" is better than the David Bowie original.

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People take video games entirely too seriously.

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Fallout New Vegas is not a good game. Bought it for 2 platforms, gave it 5 shots, put more than 50 hours into the PC version , installed mods, yet it doesn't do anything for me.

The quests are forgettable, there are hardly any stand out moments or setpieces happening and the gameplay is rough at best. Arriving at New Vegas should be a huge moment for that game. Instead it's a wet fart. The only thing that's preventing it from being a total failure is the writing i feel.

Everyone always points to this game as not just the greatest Fallout game, but one of the greatest RPGs ever made. I struggled to give a single fuck about anything that I was doing in that game. Boring and tedious,

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Super Ranty Hot Take: Menu revamp updates are nice (DirecTV) but continually avoiding giving users the basic fucking option of protecting their DVR recordings from being deleted by other receiver clients in the house is some bullshit.

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The Witcher 3 is fine, but is put on way too high of a pedestal. My personal experience with the game, on the PS4, was buggy as hell. It was nearly the most buggy game I ever played on the PS4, just behind Dragon Age Inquisition. There were scripting errors, audio errors, texture errors, animation errors, UI errors, freezes. Add to that a framerate that was only eclipsed by Fallout 4 in its inconsistency and what was left was a technological minefield. So all that was really left was the story, characters, and writing. The main plot was entirely forgettable, only half of the characters seemed to be greater than the sources they were based on, and the writing was only exceptional in moments. The biggest issue for me is that the universe, the characters, the writing, the plot, all of it is so derivative and stale. At best, it was a 3/5 game to me. But, that year, it was easily the most disappointing game I played. But, to its credit, I beat it. So there's that, I guess?

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1. Every Scrolls/Fallout Bethesda game is terrible, and are more of an eternal hell for Todd Howard's unhuman-like boring ugly AI than anything resembling fun games for humans, and if they don't actually change their ancient engine from the bottom-up they're always going to feel the same. Also, the writing in them has always been bad, at every turn, in every questline. Admittedly I played a lot of them because I see potential in the idea sold and presented by the games , but always come away feeling hollow.

2. Pizza is the best food.

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Tetris is the best video game ever made.

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@habster3 said:
  • The Godfather: Part Two is better than the original, while The Godfather: Part Three was a fine film in its own right.
I thought it was pretty much commonly accepted that Godfather 2 is better than the original.
I'll grant you the Godfather 3 hot take, though. That movie is flaming trash. Every 4-5 years I try watching it again just because I manage to convince myself it can't possibly be that bad but, nope, it really is that bad.
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Mass Effect 1>Mass Effect 3>Mass Effect 2

And Dragon Age II is the best darn Dragon Age game.

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Oookay, here we go...

  • Mirror's Edge is a bad game, especially with a controller. There's a reason we stopped doing first person platforming.
  • Bethesda (Bethesda proper, not including their acquired studios like id) can't make good games. They compensate by making the most game with each release, and people gobble it up.
  • I forget who posted it earlier, but I will throw my hat in with the opinion that all 2D Zelda games are bad. Link Between Worlds was decent, at best.
  • That said, Majora's Mask is actual literal trash, not that this is really that hot a take, but it needed to be said nonetheless.
  • Final Fantasy X was the beginning of the slow, agonizing death of the Final Fantasy series. FFXIV is pretty good, though.
  • Yoko Taro is superior to Hideo Kojima. It amazes me that people still continue to give Kojima money.
  • No Man's Sky was a great game at launch and was exactly what I thought it would be.
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations was the best game in the Ezio trilogy.
  • Borderlands has never been good.
  • On that note, with the possible exception of Brothers in Arms (I never played it), Gearbox has never made a good game.
  • Prey on Xbox 360 was easily one of the best early 360 games released.
  • DmC Devil May Cry is the only good Devil May Cry game.
  • The only Tom Clancy series that's been worth a damn has been the Splinter Cell series.
  • Modern Telltale games have always been bad. They just rode the Walking Dead hype into accidental success.

I could do a few more, but it's late, so I'll just end with the one I'll probably catch the most shit for.

  • Mario 64 is the worst official Mario game. It was never a good game. It played like trash, even back when it released. I understand that they were still learning 3D platforming at the time, but that still doesn't excuse it for controlling the way it does. 3D Mario games didn't really get good until Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS (though they cheated by having a 3D screen), or Super Mario 3D world for the Wii U. By that point, they figured out how to use shadows to help convey depth to the player and allow for more precise platforming in a 3D space. For the record, the Galaxy games weren't bad, I just don't consider them true 3D platformers since, if my memory serves me right, the majority of the levels took place on the planetoids with weird gravity that allowed Nintendo to bypass the fact that 3D platforming was still imprecise.
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@bluewolverine: that’s such a cold take, I would rather eat week old refridgerator pizza.

-Okami is severely overrated. The objectives it gives you are not very engaging. the story is weak and humor is flat, and the gameplay is hands down the worst. It has a unique painting mechanic and an alright art style, which still is presented poorly with all the effects added on.

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#142 Posted by Captain_Insano (3477 posts) -

Half Life 2 isn't that good and kind of ruined what was cool about the original Half Life. I'm glad there's not a Half Life 3

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#143 Posted by dekkadekkadekka (902 posts) -

Link to the Past isn't a good game.

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#144 Edited by envane (1271 posts) -

dynasty warriors games are fun but the series peaked as early as dw3

Hawaiian pizza is bland , but add jalapenos and extra pineapple and its the best thing ever.

the cg berserk anime was fine ,even great at times, nothing could top the manga anyway

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#145 Posted by Tanked (59 posts) -

All Bioware and Rockstar games besides GTA IV are bad.

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#146 Edited by Snail (8908 posts) -

Games don't seem to be going anywhere interesting within the next 50 years, now that VR has proven itself a creative letdown for the foreseeable future.

The Wii U was a great console, with tremendous potential, and Nintendoland is one of the best multiplayer games ever made.

Asynchronous offline multiplayer is one of the most interesting avenues for gameplay innovation and it was unfortunate that Nintendo chose to give up on the concept.

No game has a good story.

Mario Party 4 might be the best one.

Uncharted 4 is a terrible, boring fucking game, and I don't understand why people want to play through 14+ hours of climbing and shooting their way through a derivative plot.

Now that Arkham Asylum's fighting system has grown stale, no fighting system is good anymore, except maybe Absolver's. (Fighting games excluded.)

Probably been said before, but the best Assassin's Creed is still the first one, by an immeasurable distance.

Even the highest budget AAA games continue to be visually broken in simple ways that seem easily fixable, particularly in the way character models interact with the environment - but it seems such faults go unaddressed because they are accepted out of habit.

Dragon Ball GT is superior to Super.

There are way worse Pokemon designs than Garbodor; singling it out was just unfair.

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#147 Posted by lkpower (456 posts) -

This is one I get a lot of flak for but I firmly believe it.

Tokyo Drift is the best Fast and the Furious film. It is the only one in which the main character makes an effort to right their mistakes. By the end of the movie Sean has become a better person, no longer making excuses for his self-imposed criminal life style. He actually grows up. All of the other movies in the series leave the characters traveling further down a path of death and destruction. They Kill hundreds of people throughout the series and refuse to acknowledge it because of "Family".

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#148 Posted by notnert427 (2158 posts) -

Video games:

  • Burnout Revenge is the best Burnout game.
  • Burnout 3 is the second best Burnout game.
  • Burnout Paradise is still a very good game, just nowhere near as awesome as the other two.
  • Assassin's Creed III is a quality game with easily the best story of the entire series.
  • The Xbox One was/is a terrific console, with some very good exclusives early on that few acknowledge.
  • The Xbox One X is even better, and doesn't get anywhere near enough credit.
  • HITMAN is the best and most replayable game ever made.
  • Overwatch is the worst thing to happen to video games in recent memory.
  • Activision Blizzard hasn't made a quality game since roughly 2011 and deserves an EA sort of reputation for the shit they try and pull.
  • Japanese games are forgiven way too much for often featuring some highly questionable shit re: portrayal of women, especially young women.
  • PC gamers need to let Counter-Strike just die already. It was once great, but has more than had its time.
  • Almost all survival horror games are hot trash.
  • Fortnite shouldn't be popular and deserves to be sued to hopefully lose their ass eventually.


  • Led Zeppelin only has like three good songs and stole a lot of "their" music.
  • U2 has zero good songs and Bono is a douchey, self-glorifying assclown.
  • Pearl Jam is in no way grunge music, and does not deserve mention with actual quality bands of "their" era.
  • Rush is terrible, Geddy Lee is an awful vocalist, and they should be roundly mocked for spamming laughably cheesy pew-pew laser sound effects.
  • Audioslave was peak Chris Cornell and quite possibly peak music on the whole.
  • Modern rap music is significantly shittier than 90s rap.
  • H-Town rap is the best rap.
  • Nashville country music is vapid pop garbage that is completely unacceptable, and Taylor Swift is neither pretty, nor genuine, nor talented, nor country.
  • Red dirt/Texas country music is largely great, and suffers by an unfair "association" with the Luke Bryan shit by people who think that's what country music is.
  • Bluegrass music is a wildly underappreciated genre.
  • Blues music dying off is tragic, and negatively impacts all music going forward.


  • Drive is a horrifically bad movie that people pretend is great because they like the tacked-on "80s" theme that makes zero goddamn sense to anything.
  • 95% of superhero movies are vacuous CGI-fests roughly on par with Michael Bay Transformers movies.
  • Pulp Fiction is nothing special, and doesn't hold a candle to Inglorious Basterds in terms of Tarantino movies.
  • The Prestige is Christopher Nolan's best movie.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most juvenile things I've ever seen and I have no idea how people think it's good.
  • The recent Star Wars movies have been mostly enjoyable.
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the best thing that Lucas has ever done. Actually, let's expand that to Spielberg, too.
  • Scarface is a mediocre film at best.
  • L. A. Confidential losing best picture to Titanic invalidated all awards shows forever.
  • Stanley Kubrick movies were largely more disturbing than good.
  • The Running Man is a perfect film.
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(Sorry for the crappy formatting, I'm on moblile)

Deus Ex is the most important game ever made with one of the best stories ever.

The Bethesda-made Fallout games might as well be games from a different series with Fallout paint on them. They are also incredibly mediocre.

Lucha Underground is better than anything the WWE has done in close to 30 years now.

Final Fantasy, as a series, is and always has been trash. The only reason why people like FF7 and/or FFX is because they were kids when they first played it and didn't know any better.

Halo is the Final Fantasy of shooters.

Poison is a much better band than people give them credit for.

Big Trouble in Little China is the greatest movie ever made, followed by Spaceballs, The Fifth Element, Demolition Man, and Lethal Weapon 2.

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@notnert427: duder, I'm grinning ear-to-ear with the batshit crazy stuff in those lists. :D