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#51 Posted by Rejizzle (1147 posts) -

New Rheostatics album! Here Come the Wolves!

"Vancouver: is pretty dope.

Really like "Music is the Message".

If you like ACDC you'll probably get a kick out of "ACDC on the Stereo." Little gimmicky for me.

"It's The Supercontroller" is the Dave Clark weirdness I can get behind.

Title track is a bit weak, but it might grow on me.

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#52 Edited by Onemanarmyy (4582 posts) -

Okay where did we end?

Lana Del Rey's turned out pretty great as expected. Especially love the ballads, but the whole sunkissed vibe of the album is pleasant throughout. Fuck It i Love You & The Greatest

Taylor Swift's Lover was the first Taylor album i felt compelled to listen to. It drags on too long and it's not mindblowing, but still pretty lush & decent. Paper Rings

Charli XCX & Sky Ferreira shared the moody rumbling popsong Cross You Out that erupts in a very solid chorus.

Bat For Lashes new album is a fantastic 80's album. I'm talking about shimmering synths, dark bass & deep drums. Also some sax. Especially loving this dark & brooding instrumental Vampires.She also continued the tradition of having great tracks titled by a name with Jasmine.

Great Grandpa's - Mono No Aware is simply a beautiful heartwarming song. Recommend giving it a listen.

MUNA's song Number One Fanis a great piece of electropop with very earnest lyrics.

Rosalia's duet with Ozuna, Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi sees the spanish popstar continue to make very catchy latinpop. Some of the sounds on this track immediatly make me think of Jamie XX. And if you missed it, here's the goofy but infectuous Fucking Money Man.

To finish the female pop corner, Normani - Motivation (NSFW)is a banger that reminds me of the mid 2000's.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard's thrash metal album was short but excellent & cohesive. Somehow managed to both sound fresh for the band while still being very King Gizzard. Planet B (NSFW)

DIIV - Skin Game is a lovely hazy rock track that manages to still pack quite a punch despite it's smokey nature.

White Reaper seems to make the move for mainstream appeal with their new songs. Might Be Right showcases a very clean poprock sound. Tight instrumentation and a guitar solo that could've been straight out of The Strokes discography.

Comet Gain - Mid 8T's feels like a throwback to Belle & Sebastian. Pleasant midtempo indierock.

Squid - Match Bet is a punchy rocksong with a punk attitude that still gives way for the sax to shine. Houseplants is equally great.

Talking about Plants, Guerilla Toss's song is a noisy hypnotizing rock song with a steady groove to it. You either get sucked into it or turned off by it immediatly.

Frank Turner released yet another album. This one is merely decent, but i did quite like the folksy pubstomp of Jinny Bingham's Ghost.

Swans dropped a new epic slowburn of a track named It's Coming It's Real.

Pusha T & Lauryn Hill's Coming Home is a very upbeat song with a classic kanye production. Lauren provides a beautiful inspirational chorus while Pusha's verses immediatly stick with you.

Whitney is a band that's all about making lovely falsetto-lead country / folk music. Giving Up feels like a song that would play over the credits of a Bob Ross episode. That said, the song is structred well enough to be more than merely wallpaper. All 3 songs released so far are good. Looking forward to their album!

Finally, Father John Misty covered Gillian Welch's Everything Is Free Now. A ballad about the struggles of living as an artist in the current streaming landscape.

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Tool's latest album has now overtaken Taylor Swift's "Lover" for the number 1 spot on Billboard's album chart, in a move that gives me some hope for humanity.
Full disclosure, no idea what charts are important or how meaningful this really is, but everyone seems excited about it and i love watching the wildly successful get taken down a peg.
Here's a screen grab for posterity, lets enjoy it while we can.

No Caption Provided

Personally there's a track on the album that i think is their worst, but overall it has extremely high production value and i absolutely love Pneuma. It's a much more chill album than their prior work, nothing on it blows me away like the bangers of the past, but i've been listening to it every day regardless because it's still such an impressive release, regardless of the events that lead up to it.

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#55 Posted by mellotronrules (2629 posts) -

@cikame: oof duder i’m on the other side of that record. it’s totally ok as far as tool releases go- but i find it artistically stagnant. i’m just not getting anything new off it- lyrically or sonically.

also i appreciate the satisfaction of seeing tool knock a pop artist off the top of a chart- but given the ticket prices they command and their merch prices (10000 days tour had them selling $60 shirts, i shudder to think what they’ll be for this cycle)’s not exactly a david v. goliath scenario.

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#57 Posted by cikame (2947 posts) -

@mellotronrules: Agree 100%, and i think it did so well mostly because of a groundswell of support for Tool on Youtube over the last few years, leading up to an album that famously took so long, but this might be the last time i see a band i like do so well so i'm living it up while i can :P.

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#58 Posted by BonelessSpirit (53 posts) -

RIP Daniel Johnston...

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#59 Posted by MoonlightMoth (651 posts) -

Just heard the new Chelsea Wolfe album 'Birth of Violence' which I adore. Probably a split between it and Fleshgod Apocalypse's 'Veleno' for my favourite album so far this year.