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G.I. Joe Retaliation which was supposed to be released on June 29th has been pushed back nine months to March 29th, 2013 so it can be converted into 3D and take advantage of a more relaxed release schedule to accommodate for international markets.

Honestly, the first movie sucked, but everything I've seen of Retaliation seemed pretty cool. I am genuinely disappointed by this. Strike one less movie to see this summer. Does anyone feel the same?

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...But but I am Joe

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@RockinKemosabe: The first movie was alright, man! The good kind of dumb fun.
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That's crazy. I can't recall ever seeing a summer blockbuster movie getting pushed back so drastically, especially one with two trailers already out there.

I didn't care for the first one but this one looked ballsnasty so I'm disappointed a little.

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I liked the first movie, i thought it had some cool action sequences.

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Wow, that's pushing it back really far. I was actually excited for this movie with the addition of The Rock and Bruce Willis but I guess it makes sense to grab that extra 3-D ticket money even if the 3-D will likely be shit.

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FUCK, I was pretty hyped for this movie...

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Great, so another nine months of watching the trailer in front of every film.

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I was excited for this movie. This is bullshiy. 3d sickd

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Wow. I was actually going to go see this one.

They should have just released it. When people start going to the movies they make it a habit and start going every weekend regardless to hang with friends.

With Prometheus, Spider-man, Expendables, and Dark Knight and a shit ton more movies they could have made some good money.

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The Rock is in this movie. And I still don't care about it.

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The movie is probably terrible and the executives looked at all of the great flicks coming out this summer and realized it was going to get terrible reviews and bomb.  It will most likely still get terrible reviews and bomb, but make a few more dollars swindling viewers with 3D movie costs.

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The first one was one of the most interminably awful things I've ever had the misfortune of seeing in theatres. Not a single redeeming quality. They're not fooling me again.

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I was totally pumped to see this. The first G.I Joe movie was so incredibly stupid that I loved it.

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The people who go to see these, I look down upon you. Stop giving these awful Hollywood people justification for making films in 3D. Stop watching the ruddy things. Watch a film in 2D when the option is available, or else wait until the DVD is out.

I swear I want be shocked if the next gritty film from Steve McQueen is in 3D "just because". It's silly. If you're going to insist on 3D then film it in 3D, retrofitting is pants. But really, don't do it in the first place. How many films have been improved by 3D? Hugo? Avatar because it had literally no other interesting qualities?

I'm sorry. I just had to get that off my chest. I'm aware my opinion is hardly unique but it's passionately & sincerely held none the less.

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Well fuck. Now how am I supposed to get my Dwayne The Rock Johnson fix this summer?

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What? That is insane! Who cares about 3D I thought people hated it? Also I assumed it was already in 3D

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@Commisar123 said:

What? That is insane! Who cares about 3D I thought people hated it? Also I assumed it was already in 3D

China loves post converted 3D.

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That is one of the dumbest decisions I've heard all year. Especially since it looks like it'd be completely unlike the original (You know, good, instead of bad). And it was a little under 4 weeks from release.

BOO ON YOU, Hasbro. BOO.

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Never saw the first, didn't plan on seeing this one. Not that I'm assuming they're bad, I'm just not interested by it. Also, 9 months to convert it 3D? Is it really worth it?