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Aviary is real good but that's a long album and I feel exhausted just listening to a few of its songs.

Dean Blunt has released a couple things this year but his collaboration with Delroy Edwards might be my favourite. Desert Sessions is very experimental alt rock/pop and it's likely in my Top 10.

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After many years of waiting, I finally got to see 65daysofstatic tonight. I wish I'd done it sooner because I'd have more positive memories. You know how procedurally generated levels sometimes spit out duds? Procedurally generated music does the same. For two-thirds of the set.

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I don't know where else to post this so I may as well post it here. I recently started listening to Black Metal which is not a genre of music I have really listened to before, or any genre of Metal for that matter. Since I'm from Scotland I thought I would check out some Scottish bands like Saor/Fuath, Cnoc An Tursa and Úir and I have to say I am really digging it.

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New music I've listened to this year has mostly been me catching up on old music. I've been listening to the new Mitski album quite a bit.


I've also been loving the new Breeders album. Just hearing Kim's voice takes me to a place of calm only she can do.


Besides that I've been busy releasing an album from my two piece project called Big Lich.



Our new album, Midnight Tentacles, came out in October and we are very proud of it. Its a Chiptune and Darksynth-inspired Instrumental Power-Metal Duo. We are not so good at promoting ourselves, so I thought I would pass on some codes to the GB community. First come first serve on codes, and don't worry I ok'd it with the mods.






Redeem at:


Feel free to DM me if you have any problems with the codes or if all the codes have been used as I can get more. (I think, lol)

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yo, i like a decent amout of grimes’ past output- but that new track is butt.

so on the nose...i find it really distracting.

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The latest Lead Into Gold album (ex-Ministry/Revolting Cocks bass guitarist Paul Barker's side project) is absolutely amazing. Pretty much nails everything I loved about the early Revolting Cocks and late 80s/early 90s Ministry sound.

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I'm curious what Spotify users 2018 wrapped looked like and if you were surprised by the amount of time spent listening or any of the other stats they present you with?

I was surprised with my favorite genre being classified as "pop rap", and there are only 7,430,730 who love this genre as much as me, apparently. Also, those 10,051 minutes are all music, I use Pocketcasts for podcasts, so that was surprising too. Anyway, here's mine:

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I've listened to a few albums released this year, but the only one I've really been fuckin with was Jazzy Jeff's M3

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Music is like the Magic.

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The new Vulfpeck album is out and it's INSANELY GOOD. All the instrumental songs are incredible this time around and the tracks with vocals are much more my jam than the previous album's were. I like it a ton more than the last album.

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My Spotify year in review is both hilarious and as expected. Of the 700+ hours I listened to, over 70 were Vulfpeck, and I'd bet probably 10% or more of that was the song "Conscious Club" (it has a sick bassline). Apparently I listened to over 30000+ more minutes than previous years. I apparently really really like a subgenre called Quiet Storm despite never having heard of the term before? I found some new albums to listen to when looking it up so that's cool.

My top 100 is all funk/disco/soul, Motown, ska, businessfunk, and a bit of electronic stuff. Also 7 Stevie Wonder songs. ......And a Barry Manilow song ("Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" bumps, ok?). My previous top 100s were mostly metal mixed with 70s/80s pop and rock so this is a big change.

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@patoday said:

I'm curious what Spotify users 2018 wrapped looked like and if you were surprised by the amount of time spent listening or any of the other stats they present you with?

Mine was very much as expected. I did a lot of "do I really like this?" replays of albums last year, so it didn't all that much reflect my favs. Pretty accurate this year. The only funny thing was the top songs list they generated for me. Because I listen to albums mostly on spotify, it was just the first song of every album i like.

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I got weirdly into listening to Metal this year. Was just in that mood I guess.

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New Asian Kung Fu, quietly one of the most consistent bands to ever do it .

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I don’t know how to feel about the new AKFG. So far, the best I can say about it is that the production and mixing is a million times better than the “guitar music factory assembly line” sound of Wonder Future. This new one feels much more alive and vibrant.

The performances and song composition are just... really dull. The LP is mostly ballads, but just because you’re making ballads doesn’t mean you can’t put some good hooks in them, or put some ‘umph’ into the performance.

The frustrating thing is the accompanying EP, Can’t Sleep, rocks! Every single song is catchy and fun. They do interesting things with vocal tuning. Even the ballad at the end is way better. So it’s not like they forgot how to write good songs, they just pushed all the interesting stuff on the the EP for some crazy reason.

It’s like the LP is their buttoned up job interview. Everything is radio appeasing, neat and tidy, colored within the lines. Then the EP is like the weekend version of the band. I dunno, maybe the LP will just click with me after a couple of years, like Fanclub did; but for now it’s kind of tough for me to sit through.

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Nobody can tell me this song doesn't just absolutely rip.

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in 2018 I loved remix ignis on the track rompasso

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Bloodywood continue their trend of releasing great original Indian metal.
Also their production quality in the music and the videos is really growing.

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It's 2019.

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