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Unlike past years where the forums have gone months before a new music thread pops up, I figured I'd get on top of it and make one within the first week!

As always, the only rule is to link and not embed music so as not to melt the thread down with a million youtube embeds.

So, what were your favourites of 2018? Any releases you're looking forward to this year? For me I'm looking forward to next release from The 1975 as, while I didn't enjoy all of the previous album, the songs I did like were great. Also on a personal note I'm going to be releasing an EP with my band for the first time this year so the year is already super exciting for me musically.

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The 2018 songs i came back to the most were Me & Michael - MGMT , God's Favorite Customer - Father John Misty , Lucid Dreams - Juice WRLD, Leave It In My Dreams - The Voidz , Malamente - Rosalia , I See Through You - Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats & Four Out Of Five - Arctic Monkeys.

First 2019 song i'm digging is this new Lizzo song Juice. Turns out she has a nice handful of songs out there! Upcoming albums that should be good include Cass Mccombs, The Raconteurs, Lana Del Rey, Marina & the Diamonds, Vampire Weekend, Hatchie & Grimes. Sneaks, Girlpool & Methyl Ethel might be good as well. I've been back on a M.I.A. kick lately as well, so it would be nice if she dropped a new album, like she dropped this old unreleased song in her documentary a few weeks ago. It's pretty funny to me how she uses the youtube description to ask the other girls to get back in touch.

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Loved that Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats album. The Sciences by Sleep was probably my favorite album last year but I also really enjoyed the albums by Turnstile, Janelle Monae, and YOB to name a few.

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I've been on a big Louis Cole/KNOWER kick lately. I can wrap my head around how Louis Cole creates and produces music because it's kinda like how I do. It's inspired me to actually start recording music and just try new things since I always used to be quite rigid with how I actually wrote music and always ended up getting nothing done. In the last few days I've already thrown together. Anyhow, here's a more recent video of his from youtube. It... goes places. I recommend watching at least until a minute and a half in because it gets pretty crazy. It also shows how he does live shows, which seems super fun. He basically records his songs live using Garageband/Logic loops and then performs them.

I've also been fairly enamoured by Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, who are absolutely amazing. Cory Henry not only is a monster keyboardist, but an insanely good soul/funk singer. They recently did a Tiny Desk that was excellent!

Through Louis Cole, I've discovered Domi Degalle, a 19 year old French jazz piano prodigy. She's nuts! She's so good. She did a few concerts with Louis Cole and the videos of them are a lot of fun to watch. Here's one of my favourite bits they did: link. I'd recommend sticking around at least to see a bit of Louis Cole's keyboard bass playing. It's both hilarious and super impressive. Domi mostly does solos in this video and they're all quite interesting. The whole video's pretty good. Domi seems like someone who has the potential to be big in the future. She can play basically anything and there's a few videos of her sight-reading fairly complex works.

Lastly, I think my favourite album of last year was Louis Cole's new album; Time. Louis Cole's weird brand of electronic funk is super fun to listen to. Favourites off his new album include "Weird Part of the Night", "Real Life", "Phone", and "Tunnels In the Air". Vulfpeck's new release, Hill Climber is an incredibly close second and which is better switches depending on the day. It's much more consistent than their previous album and has a lot of fun songs. It's split into a half with vocals and a half without. The half without, every song is good in its' own way (my favourite is Disco Ulysses). For the half with vocals, "Darwin Derby", "Half of the Way", and "Lonely Town" all bump. All three are earworms but in different ways. Here's a link to "Disco Ulysses" since it's probably my favourite song off the album.

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@ben_h: Thanks for the Louis Cole and Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles shoutouts. That stuff sounds very good. :-D I always forget to listen to more funk.

The only tiny gripe I have with Louis Cole, and this seems to relate to a lot of multi-instrumentalists who make cool music, is that I don't feel the vocals add a whole lot. In other genres I have the same thing with Apparat, Yann Tiersen and Sufjan Stevens, for example. As soon as they start singing, it gets a bit meh. In my opinion, most of their vocals are barely functional, not necessarily in melodic or rhythmic quality, but purely timbral and technical quality. This takes away from the rest of the music which is of a much higher standard. I do have to admit I see vocals purely as another instrument. I couldn't care less about lyrics. And in that sense I feel that a lot of these multi-instrumentalists simply don't play that particular instrument very well.

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@loafofgame said:

The only tiny gripe I have with Louis Cole, and this seems to relate to a lot of multi-instrumentalists who make cool music, is that I don't feel the vocals add a whole lot. In other genres I have the same thing with Apparat, Yann Tiersen and Sufjan Stevens, for example. As soon as they start singing, it gets a bit meh. In my opinion, most of their vocals are barely functional, not necessarily in melodic or rhythmic quality, but purely timbral and technical quality. This takes away from the rest of the music which is of a much higher standard. I do have to admit I see vocals purely as another instrument. I couldn't care less about lyrics. And in that sense I feel that a lot of these multi-instrumentalists simply don't play that particular instrument very well.

Yeah, most of his vocals in his solo songs are kind of a throwaway thing. He's not much of a singer, which is more why his music in KNOWER is better known than most of his solo stuff. KNOWER is Louis Cole working with Genevieve Artadi, a professional singer who's quite good (A lot of her solo content is good too). Some of their songs are jokey and fun like Louis Cole's solo project songs are (See "The Government Knows", and "Butts Tits Money", both of which are super NSFW but a ton of fun), and the rest are much more vocal-centric and showcase Genevieve a lot more. For examples of this second type of song, I'll point to "Hanging On", "I Remember" (the vocals in this have a very Persona-ish vibe to them. They're so good), "Fuck The Makeup, Skip the Shower", and "Time Traveller" (which is one of their most popular songs).

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Vampire Weekend returns after years of absence with the songs Harmony Hall & 2021. listen if you like your indiemusic to be fresh, upbeat & crisp.

Lana Del Rey likes them long titles. Hope Is a Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have - But I Have It is here. Eat your heart out Fiona 'When the pawn...' Apple! Listen if you like sad pianobased ballads. Reminds me of Bat For Lashes - Laura.

Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst launched a new project together and performed Dylan Thomas at Colbert. Listen if you like midtempo upbeat rock.

Here's a nice new Florence & The Machine song. Moderation. listen if you like sweeping rocksongs with strong female vocals.

James Blake's new album took some time to grab me, but i think it's his best work now. Mile High & I'll Come Too should give a good idea of the range in sound. Listen if you like electronics, trapbeats, moody piano's & meditative vocals

Weyes Blood dropped a new song that sounds otherworldy. Here's that spacey indiepop with gorgeous ethereal vocals Andromeda.

Stella Donnelly - Old Man. Fun upbeat guitarsong that feels like a recap of the #MeToo movement.

Teyana Taylor released a new version of her song Gonna Love Me with Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Method Man. melodic hiphop with an oldskool vibe.

Radiohead released former B-side Ill Wind. Listen if you like warm lush synths glide around Thom's ghostly wailing. Feels like a relative of Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words

Elohim has a catchy electropop song named Connect out there. Listen if you like instantly catchy choruses.

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Been listening a lot to Neofolk act Rome lately. Really big fan of tracks like Hope Dies Painless, One Fire, Mourir A Madrid, We Who Fell in Love with the Sea, and Who Only Europe Know.

Excellent and overlooked music.

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@harbinlights: Jerome is a lovely bloke as well. One of the few neofolk acts to take a hard stance against nazis/fascism and in favor of leftism and inclusiveness. Good, good boy.

Alias and Doseone's Less Is Orchestra is probably 2018's best and most overlooked hip-hop record.
Everything on Sonic Groove is flawless.

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Not much music for me at the moment, but Alexa introduced me to some song Godsmack seemingly made for the NFL, not into handegg myself but the song's ok until it turns kind of teenage anime music video.
Here it is.

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new stuff I've gotten so far:

Foals - Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost (pt 1) : Foals is one of those bands I begrudgingly follow. I always feel like they never live up to the potential they offer, but still make "good enough" albums. This one seems to have a bit more than usual with innovative production tweeks. Some of the stuff on here sounds like a YMO / Radiohead / Phish hybrid. I'd complain about the on the nose lyrics, but honestly, they've never had good lyrics; and we live in a post-satire/subtlety world, so whatever, at least their hearts are in the right place.

Ibibio Sound Machine - Doko Mien : Good funk, mostly sung in Ibibio. The single, "Wanna Come Down" is such a banger, that I was a bit let down by the rest of the full album, but I'm sure it will grow on my over time. Lots of sound to pick apart and listen to again and again.

Stephen Malkmus - Groove Denied : The aged indie hero has had this electronic album on the shelf for years, and finally convinced Matador Records to let him release it. Well... he did it, and I'm happy for him, but this is bad. It's tough to get into, minimalist Kraftwerk-esque, slow music. That ususally isn't a bad thing for me, but Malkmus doesn't have the chops to make it sound compelling, and his usual charms (odd lyrics, out of tune style) have the opposite effect, and just make the songs more annoying. And on top of all that, he doesn't even follow through with it, and just fills the last 10 minutes of the album with guitar/folk driven leftovers. Nothing outstanding on this other than a couple "check it out, he's doing this kind of music" novelty tracks.

The Birthday - Vivian Killers: A once unstoppable power garage rock outfit has had a few rocky releases over the years. Vivian Killers feels like something back on track, but nothing has dramatically stood out. It ranks on the low half on the list of Birthday albums (now on number 10!), but if you're way into this sound you should enjoy it.

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Ukrainian metal band Jinjer released an EP called Micro earlier this year and I've been listening to it a fair bit. They're generally a prog metal band, on the extreme end of the spectrum, but Micro has a lot of... uh... nu metal elements? And they're good? They're most pronounced in this song, what with its rapped vocals and everything, but it's sprinkled throughout the rest of the album. I also heard someone describe this thing as "Lady MeshugGaga", which I thought was pretty funny and most apt for this song (wait a minute for the harsh vocals to chill out and the singing to start).

I didn't really like King of Everything (aside from listening to Pisces over and over and over again, a song I recommend regardless of what you thought of the above and a direction I'd really like them to lean further into, but they don't seem to want to do that) nor did I really like any of their earlier stuff, so the fact that I've been listening to this one over and over is kind of surprising to me.

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@justin258: I came here because of Teacher Teacher! too.
I've loved Jinjer from the start and it's because of the elements of Nu Metal, the creativity, the experimental nature of the music, time signatures, riffs, it's always been there, i also only like a select few screaming vocalists and Tatiana's one of them.
I'm worried that musically they might run out of ideas, as the last two songs have included some of the tropes of regular heavy metal, but it's too early to say that.

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Came here to talk Jinjer, and y'all talking Jinjer already, haha. My duders!

But yeah, Micro is one hell of an EP. Perennial might be their greatest song so far.

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Already quite the year for industrial and adjacent music. One of the founders of the genre, Test Department, released the album Disturbances a few weeks ago, their first album in over 20 years, and it's quite the return to form, evoking both their 1986 album The Unacceptable Face of Freedom and their 90s excursions into techno and drum 'n bass, as well as having hints of Psychic TV and Front 242 in there. They've released two music videos/singles for it: Speak Truth to Power and Landlord.

The french band The Young Gods also just released Data Mirage Tangram, which I suppose leans a bit more towards some kind of experimental ambient blues than their older sample heavy EBM punk kinda stuff, either way, it works for me, my favorite track on there is probably Moon Above.

There's also a new Download album, Unknown Room, released just a few weeks after the band's co-founder Phil Western passed away, included on the album was an homage to Dwayne Goettel, who also co-founded the band but passed away in 1995, and cEvin Key made a video for it in memory of both Dwayne and Phil: 23 Years.

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@cikame said:

@justin258: I came here because of Teacher Teacher! too.

I've loved Jinjer from the start and it's because of the elements of Nu Metal, the creativity, the experimental nature of the music, time signatures, riffs, it's always been there, i also only like a select few screaming vocalists and Tatiana's one of them.

I'm worried that musically they might run out of ideas, as the last two songs have included some of the tropes of regular heavy metal, but it's too early to say that.

@shagge said:

Came here to talk Jinjer, and y'all talking Jinjer already, haha. My duders!

But yeah, Micro is one hell of an EP. Perennial might be their greatest song so far.

I'd honestly be fine with Jinjer softening up a bit and leaning more into Tatiana's vocal range. She's got some pretty gnarly metal growls but it's the singing that really keeps me coming back.

Setting that aside, I didn't realize how popular they had become until I looked at that view count on the music video for Pisces. Eighteen million! For a quick comparison, Opeth's Sorceress has 4.5 million and Meshuggah's Clockworks has 2 million. I guess a more realistic comparison would be Perennial, with 2.3 million. I guess they've "made it" way more than I thought.

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@justin258: Well Pisces blew up on reaction videos for good reason, "It be dat der one song where dat lady screams when u least expect it" (it's also a good song).

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New Rammstein album coming in May, first music video went up 6 hours ago.

It's alright, it's a bit slower and more drawn out than their prior stuff but it's ok, video's impressive, would like to hear what else is on the album.
Here's the video

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A new Futurecop! album is out. It's pretty good from what I've heard so far! It's very much a Futurecop! album. Lots of saw wavey synths and cool use of arpeggiators all tied together with a metric ton of compression and filtering.

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I really only get excited about 1-2 albums, most years, but...

I saw NuFolk Rebel Alliance play a couple of shows. Their album is only available as an LP (no idea if it was an analog recording or digital crammed into vinyl for some reason), but they were great live. At this point, they’re pretty much a Clash cover band, but their takes on the material are refreshing and great to listen to.

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These New Puritans dropped their new album and it's pretty fantastic. Somewhat experimental, but quite accessible at the same time. Almost all songs are immediate & catchy enough to stand on their own, while at the same time they all have a similar graceful & lush vibe giving the album it's own face. Into The Fire & Inside the Rose give you a good idea of what you're in for. If you end up liking this, give the album Hidden a listen too. That's truly a hidden gem, and one of the best albums of the last decade imo.

Sky Ferreira dropped new music for the first time since 2013 and it sounds quite dark & ominous. Downhill Lullaby

Pond has had an album out there for a while now, and it finally really clicked with me. Daisy is the standout song.

PUP seems to finally make some waves with new songs Kids & Free At Last. Fantastic videos.

Angel Du$t is a hardcore band that decided to make a straight up poprock album. It's not doing anything new, but the songs are undeniably catchy & fun. Bang My Drum & Five are good representations of the album.

Chai - I'm Me is a fantastically cheerful song from our japanese friends.

Sigrid made the best pop album of 2019 so far. The choruses hit hard. Sucker Punch, Strangers & Don't Feel Like Crying should be enough to convince you guys :)

Georgia is an fairly unknown UK pop electro artist that could use some more ears. About Work The Dancefloor is the new song, but Feel It is a fantastic song as well. She has some M.I.A-esque vocals on that.

Mac Demarco dropped a small & sweet acoustic song named Nobody, which he sings while looking like an irradiated Fallout zombie.

Still have to listen to Weyes Blood new album, but i'm pretty sure that will be excellent as well given that her singles have been excellent so far. Everyday is a bright & sunny 70's piano-based pop song , while Movies is an extremely slow but gorgeous vocal powerhouse. She also featured on a new Drugdealer song.

Talking about Drugdealer, this Fools song is a laidback throwback of a song worth listening to.

Tame Impala dropped the new song Patience and while the sounds are very crisp and enjoyable, it lacks memorable moments. It's squeaky clean & polished though.

Calexico and Iron & Wine dropped a fantastic folkrock song in Father Mountain.

The Drums seems to be a one man band nowadays that makes straight up guitarpop. Body Chemistry & 626 Bedford Avenue.

Finally, if you like your guitarbands to be fun & wacky, give the new King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard songs your attention. I think i mentioned Cyboogie before already, but Fishing for Fishies & Boogieman Sam drop the synth heavy style for some twangly guitars & harmonica.

Oh and... for some reason this Catatonia song from the 90's got a new version this week? I'm not quite sure what's up with that, but it's a good reason to make people listen to Road Rage. If anyone knows what's the reason for this Ghia version, feel free to clue me in :)

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Spent the day listening to the two albums I was looking forward to today: The Maine's You Are OKand Billie Eilish's WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO. Going in I was much more excited for The Maine's record as they'd been on a killer streak of their last 3 albums being fantastic while Billie I'd slept on while she's been blowing up while writing her off as yet another singer/songwriter. Listening to a couple songs recently I found myself falling deep into the hype train for this super dark, sad child.

Having listened to both, I found myself slightly disappointed in You Are OK; it's good and a fun enough listen through, but I found very little actually stuck with me and it was definitely the weakest of the last 4 albums. Billie Eilish's album, on the other hand, honestly blew me away. All the different textures and influences you hear pulled through the album just immediately grab you and don't let go.

Also if there's one word to describe this album, it's B A S S. Seriously, listen with some good headphones or on a full sound system with a sub because the low end on this album shakes the shit out of you.

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A traditional metal band called "Traveler" has recently released their first album. If you like your metal old school, then it's definitely something worth checking out.

In stark contrast to the accessible old-school sound of Traveler, Panopticon released an EP called "The Crescendo of Dusk". It's black metal that sounds like it was recorded with some aluminum cans and a bit of string, as is proper, but the guy also throws in a lot of folksy bluegrass-y elements. I haven't actually listened to it yet, it's one of those things I heard about and never got around to, so I don't know the ratio of bluegrass parts to black metal parts. I really like Roads to the North when I'm in the mood, though, so I'll probably listen to this at some point. I should also go listen to the rest of their discography at some point.

Dream Theater released a new album! I haven't listened to it yet either. Do I really need to introduce them? If you like your metal proggy and devoid of screams/grunts/growls, then Dream Theater's your best bet. Here's one of the songs.

Devin Townsend also released a new album today, called Empath. I have never been a fan of Devin Townsend's eccentricities but he's popular enough in the metal community that it's worth posting here. Also, much like Dream Theater, Townsend largely avoids harsh vocals in favor of more melodic music.

Seems like Amon Amarth releases a new album in May and that's something I can really get excited about. And I just found a new song they put out! I have no idea what the fuck is happening in that video, though.

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Two very good polar opposite releases this weekend

Brutus - Nest: If you're into that Deftones style kinda metal/hard music where there are deliberate attempts to sound graceful and melodic, Nest could be your jam. Lots of well crafted hi/lo compositions.

Laura Stevenson - The Big Freeze: A much more personal output from the country/folk Long Islander. It's personal in both the sound (recorded in her childhood home with little more than her voice, guitair, and some light strings added in), and in the lyrics (a lot of stuff in here she has been keeping in all her life). It's been a few years since her last two albums, which were more of a crowd-pleasing style, but there is something special and precious about this one.

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Really surprised by how much I dig that Billie Eilish album. It's so captivating and depressing and exciting in about a dozen different ways. An essential night time listen, kinda like Arctic Monkey's AM albeit with an extremely different tone. Definitely not one for a bright summer day road trip.

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New Carly Rae Jepsen album is out. As a sucker for that brand of pop, I dig it so far. A lot of analog synths and heavily compressed drum machine in some songs, which is fine by me. A fair number of the songs on the album have a bit of a minimalist feel, which is great. It doesn't soundIt's very much along the line of her last album, and not her first one. So far the stand-out songs for me are "Julien", "No Drug Like Me", "I'll Be Your Girl", and "Feels Right". "I'll Be Your Girl" is quite neat actually as it sounds to be in 6/8 time, or at least written with a very strong triplet feel. "Feels Right" has a strong funk aesthetic going on. It has early era Vulfpeck-esque piano and bass. There's quite a bit of variation between the songs, which is great given some of her previous work had a tendency to sound a bit too similar.

Overall, it's a decent album. The last 4 songs are rather forgettable, but they also seem the most radio-friendly, though the whole thing is radio-friendly.

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Eurovision doesn't really count as "new music releases" so i didn't get to talk about it here... UNTIL NOW!
Iceland's entry into this year's contest will be memorable for many people for many reasons, if you didn't watch it just imagine half naked people wearing BDSM gear during a techno Hitler speech, but i'm not here to talk about the competition, because they just put out a new music video!

Loading Video...

I hadn't heard of them before Eurovision but i've become an instant fan, angry Icelandic screams with dark techno beats is just what i need right now :D.

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I have really liked Renegades by Like Satellites

Loading Video...

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Joyner Lucas can do no wrong.

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Here's a few playlists I made, tons of variety, too!

Here's my 2019 current list that I'll be updating throughout the year

And THIS is a list of songs from albums I loved in 2018

And then my personal Top 10 from 2018

1. SOPHIE - "Faceshopping"

2. Parquet Courts - "Wide Awake

3. Arms Race - "The Beast

4. MGMT - "When You Die

5. Sextile - "Hazing"

6. Vince Staples - "Get The Fuck Off My Dick"

7. Robyn - "Honey"

8. Beach House - "Black Car"

9. JPEGMAFIA - "Baby I'm Bleeding"

10. Mitski - "Nobody"

Straight up though... the new Carly Rae, VR Sex, Orville Peck and and Tyler the Creator are freaking amazing as far as 2019 is concerned.

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Apparently this happened a few days ago.
Car Bomb - Dissect Yourself
Very heavy screamy metal, with a strong desire to experiment and go with whatever timing feels good at the time :P.
The music video is a trip and to begin with i just laughed at the combination of silly visuals and bizarre music, but now i love it.

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I know it (and I) don't hang here with how much of a variety of stuff is on display here, but I Am Easy To Find is most likely my 2nd favorite album from The National now and it's pretty much consumed me. Though it's also the *only* album I've listened to this year... Still have little doubt it would end up being my favorite regardless. It's funny how relativitely much of a leap it is for them yet it is still distinctly them.

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If you hate yourself and want to listen to questionable music, there's a new Bear Grillz album out called "Demons". If you don't know who Bear Grillz is, he's a dubstep/EDM artist who is basically a parody of the EDM scene. Almost all of his songs are built using samples he either literally took from other dubstep songs, or got from producer sample packs you can buy online. He's the living embodiment of a joke Jeff made on his Mixlr about becoming a deliberately shitty EDM artist.

Anyhow, he stepped it up a notch this album. He has done a lot of songs that poke fun at Zomboy (or just literally built songs out of samples from Zomboy songs), and he took it to a new level this time around. Zomboy released a song where he collaborated with a hip hop guy, so naturally Bear Grillz collaborated with the same hip hop guy and did a similar song. He also did a shockingly accurate fake Getter song based on Getter's controversial newer album "Visceral".

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Future Islands is way too good.

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Mannequin Pussy & Charly Bliss' new albums are great if you like pop/indie rock. Are you more into hiphop, i redirect you to Denzel Curry's Zuu or Freddie Gibbs & Madlibs Bandana

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Good grief, so much stuff has come out this year since I last checked this thread...

Jamila Woods - LEGACY! LEGACY! : This is looking like my favorite of 2019 so far. Excellent performance. The pacing and emotion of every song is so good. Every song has emotional weight. No bad songs. Only bad moment in the whole album is Saba's contribution. He ruined a Noname song last year too IIRC.

Titus Andronicus - And Obelisk : Strong no2. Patrick just yells his god damn brains out the whole album, the madman!

Purple Mountains - David Berman (Silver Jews) is one of the best songwriters of our time, and he's operating on his prime (and emotional worst) in this post-divorce / mid-depression / pre-recovery snapshot album. Berman has this ability to define abstract concepts, take away their horrifying power, and make life a bit easier.

Patio - Essentials : Excellent jaded cynical 90s style tunes.

Charly Bliss - Young Enough : A surprising pivot to pop from their lo-fi debut, but they make it work. Very effective lyrics about being a young woman in 2019.

Booji Boys - Tube Reducer : Sloppy lo-fi surfer punk. It is what it is. (i love this)

some stuff i haven't loved:

Vampire Weekend - Father of The Bride : Not a good album. Too many half baked ideas. Would have liked this a whole bunch if it was kept to the best 8 songs, but a lot of this is a chore to get through.

The Get Up Kids - Problems : Every GUK album has been better than the last, but this one feels like a step back into something they should have released in like 2001. Just your standard emo-indie-pop here. Solid, but I expected more out of such a veteran group.

Hideki Kaji - Goth Romance : Always a fan of Kaji's brand of wholesome pop. Nothing special here, just wanted to give it a shout out.

Fujiya & Miyagi - Flashback : I've always loved their pop take on krautrock, and how clever they've been at subtle tweeks from album to album, but the over-synthesized thing they're going for here just doesn't do it for me.

Otoboke Beaver - Itekoma Hits : You may have seen this make waves in the indie scene. It's half new material, half compilation, so I'm not that excited about it, but hey I love me some spastic de-testosteroned punk rock so check it out.

Bad Religion - Age of Unreason : This is really good, but I don't know how to sell you on a Bad Religion album in 2019. I appreciate how thoughtful their takes on the current world are. I don't think they are going to reach who they want to with the message here though.

Hot Chip - A Bath Full of Ecstasy- Hot Chip descends too far down the club ballad rabbit hole. No straight up bad songs here. Any one of them would stand out on any of their other LPs, but this is just the same song over and over again, with only "Hungry Child" standing out because it just goes for it harder than the rest.

Metz - Automat : b-sides comp, but depending on if you love or hate this band, it's no better or worse than a mainline album.

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#42 Posted by Shindig (4951 posts) -

I picked up The Twilight Sad's current album and it ... really feels like Hotline Miami if it was set in Scotland. Hotline Motherwell. Great, miserable stuff.

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My 2019 favorites so far:

Ari Lennox - Shea Butter Baby

Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next

Denzel Curry - ZUU

Dumb - Club Nites

Emotional Oranges - The Juice: Vol. I

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana

LCD Soundsystem - Electric Lady Sessions

Little Simz - GREY Area

Shin Guard - 2020

Tyler, the Creator - Igor

Yola - Walk Through Fire

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I'm surprised how much I dig the Billie Eilish album. It's not really the kind of music I listen to at all.