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Jeff is using Mixler for his drive down. I can listen to it on my Mac, but I can't use the chat function or anything else (I've tried both in Chrome and Safari). A few times I got a message that state Soundcloud was down (not sure what that means). The iPhone app also crashes a lot and is slow. Is anyone else having problems with Mixler?

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Same thing here. Can't access the chat.

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Eh, I don't have the iPhone app, but the website seems to be streaming fine except for chat which is kind of jank.

Listening to rap music with Jeff in his IS-F down to LA is actually kind of dope.

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I just want more Duran Duran.

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Ah, it's working now...

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It crashed when I tried to create an account. It doesn't seem to be the most stable of websites.

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I'm pretty sure this is the most activity they have seen in a single channel so . . .

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@winternet: Yeah, I thought about that. Jeff has a couple thousand people listening to his live stream, which I think is a lot more than anybody else. Guess the site isn't designed to scale.