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Alright, I'm not sure if anyone has made this thread yet (I didn't see one quickly skimming the forums). I don't know much about it, but supposedly it's about the next chapter of Picard's life. It's not a Next Generation reboot. That's really cool, but darn am I bummed. I didn't want want to subscribe to CBS All Access; I still don't! Now I'm thinking I have to... I love Star Trek. I've seen all of them aside from Discovery. Anyways, who here is excited for that? I certainly am, though not that I'll have to pay just to watch more Star Trek.

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holy crap, that's amazing

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Discovery doesn't look very interesting and the Orville isn't my kind of thing. Hope they manage to make good with this!

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I'll wait to see what it's like before I get excited; if it's written, paced, or even looks like Discovery, Stewart's reprisal of that role won't be enough to maintain my interest. I really couldn't stand that show, so right now I don't have a lot of faith in the future of that franchise.

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If he dies, don't make it as lame as Kirk's death!

...also Patrick Stewart is almost eighty years old, holy shit.

Anyway, yeah, playing wait and see with this. I've never been a huge Star Trek fan anyway, but I like a lot of what I've seen of TNG so sure, I'll keep this thing in mind. Also as long as it's on something that I subscribe to - I know it will start off on CBS's thing but I don't want to sign up for yet another service.

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Honestly I would rather them not even touch this. Considering TNG's final episode is one of the best series finales of any show, it would be a real shame if they messed this up. Those qualifications aside....I'm really stoked holy shitttt

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@xdeser2: On the other side of the coin "Nemisis" wasn't a very good send off for anyone on TNG. I will wait with cautious optimism.

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I'm a very happy fan of TNG/DS9/VOY but nothing produced since
in the ST universe has been able to hold my interest.
I adore Patrick Stewart and Picard however so I will indubitably watch this.

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Star Trek cannot work as a TV show in the current climate. It's been strongest as a situational show - kind of like X-Files, which was at its best in the "monster of the week" episodes that people bitched about so much, and then quickly got worse when story arcs became the focus.

Problem is, story arcs are TV now (outside of comedy and nonfiction). The big networks are only interested in spending real money (and real timeslots) on shows that could become the next 24/Lost/Mad Men/Walking Dead/Breaking Bad/GoT. And you just can't hit big like that without story arcs. You need to keep people talking about every episode, what will happen next, who will die this season. When a show tries to do self-contained stories with recurring main characters, it either dies in a couple seasons, or is bastardized into a story-arc show (RIP Supernatural).

The only shows that come close to avoiding this are crime procedurals (laden though they are with romance subplots and shit). But I think crime shows scratch a certain itch with viewers that a show like Star Trek can't, for whatever reason. I might chalk it up to Law & Order and CSI being so entrenched for so long (plus Dragnet and Hawaii Five-O before them) but maybe that's circular reasoning.

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@xdeser2 said:

Honestly I would rather them not even touch this. Considering TNG's final episode is one of the best series finales of any show, it would be a real shame if they messed this up. Those qualifications aside....I'm really stoked holy shitttt

They already messed it up with four mostly terrible movies.

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Star Trek has reached such an incredibly low bar that I can't see anything being worse than Discovery, so I guess we can only go up from here?

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@theht: I actually watched the entire season of The Orville and surprisingly enjoyed it. It's a show I'm looking forward to coming back. I think it's the best thing Seth MacFarlane has done aside from his producing of COSMOS. It has interesting enough ideas similar to Star Trek, a fine cast of characters, and while the humor is definitely more on the nose than Star Trek, I'm happy that not everything is just there for the sake of humor. It has been the show to settle on since there are no new Star Trek shows I personally have access to as I'm definitely not subscribing to something to watch one show.

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Color me intrigued, I want more Star Trek TV series and the fact that Picard is the only returning TNG cast member is a huge plus. We really don't need to see the rest of them (except maybe Michael Dorn), but an older Picard with a new cast could be really cool if they don't screw it up. Also I get the hate for Discovery but honestly the first season was better than the first season of DS9, which ended up being my favorite Trek series. So things could be looking up for the franchise if they can just find a compelling identity for it in the modern TV landscape.

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@saturdaynightspecials: I don't think that's entirely true. TV critics and most of the internet only talks about story arc TV (and it's definitely my favorite kind of show) but there's a wide range of highly watched, older, contained episode shows, mostly on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX. You mention the crime procedurals (and the half hour comedies), but there's also the medical procedurals, the firefighter procedurals, the Shonda Rimes shows, and the military dramas (and reality shows and talent shows of course). CBS is the king of making shows that no one under 35 talks about but that quietly have the highest ratings on TV outside of NFL games, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they take that approach to this new series as well.

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Wow, i'm excited for star trek again!

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i hate that everything good is not allowed to die anymore.

if this turns out to be something akin to 'old man jean luc,' i am in. also- sir pat remains one of the most bankable character actors alive, so i don't doubt he can take whatever straw of a script they produce and spin it into gold.

but cbs all access? and back to the well after all this time? colour me skeptical that this will be a worthwhile endeavour.

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@drachmalius: I haven’t watched the first season of DS9 in a while but it’s really REALLY had to imagine it was worse than Discovery. On par? Maybe.. but WORSE?

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I literally just started watching TNG for the first time a few days ago. Sounds like good news to me!

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@xdeser2 said:

Honestly I would rather them not even touch this. Considering TNG's final episode is one of the best series finales of any show, it would be a real shame if they messed this up. Those qualifications aside....I'm really stoked holy shitttt

They already messed it up with four mostly terrible movies.


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Could be okay, could be terrible. I also just can't imagine that Picard will be the main focus, considering Stewart's age.

Also without Riker, Data and others this will just be very weird.

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I'd be happy if this was a less action focused Star Trek. (Discovery felt like Stars Wars at times, which isnt what I come to Trek for) Granted it kind of has to be considering, as people have mentioned, Picard/Patrick Stewart's age. I'll watch it regardless of what it ends up being since i've managed to derive some enjoyment out of what a lot of people consider to be bad Trek.

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Sure, I'll try anything that actually moves forward in the Trek time line.

I also don't care about watching in real time, so I'll just buy a month of All Access when the season is over and binge it.

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Not even a Patrick Stewart-led Star Trek can get me to subscribe to CBS All Access.

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So, what's so bad about Discovery? The thing that had me skeptical is that it changed too much from normal Trek (as in lore, or how things look), and it didn't justify it in the story. Plus, if the show doesn't really do the themes like in the original, or have a good cast of characters, it makes me even more skeptical. What is it that people aren't liking about Discovery.

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@shiftygism: I thought the movies were okay. Contact was legitimately a great movie to me; my favorite Star Trek film. Generations was cool in that it brought Kirk and Picard together, but that's about as interesting as that gets. Insurrection wasn't a good movie, but I enjoyed it fine enough. It felt like a long episode of the show, and one of the lesser interesting ones. Nemesis had a good soundtrack, I liked that, but aside from that, it wasn't good. It also had Tom Hardy in it as the villain, which is weird. The problem with all of the films with the exception of Contact to a degree is that they put action and spectacle over everything else Star Trek shows do well.

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I remember my first Star Trek. I don't think it was the very first one, but close...

Star Trek Next Gen was actually okay. Lets face it, better by orders, while still staying true.

After that, I lost interest. But I did happen to see Jean Luc Picard/Patrick Stewart do his announcement last night or so, and except for wearing his pants too high, he looked damn good.

I'm going to root for him, whether I watch it or not (since I do not normally watch tv per se).

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@ntm: I could go way too long listing why Generations and Nemesis were bad, and I'm in the minority that prefers Insurrection the most as it indeed feels closest to an episode of TNG, but First Contact....despite having some really great moments with Zefram Cochrane and Alfre Woodard's character...not to mention that iconic scene on the holodeck where Picard unloads a tommy-gun on a truffle shuffling Chunk...I could never get over the fact that a great deal of it is a blatant scene for scene rehash of Jim Cameron's Aliens from it's skin bulging nightmare, to an argument about blowing up the Enterprise, to a climax where our main character ventures into a hive to save a friend from a "queen." Now sure, Cameron is just as guilty of lifting the ideas of others, but Braga and Moore literally took Aliens' narrative structure, replaced the Xenomorphs with Borg, and slapped the Cochrane/time travel angle onto it. It was lame.

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@shiftygism: Hmm. I never thought of the comparison, to be honest, but sure! (Well, actually I might have, but not so much that can't help but correlate the two.) Hey, if a sci-fi is going to rip off a movie, why not Aliens? Seems good to me, and I don't think Contact was of cheap quality either so it's fine. Yeah, pretty much how I feel about Insurrection as well, though I think it's the worst quality 'film' of all the TNG films. It, like I said and you just said, just feels like a long episode, but to me, not one of the most interesting ones; one of the average ones. The thing about Contact though that I find funny is how the OS already established Cochrane, and yet the TNG crew didn't do anything to save him from going to that one planet in the OS. Also, although the show came first, there is a continuity error in Generations. In Generations Scotty knew of Kirks death, but in an episode of TNG where he comes back, he acts like nothing happened. I've brought this up, but some have brought up that Braga and Moore don't care about canon or continuity. It still doesn't mean it's not an error.

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So Star Trek: Discovery is my first Star Trek (outside of the new movies) and I think it's alrite? Like it's not mind blowingly great or anything, and the Klingons are kind of boring, but 5 episodes in I want to keep watching it. Is the dislike of it coming from comparison to earlier Star Treks, or do you just think it is generally 'bad'?

I wasn't sure where to start with Star Trek, was tossing up between Discovery or TNG on Netflix. Discovery seemed like it required less catching up, so I went with that.

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@fezrock: Okay, I'm going to cheat here and change my argument. I shouldn't have said Star Trek can't work today, because it very well might...if CBS can resist chasing the millenials. The problem is, it's hard to picture a sci-fi show being made today which would grab enough of that older demographic. Crime and medical dramas are grounded in reality (more or less) and are about normal people. This gives them a dual advantage: wider appeal (especially with middle aged or older people, I'd imagine), and relatively cheap production. No weird sets, no weird makeup/costumes, not a lot of special effects.

Now, Star Trek certainly has roots, and transcends plain old sci-fi. So I'm sure a show aimed at Gen X would get enough viewers, especially if it played on TNG nostalgia (like say, digging up Patrick Stewart again). However - the cost of production is the sticking point. It will be fascinating if this new show has modest production values and is allowed to go entire episodes without CGI laser fights, but could that really happen today? Sci-fi in that vein is a dying breed; in fact, it's hard to view superhero movies separately from sci-fi movies now, the way they've converged. (Even worse, think about Transformers - those are science fiction movies.) As for TV, I can't think of any hit sci-fi shows recently that (a) are nearly as futuristic as Trek, and (b) aren't superhero shows (and/or cartoons). It would take some guts to look at the mammoth success of all that stuff in the last 10 years (including the last 3 Trek movies) and say "Let's try doing this genre in the exact opposite way." Like I said, it could work, but even if they actually go that direction, they will be very quick to kill the show if it doesn't start strong - a more likely danger when you're telling one story a week.

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Ill bet good money its some sort of animated thing, or a miniseries. Even as spry as he is, Sir Patrick wont be doing the crazy schedule of a full series.

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Oh great some real Star Trek non of that Star Trek but it kinda is Star Wars BS anymore, i liked Star Trek Discovery but it went a bit overboard with the "war aspect" Give me some dumb episode about a bacteria that makes people talk weird.

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@ntm: For me personally the problem with Fiscovery was the bad writing, lukewarm to bad acting, and general inconsistency with themes, story and lore to the Star Trek franchise. Most of the characters were absolutely unlikable and generally the whole first season felt weirdly disjointed in the way they tried to tie it all together with an incredibly awkward mcguffin.

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@humanity: I just wasn't into DS9 personally until about halfway through the 2nd season, in particular the episode "move along home" almost made me drop the series. Obviously it improved dramatically once they realized what made the show compelling, and in season 3 it just takes off at full speed. Discovery had a lot of clunkers and it doesn't have that classic star trek feel, but I could see it potentially getting better. The mirror universe episodes were a lot of fun in my opinion.

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I liked DS9 and what was interesting about it was half the episodes were one offs. I think that would be great idea for new show with Picard, put him has commander, overseer, whatever title works in control of base. This way he only needs to show up for a minutes each episode and let rest of cast carry show. If you make it space station you can once again have lots of one off random shows and Picard doesn't even have to show up half the time. I would think you need to give him some kid to look after. I like the idea of stories told in star trek universe where its not always life or death. At some point that was my problem with discovery, I liked it but man it got complicated fast. I thought they did good job building characters and I was interested in them but at some point I kept thinking I was missing something. More star trek is always better. I say the same thing with star wars too. Sure I prefer they were all gold but I know that's never going to happen so I would like them to just keep trying.

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I am not sure if they should do this. If this is great, all well and good.

But! If this is bad, people will not react kindly to everyone's favorite captain being involved in it. Had the opportunity to be like Star Wars.

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