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Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) 4 years, 1 month ago

Poll: Orange Juice - To Pulp Or Not To Pulp? (376 votes)

I like Orange juice like nature intended NO PULP. 51%
Im a heathen and LIKE PULP. 49%

So, simple question. Pulp or no pulp? Im no pulp because If I want to eat a damn Orange Ill just eat a damn Orange. Leave my juice out of it man. Also, this thread is dedicated to the fallen Hizang and his crazy threads.

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#1 Posted by Beaker (98 posts) -

I like my orange juice smooth.

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#2 Edited by MildMolasses (3200 posts) -

No pulp. I have such an aversion to the fleshy textures of most fruits, that even if I were to eat an orange, it would consist of me sucking the juice out of the wedge and then tossing the husk away

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#3 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Obviously with lots of pulp, otherwise what's the point? I might as well be drinking a glass of piss.

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#5 Edited by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

No pulp, duh.

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#6 Posted by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

If I'm just drinking it straight up, give me all of that pulp. If I'm mixing it with tequila and pomegranate syrup, no pulp.

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#8 Edited by pr1mus (4158 posts) -

No pulp.

If i wanted pulp i would just eat the goddamn orange!

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#9 Posted by Meltac (2008 posts) -
@pr1mus said:

No pulp.

If i wanted pulp i would just eat the goddamn orange!

Pretty much.

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#10 Edited by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

No pulp, as it should be.

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#11 Posted by Sgtpierceface (735 posts) -

No pulp? No deal. You can call me a heathen all day long.

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#12 Edited by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

Pulp, damnit. Except when I'm making Screwdrivers. The only kind of orange juice that goes with vodka is no pulp orange juice.

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#13 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I can drink it with pulp but would rather none.

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#14 Edited by TyCobb (2031 posts) -

Pulp, always pulp. I may as well just drink Sunny Delight if there's no pulp.

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#15 Posted by Warfare (1683 posts) -

I like it with pulp.

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#16 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

All the pulp. I want a glass of orange juice that was created by tossing a whole peeled orange in a blender.

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#17 Posted by TheHT (14310 posts) -

I love orange juice as nature intended. WITH PULP MUDDAFUCCA.

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#18 Posted by Milkman (18913 posts) -

What exactly is the appeal of pulp?

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#19 Posted by gogosox82 (452 posts) -

No pulp of course. Who likes pulp anyways?

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#20 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4714 posts) -

If I didn't want pulp I'd drink some fucking orange soda bullshit.

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#21 Posted by Slax (1084 posts) -

Pulp is where it is at. Adds some much needed substance.

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#22 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -

I like both.

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#23 Posted by ajamafalous (13401 posts) -

I don't want to chew while I'm drinking a drink.

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#24 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@milkman said:

What exactly is the appeal of pulp?

It makes the drink a bit thicker, kinda like a smoothie but not as intense. A happy medium.

@ajamafalous I don't understand, is your throat the size of a pinhole? Cause pulp just does straight down.

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#25 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (854 posts) -

I guess I prefer pulp. I won't fucking spit it in your face if you give me pulp-less orange juice though.

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#26 Posted by DjDonFrancisco (306 posts) -

No pulp. I don't want to have to pick my teeth after i DRINK juice.

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#27 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1985 posts) -

No pulp, but I won't complain if pulp is what I'm given.

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#28 Posted by Tearhead (2436 posts) -

I want ALL the pulp. As much as you can give me.

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#29 Posted by Gamer_152 (14480 posts) -

Pulp is nasty, don't need no bits in my drink. It's like someone slipped lots of tiny pieces of human skin into your orange juice.

Moderator Online
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#30 Posted by NegativeCero (3141 posts) -

I like having some pulp, though I wouldn't say no to a glass without it.

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#31 Posted by AssInAss (3254 posts) -

PULP all day, every day. I don't mind either, but I just love the texture of pulp. I love having oranges or clementines once in a week just by themselves, too.

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#32 Posted by DarthOrange (4178 posts) -

I like my orange juice to be chewable.

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#33 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

God damn it Giantbomb how the hell are you letting "With pulp" win? You heretics. Repent for your citrus sins!

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#34 Posted by cclemon36 (196 posts) -

Pulp or bust, except when mixing with alcohol.

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#35 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (931 posts) -

How dare you guys go against god and remove the pulp..... monsters, all monsters

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#36 Edited by Jams (3043 posts) -

God damn it Giantbomb how the hell are you letting "With pulp" win? You heretics. Repent for your citrus sins!


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#37 Edited by UlquioKani (1372 posts) -

As nature intended would be to have pulp wouldn't it? Pulp makes Orange Juice more interesting and cuts some of the sharpness from the drink so I prefer with pulp.

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#38 Posted by Maximus_VI (63 posts) -

I despise pulp, and I'm pretty sure most people feel the same, despite the skewed results of this poll. Every time I go to the grocery store to get my favourite orange juice, no pulp is always close to sold out, while with pulp is falling off the shelves.

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#39 Edited by Blu3V3nom07 (4385 posts) -

I like finding surprises, pulp.

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#40 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3685 posts) -

Just a little bit of it.

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#41 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7812 posts) -

I like both! Where is that option?

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#42 Posted by bennyboy (342 posts) -

Pulp Fiction.

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#43 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

I small amount is preferable to none, but none is preferable to a lot.

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#44 Posted by Funkydupe (3613 posts) -

Hmmm... I prefer without the pulp. If I want the meat of the fruit, I fucking eat a fruit.

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#45 Posted by awesomeusername (4606 posts) -

No pulp. For all of you who likes with pulp, you're a fucking shame to the human race and nature.

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#46 Posted by AoDfan (38 posts) -

I like my orange juice pulpy. Just like I like my milk.

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#47 Posted by TheFakePsychic (255 posts) -

You people with your preference for pulp perturb me.

Only the purest of non-pulp is worth producing. If I could drink orange juice with negative pulp, I would.

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#48 Edited by Krataur (487 posts) -

No pulp. I asked for orange JUICE, goddammit. If I wanted anything but the juice, I would have eaten an actual orange.

I do prefer to mix my orange juice with grapefruit juice, though, 50/50.

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#50 Posted by TobbRobb (6087 posts) -

No pulp is dumb. It doesn't feel like juice. PULP ALL THE WAY!