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I thought there should be a new music thread. We're a week into March and apparently no one has bothered to create one, which is unexpected and sad in a way. The Giant Bomb community has introduced me to a number of great artists like Grimes for instance, so I hope this thread doesn't go ignored.

The only rule to keep in mind is not to embed videos into the thread; link them instead.

I have a couple of songs to share: the first is Lemon Glow by Beach House from their upcoming album, and the second is Your Dog by Soccer Mommy from her debut.

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Some good stuff already this year! No sure what's up with the formatting, fine in the preview. Oh well.

No Caption Provided

Ought—Room Inside the World


Top tracks


Disgraced in America

No Caption Provided



Top tracks


Negative Space

No Caption Provided

A.A.L (Against All Logic)—2012–1017

Deep house/electronic

Top tracks

Now U Got Me Hooked

Rave on U

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GoGoPenguin—A Humdrum Star


Top tracks



No Caption Provided

Ty Segall—Freedom's Goblin

Garage rock

Top tracks

Fanny Dog

Every 1's a Winner

Plus some other special mentions

Car Seat Headrest—Twin Fantasy

Fire!—The Hands

Shame—Songs of Praise

Superchunk—What a Time to Be Alive

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A few big releases tomorrow, New Judas Priest, Myles Kennedy, Between the Buried and Me, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, and Suicidal Tendencies albums.

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everyone should see the movie before they listen to it, but i for one am OBSESSED with this track from annihilation.

it's simultaneously post rock, electronic, drone, avant garde, and orchestral- and is absolutely CRITICAL to the climax of that movie.

fucking unreal.

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I've been entirely obsessed with I'll Make You Sorry from Screaming Females ever since the video dropped a few weeks ago. It's one of the best songs I've heard in a long time and is easily my favorite song from the group. I've had it on constant repeat and still love it.

Come Through from The Regrettes has also been getting a lot of play from me. First discovered them last year and absolutely love their style, particularly the sound of the singer's voice. Highly recommend checking out more from them.

The new Band-Maid album is also pretty fantastic. They've done videos for Domination and DICE, which are good samplers of the full album. They are a fantastic band with excellent instrumentation and more people should know about them.

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This year has started pretty great. I second Ty Segall, Hookworms, Ought and Soccer Mommy mentioned above, all fantastic albums.

The new Rolo Tomassi album is really good, Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It. Good mix of melody and heaviness, they've really perfected the balance over the last few albums. Rituals.

Haley Henderickx debut (I Need to Start a Garden) has been my best surprise so far this year, reminds me of Angel Olson. Oom Sha La La.

I will just add a list of some other goodies:

Hop Along - How Simple. Good indie rock with some great raspy vocals.

Janelle Monae - Django Jane. You probably know Make Me Feel, this is just as good too.

Anna von Hausswolff - The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra. The time touring with Swans clearly rubbed off, good droning instrumentation with her amazing vocals.

Then we get new albums from Grouper, Mount Eerie, Jon Hopkins and probably more this year. Exciting times.

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New songs from the two artists I most recently got addicted to, Mili and Reol, have got me very excited for their upcoming albums. Both originate from Japan but Mili's singer is trilingual and originally from Canada - the songs are pretty different!

Mili - Camelia

Reol - End

Reol was in a trio that disbanded with a final "Endless EP" at the end of last year. I'm very excited to see she is continuing as a solo act with a mini album coming soon too.

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The beginning of the year has definitely brought a plethora of pleasant surprises. The most awesome of them has been the new Slugdge album Esoteric Malacology. It's full of insanely good songs of which Salt Thrower kicked my ass most thoroughly. The doomy and heavy beginning with some of the best growling I've heard in a long time made me stand still for a bit while walking. The raspy breaths between growled lines enhaced the songs mood more than I thought an inhale could. Salt Thrower is not on youtube so I'll link another gem instead.

Elsewhere in the land of awesome metal I've so far stumbled upon Usurpress, who recorded an album filled with an intriguing blend of death metal with all kinds of influences and huge shifts in intensity.

Other interesting ones so far have been Horizon Ablaze, Dawnwalker, The Atlas Moth, Conjurer and Weedpecker.

I've fallen pretty far down a metal hole lately and haven't seen sunlight for weeks, but the echoes of a new Gost album made their way down to me. I'm excited to hear how it'll shape out.

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@bollard: I was super pumped to see that Reol's back--immediately followed by hair-pulling frustration when I saw she's now signed with Victor Entertainment apparently. This means that ALL of her music, even the older pre-label stuff, is blocked on US Youtube (and Australia, I think?). What a massive bummer that she managed to choose one of the maybe two Japanese labels that still block YT videos in the US and that they decided to keep her old channel instead of spinning it off into another one and leaving her old stuff up.

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@wemibelle: Oh wow, labels are still doing that, huh? Over the past year, I found a lot of new Japanese music, because of YouTube. It seemed like record labels were getting past that. I have been listening to some of REOL's stuff through Spotify, but it doesn't seem like those new songs are on there either....

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@wemibelle: So they've gone back and blocked all her old videos on YouTube too? Man that stinks. The only solace is at least her new stuff is on Spotify I guess?

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One of my favorite metal bands in the 90s was a group from my home state of Rhode Island (we’re small enough that it’s basically a hometown), Kilgore. They went through a number or names before settling on Kilgore, the penultimate being Kilgore Smudge (as which they released the excellent Blue Collar Solitude).

Anyhow, they went their seperate ways around the turn of the century, but they fundraised for a new album. It’s short but packs a punch. My favorite track is probably The Laws of Gods and Men:

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13 albums I've loved so far this year with a little mini review, nothing too grandiose imo but some great stuff worth hearing, mostly in the rock category of things on my side of things:

Jeff Rosenstock: POST-, great pop-punk record, makes me want to give this guy's music prior to this another chance, for whatever reason the energy and punchiness of all of the songs on here are resonating with me to a ridiculous degree, can't stop going back to it, felt like he got to the point of these songs way more directly than he has before, but I get that I'm in the minority considering the intense love people have had for WORRY. and WeCool?

Hookworms: Microshift, re-singing thread praises, I love Krautrock and I love songs with poppy inclinations so match made in heaven here, colorful and vibrant stuff going on here.

Superchunk: What a Time to Be Alive, damn-near thirty-year old band feels so reinvigorated on this rawer set of songs than their past few albums they've made when reuniting (of which I actually loved a lot, too), hella liberal if you're the kind of person that gets easily cringed by that, but it's what this band needs to have a sense of genuine urgency in the way they're performing.

Titus Andronicus: A Productive Cough, probably another minority opinion as it's generally been mixed in reception, and I get it in a sense, but since it came out I've been addicted to this thing. A lot of fun, sloppy barroom rock that you can tell is trying to capture the anthemic appeal of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan so hard, even more so than what they've done before. Had a good laugh listening to their version of "Like a Rolling Stone"

Andrew W.K.: You're NotAlone, pop metal that oozes in positivity, nothing new for the man but he is so needed in my life right now, album that most puts a smile on my face so far. If you ask me I think the songwriting is a lot more dynamic than you'd think, too.

U.S. Girls: In a PoemUnlimited, nervy like a lot my favorite new wave-inspired music, so groovy and instrumentally has a lot going on, and lyrically poignant to boot, grows on me more and more everytime I go back

Ought: Room Inside the World, like what's already been said, while a lot softer in approach and I think the most "post-punk" the band has ever sounded, it is an oh so dang beautiful set of songs. Listen to Desire if anything else, good gravy.

MGMT: Little Dark Age, fun catchy synth pop that while yeah not incredibly original in sound is still doing it better than most, another band that some might say didn't put out their strongest material but if you ask me is just as consistent in quality as their past work.

JPEGMAFIA:Veteran, I admit there's a lot more hip- hop I need to listen to but aside from Cupcakke's new album Ephorize (I liked her as a rapper miles more than I liked the beats on that one to tell you that I was "in love" with it, but close!), I haven't been all that impressed by much so far. That said, this is my favorite hip hop album so far, though I don't think will be what people are looking for if they want something more traditional sounding. Noisy, experimental, glitchy, but he flows on it amazingly well throughout.

Lucy Dacus: Historian, rootsy indie rock music, I thought her last album was all fine and good but she's blowing out the doors here, some real epic-sounding moments for something that is nevertheless stripped back.

Screaming Females: All at Once, meaty grunge-like rock with a sharp pop sensibility to it, in another world this band would be way bigger than some indie darlings

The Sufis: After Hours, a great little gamut of psych-pop jams, drum fills to die for throughout

First Aid Kit: Ruins, folk-pop duo with a great ear for some psychedelic country-rock, the songs on here build and change up, never gets to sounding stale.

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Rather than make a whole thread for it, I'm just gonna share my most recent track in here for whoever wants to enjoy this mish-mash of Disco, EDM, and a few other things. Basically me having fun in a sandbox of sounds, skewed towards the late 70s and early 80s. THA - Battle Disco.

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I've been obsessing a little bit over the recent Carpenter Brut, and eagerly waiting for the new GosT album.

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Some metal albums I've enjoyed.

Aorlhac - L'esprit des vents Melodic Black Metal from France.
Svartmálm - S/T Black/Doom Metal from the Faroe Islands.
Portal - ION First Portal album I've listened to and it's great. For some reason I always assumed Portal was like a drone metal band, similar to Sunn O))). Had no idea they played Technical Death Metal.

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One more metal album.

I just found this album today, but I think it is fucking incredible. I'm looking forward to diving into their previous work.

Sunnata - Outlands psychedelic/stoner/doom meta

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Underoath released a new song fairly recently. It has the F-bomb in it! Apparently some people weren't too happy with that, what with the band being a Christian band at some point in their twenty year existence.

I'm not sure what I think of it. I actually listened to August Burns Red's release from last year fairly recently and, hey, I think that's pretty damn good - and not just for high school metalcore, either, I mean pretty good in general, so I was kinda in the mood for more high school metalcore but Underoath's newest thing didn't do it for me despite high school me being way more interested in Define the Great Line than Messengers.

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Listened to the new Jack White album. It's pretty weird. I nudge towards thinking it's mostly bad since i like the most straight forward song the most (Over & over & over has a catchy guitar riff that does a good job making the vocals sound urgent.)

I mean, there is a song that wonders why people walk their dogs, a song that falls somewhere between a jingle for a late night tvshow and a seinfeld cover. There's also a song containing a comedic Ding Dong Ding Dong beat that features Jack rapping a bit. yeah.. That said, it's still worth listening to the whole thing one or two times. It's just such a weird mix of synths, conga's, screeching guitars, gospel and honky tonk piano. The whole record makes it feel like you're listening to something an evil wacky scientist made.

Ice Station Zebra - Jack White

Over and Over and Over - Jack White

Corporation - Jack White

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Here are some brief thoughts on everything I've listened to so far this year.

  • Jeff Rosenstock - POST- : I'm just gonna make a bold statement and say I'm the biggest fan of this guy here. There is something in his songwriting (dating back through Bomb The Music Industry!) that speaks to me at my core. That being said... not really feeling it on this record. While I 100% agree with his political/cultural thoughts on POST-, I just don't want to hear it right now. I've come to Jeff's songs many times over the years for him to finally put into words a very specific type of anxiety or opinion I feel but could never articulate. When it comes to this past few years in America, I'm extremely confidant in where I stand, and don't need it spelled out for me. Also, musically, the songs drag and fail to provide a memorable punch to them. The only song that spoke to me was "yr throat" (Which paints the frustrations of being an introvert that suddenly needs to develop a voice). The music video for "Melba" is also great, showing us the "cult of shitty personality" hellscape culture we currently live in.
  • The Go! Team - Semicircle: Go! Team is like taking the aesthetic of corny-ass 90's anti-drug campaigns, and making them into something creative and fun. There is a certain Joel Hodgston "Lemons into lemonade" positive vibe I get from them. They're a music project that should have worn out its welcome a long time ago, but keeps finding new subtle ways to innovate. Semicircle isn't their best (Tough to follow up the weird 70's cult inspired The Scene Between), but still does that "retro cheese done honestly" thing with positive results. Some tracks on here have a crudely recorded high school marching band make contributions. Lots of fun.
  • Titus Andronicus - A Productive Cough : I actually slept on this album for a while, because I believed the anti-hype that this album was too slow and plodding. I usually skip the ballads on +@ albums, so I wasn't looking forward to this. Couldn't have been more wrong. It's not thrashing punk, but so full of life. Patrick Stickles brings his weird sloppy drunk performance into big band folk. This album is a lovely mess. It's like if Joe Strummer was from Tennessee and had a jug of moonshine.
  • Screaming Females - All At Once: Did you clean your plate and listen to that entire Hot Snakes album? Good, here is dessert. Screaming Females has secretly become the most solid band of the last decade. Every album is a jam and a half. Their live show is jaw dropping. All At Once is just another great Screamales album! The agoraphobic lyrics scattered about the album are a neat touch, and I love that they continue to show their soft side with songs like "Bird in Space".
  • Yo La Tengo - There’s A Riot Going On: Just another chill YLT album. This band has been around for so long, and is consistent in their craft, I wish I had more nice things to say about them. Like most of their records, it's just nice background music to me. My favorite track on here is the short "Esportes Casual". I would love to hear a YLT album of just muzak.
  • Superchunk - What A Time To Be Alive: Like as in Jeff Rosenstock's album, not really in the mood to have my politics sung back to me in such obvious clarity right now, but Superchunk at least frames it in the third person. Maybe this album will age well, as a snapshot in time; as opposed to Jeff's ultra-personal take. "Black Thread" is my favorite song on this.
  • Preoccupations - New Material: This was a band recommended to me through these music thread right here at GB! Fearless post-punk. They've got the rage and vocabulary of Bad Religion, but the restraint of Joy Division. In their debut (as Viet Cong), they set themselves a bar way too high; especially for a band everyone should not expect just to make the same music over and over again. Their follow up effort (as Preoccupations) was a dud, even in the context of "sophomore slump". On New Material, they inject much more melody into their songwriting, and ease off the nihilistic drone. While the 80's synth sound may seem like low hanging fruit for a band like this, I'm just happy to hear memorable songs again. Also a mercifully short album. I've been coming back to this a lot this week, and still enjoying it.
  • Sitcom - Be The One You Love: Nothing super special here, but I enjoy this dork just being himself unfiltered. He just has the presence of someone who SHOULD NOT be doing the kind of music he is doing, but totally pulls it off with no sense of irony or hesitation.
  • Ought - Room inside the World: Kinda got caught up in the zeitgeist of this album. Don't really know what to think about it. Some songs like "Desire" stick with me. Two things that I can't get over are he sings like he's yawning the entire album, and that this used to be an old school The Fall sounding post-punk band. Not enough bands sound like The Fall.

Stuff I am looking forward too (or haven't gotten yet).

  • Kenichi Asai & The Interchange Kills - Sugar (Kenichi Asai is a global treasure!)
  • Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - GLORIOUS
  • Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
  • Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! (There's that The Fall feeling I want)
  • Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Sparkle Hard
  • Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer (the two singles haven't done it for me, but I'm still confident in this)
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@onemanarmyy: I'm about to listen to it now. I'm not that surprised by your descriptions though. He's been doing some weird stuff with his solo albums. I haven't really connected with either of his first two. The amount of asshole stories I've heard about him may have created a bias in my head though.

I think the second Dead Weather album is my favorite thing he's ever done, and I say that as a die hard White Stripes fan back in high school.

I wasn't into Connected By Love when it dropped and I'm still very not into it; this listen is gonna be a chore, huh?

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@roomrunner: Great list of recommendations. Been excited for the new Courtney Barnett album for a while too! Had no idea about the upcoming Parquet Courts album till now. I also never listened to Titus Adronicus outside a song or two but man I love this new album. It's got that Exile sound I love.

I'm gonna spend the rest of the day listening to your other recommendations. I'm surprised my buddy never told me about the new Jeff Rosenstalk as he's a big fan and I'm half way to being a big fan.

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@sloppydetective: Surprisingly, it was less hard to get through this album than his previous 2. Like it's an exciting first listen with some rediculous songs and neat instrumental parts. But i don't think i'll listen to any of these songs again apart from Over & Over & Over. His previous 2 albums just kind of bored me. This one at least has that wacky scientist feel to it that makes you wonder what happens on the next track :D Totally agree with the Dead Weathers album being his better work. But i've never been a huge White Stripes fan. Quite liked that Raconteurs album as well. Steady As She Goes & Many Shades of Black are awesome songs.

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Just gonna pop in here to say the new GosT album goes hard as fuck. My favorite of his albums hope he goes even further for his next one.

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Not feeling it this year that Jeff Rosenstock album was ok but i prefer the previous one.

Also @nefarious_al that album that you linked what kinda genre is that ? Electro Metal ? Acid Metal, Synth Metal ? it sure has a "Special" sound to it

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Electro Metal or Synth Metal are probably the most accurate descriptions for this album. However I've seen a much more dumb genre label that I like just because its so dumb... Slasherwave.

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Tune Yards- "I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life"


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I like the new Tyler the Creator track Okra. I'm not a big hip hop guy so I don't really have in depth thoughts on why I like it. I like the droning muddy bass on it; I think it compliments his voice.

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Drag City have put some of their back catalogue on Spotify, which has added quite a lot of good folk/rock stuff.

I recommend: Dream River - Bill Callahan, Reaching for Indigo - Circuit Des Yeux, Freedom's Goblin - Ty Segall, American Water - Silver Jews. All good stuff!

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The Voidz album is released. Like it a lot . Here are my ratings.

Leave it in my Dreams 9


Pyramid of Bones 7

Permanent High School 7.5

Aliennation 9

One of the Ones 5.5

All Wordz Are Made Up 7

Think Before You Drink 7

Wink 7

My Friend The Walls 6.5

Pink Ocean 9

Black Hole 5

Lazy Boy 8

We're Where We Were 6.5

Pointlessness 8

In other news, Pristine - Snail Mail & Soccer Mommy - Scorpio Rising are good, Beach House - Dark Spring requires more listens and The Weeknd's My Dear Melancholy goes back to his first work which i liked.

Also, Arctic Monkeys teased their new album with this

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@onemanarmyy said:

Also, Arctic Monkeys teased their new album with this

They've also announced their arena gig dates. Tickets on sale this Friday.

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I've been listening to Callous by SASAMI practically on repeat all day. I dig the synth solo in the end. I'm very much looking forward to her debut later this year.

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So, the first weekend of Coachella is being streamed on Youtube. St. Vincent is currently live for a few more minutes. SZA is up next on the main channel.