Modem/Router Question - Bonded Line - Getting 50% Speed

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Hey there guys. Was wondering if anyone more knowledgeable than me had any potential suggestions or tips, or if I'll just need to wait for a tech for my problem.

When I moved into my place last year, the only ISP in my area offered a max speed of 10Mbps. After a few months, they upgraded me to a "bonded line" or something along those lines (no pun intended), giving me 20Mbps.

Over the past month and more, I noticed my internet has been a bit slower than usual. I did speed tests for days at multiple times through out the day. At best I'd get 10Mbps no matter what. Half of what I pay for.

Tried reboots and factory resets with no luck. Realized that there are 2 DSL lights on my C3000z modem, but only DSL 2 is lit up solid green. The other one doesn't light up at all.

When I check my modem status page, it shows Line 1 is not connected. My ISP said I'm gonna be getting 50% speed until there's a tech who can come out. Additionally, they said the tech may need to good inside so I'll have to try and be home from 8am-5pm during some day, and that if it's something within my house or user error, they'll charge me $85.

Is there something I should check? Anything I can do without a tech? I sincerely appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thanks everyone <3.

UPDATE: A century link employee told me that my bonded connection was undone to make room for another customer who's a neighbor. Should be illegal to change a service like that without telling the customer, but oh well.