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I used an HD CRT with component-only this generation but now that the new consoles only work with HDMI and most games are at 1080p(my tv only does 720p), Im thinking of buying a new one.

My old TV is only 32 inches so it isnt big, and because I stay close to it I could probably use a 1080p 24 inches monitor too(I tried my current 22 inches crappier monitor and it looked fine distance wise).I would rather have a TV though.

The problem I have is that for even 200 euros I can buy a very good 1080p monitor, with good contrast and viewing angles, but more important it has fast response time(all that I looked at have 4ms or faster response time)

With a TV they seem to have WAY slower (20 ms) response time and that worries me. I never played games on a TV with this type of response time.I only played on my HD CRT which has almost instant response time and PC games on my monitor which has 5 ms response time.

Could I tell a difference, do you have any recomandations?

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Buy the biggest asus monitor you can.